Committed to values I share

As an independent Rumford voter, I have looked for "independent-thinking" candidates within the Democratic and Republican parties. It’s difficult for voters to determine just how a candidate’s stated positions will support the need to move our state forward after 30 years of economic decline.

I have decided to support two politically independent-thinking candidates. Their party affiliation has less to do with my decision than the fact that they are committed to the values I share.

I believe Paul LePage and Sawin Millett will drive for the necessary changes in Augusta to cut wasteful spending, lower taxes and bring new prosperity to the  state. Their individual and collective experiences in business and financial matters have prepared them for the challenge.

I hope others will join me in voting for Paul LePage and Sawin Millett in November.

Len Greaney, Rumford Center

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This is from

the guy who ran for the state senate as a Republican. Independent? What a joke! Len Greaney has never met a Republican he doesn't like.


Independent, hell!

Sawin Millet has been a career Washington and Augusta, Republican politician since at least 1968. He hasn't had an independent thought since he was born. Paul LePage has neither the experience, temperament, or knowledge to run anything beyond a junk cart. What are these independent values that Len Greaney shares with them.
He says he wants to move the state forward after "30 years of decline". Well its true the shoe companies have disappeared along with many of the jobs in the forest products industry, but Maine's per capita income has risen faster in those 30 years than the national average. The whys are obvious. The Party Mr. Greansey is now going to support came back in power 30 years ago with the philosophy it now holds - destroy the middle class. That's you and I if you didn't notice. George Bush 41 called it voodoo economics or soak the working people. Just last week, Republicans in Washington prevented the repeal of tax incentives corporations use to move jobs overseas. Mr. LePage who has proved himself a liar, cheat, and tax evader and many of us suspect a draft dodger would continue this Republican tradition.


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