Who will help working families?

There’s been talk about how the three candidates’ positions will either help or hurt Maine's working families.

Eliot Cutler works for a law firm that specializes in outsourcing Maine jobs to China; no help there.

Paul LePage is on record saying that he can’t pay an outstanding employee more than $10 an hour because she needs public assistance to survive. If this is how he treats his employees, his attitude will not help working families.

Libby Mitchell stood by people facing layoffs by co-sponsoring and passing a bill that stopped penalizing laid-off workers who had earned vacation time on the books. She also supports legislation to keep Maine mills open and give the employees or other businesses the opportunity to buy them if they shut down.

To me the choice is clear: A tireless supporter of working families, Libby Mitchell deserves to be Maine's next governor.

David C. Projansky, Lewiston

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Mark Elliott's picture


Mr Widestance Democrat, obviously you are NOT a republican as you would like us to believe. No self respecting Republican would support Mitchell. I have seen many of your posts and I'll tell you, YOUR mouth is far worse than Paul's, hands down!!

 's picture

Let us keep in mind that Paul

Let us keep in mind that Paul LePage is only the general manager of Mardens. He has rules and guideline to follow that a laid out by the Marden family.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

David, in case you just moved

David, in case you just moved here last week; Libby Mitchell has been a politician in Maine for over 35 years. You don't suppose she just might be PART of the problem, do you? Open your eyes and your mind, man; Libby is NOT the solution (as our governor) to Maine's problems.

 's picture

our wonderful system is set

our wonderful system is set up so that a kitchen worker making min. wage will "make too much" to qualify for childcare assistance while at work if she works more then 20 hours a week. those of us in food service have seen this for years. they make too much to qualify for child care assitance while at work, but don't make enough to pay for it themselves. but the little chronically unemployed girls get all the free childcare they could ever want while sitting at home with their feet up. most employers in maine do exactly what lapage did in order to help an employee so they can continue to work. and no its not frauding the system, its working within the systems own boundries in order to help working mainers, which is what dhs claims it's doing.

 's picture

and before anyone says that

and before anyone says that the worker shouldn't have children that she can't pay for, tell it to the welfare dependent with 3 kids and pregnant again.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

His reasons for doing that

His reasons for doing that have been adequately explained in a couple of posts above yours. Have you read them? They're factual and accurate.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

In your dreams. Libby is a

In your dreams. Libby is a nice lady but she is a political hack of the donkey show.

Mark Elliott's picture

out of context....

Your "quote" of lepage is out of context! He was using that example to show how our welfare system is BROKEN! His employee would have lost more than a competitive wage would have given and that's a broken system! His employee could have lost ALL assistance had he given even a small raise. That's why he wants to utilize a tiered system, so as an employees income gradually increases, the assistance will GRADUALLY decrease, not completely stop all of a sudden!

 's picture

If an employee earns more

If an employee earns more than some threshold amount, she loses some or even all of the public assistance she is already receiving. That's what LePage was referring to and he did the employee a favor. One employer can't change that government policy; perhaps a governor can.

The phrase "working family" is Democrat code. It means a family in which the workers are not skilled enough to earn the money they need to provide the lifestyle they want. Along comes government to give them a permanent hand-out - but it never provides a clear path for that family to regain self-sufficiency.

If Mitchell is elected, this family trap won't change at all.


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