2nd Congressional District: Levesque gains ground

The latest poll shows Republican political newcomer Jason Levesque of Auburn behind U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud, D-Maine, but Levesque has made progress.

Jason Levesque
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The latest poll shows Republican political newcomer Jason Levesque of Auburn behind U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud, D-Maine, but Levesque has made progress.

Mike Michaud

U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud, a Democrat from Aroostook County, is a former paper mill worker, a state legislator, and was first elected to Congress in 2002. In the last election he was re-elected with 67 percent of the vote.

The Critical Insights poll for MaineToday Media released Wednesday shows Michaud with 44 percent; Levesque with 32 percent; and undecided, 24 percent.

For Levesque, that's an improvement from a Sept. 9 poll that had him trailing 20 points behind Michaud.

The numbers show “people realize Mike Michaud is not representing their needs, their values, and he's not representing their wishes,” Levesque said Friday during a trip to Bangor.

Michaud campaign spokesman Greg Olson said Friday their internal polling shows higher numbers, that Michaud has “a significant lead. But we're not taking anything for granted.”

So far, the campaign has been under the radar. That's about to change.

Both sides plan to start television advertising in this area next week.

On Monday, Levesque will appear at the Woodlands Club in Falmouth for a reception where he'll be backed by former Gov. John McKernan, former Sen. Phil Harriman and other Republicans.

Levesque, an Auburn businessman, grew up in Auburn and Poland, graduated from Edward Little in 1992, and is an Army veteran.

Michaud, of Aroostook County, is a former paper mill worker, a state legislator, and was first elected to Congress in 2002. In the last election he was re-elected with 67 percent of the vote.

Both Levesque and Michaud cite creating jobs and improving the economy as top priorities.

Michaud said fiscal responsibility is another priority, which is why he voted against bailing out Wall Street. He also worked to increase tariffs on paper from China that put Maine paper mills at a disadvantage. Michaud intends to focus on improving the tone in Washington, saying it's too partisan, Olson said.

Levesque said he'd vote to get rid of President Obama's health care reform and  allow businesses to buy health coverage out of state and from larger pools. Maine's 2nd Congressional District needs to become more business friendly with streamlined regulation, Levesque said.

With the election getting closer and ads on television, voters will start to focus on the race, and the number of undecided voters will diminish, said Marvin Druker, professor of public affairs at the University of Southern Maine Lewiston-Auburn College.

Michaud's campaign would like to see his polling numbers in the 50s, but this is not the best year to be an incumbent, Druker said. It is the year of an anti-incumbent feeling, the year of the upset voter, he said.

The actual number of people who belong to the tea party isn't that large, Druker said, “but there are lots of others who identify with being upset.”

Typically congressional incumbents are re-elected 90 to 95 percent of the time, he said. Most incumbents may be re-elected, but this year they won't enjoy that high success, he predicted.

In the four weeks left of the campaign, Michaud's task will be to assure voters what he's been doing is in their best interest, Druker said.

Levesque's task will also be to convince voters he'll do what's in their best interest, and that he's not just somebody who has not been there, Druker said.


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 's picture

[This comment has been

[This comment has been removed by the administrator]

 's picture

I am

I am arguing facts you racist xenophobic exonerating war monger sea hag! I talk about the pressures of Chinese Christians executed for their beliefs and it becomes a practice of saying if it exists if it exists out of racism! Even gypsies who have been raised traditional or orthodox Christians face executions! You want to call me a wingnut right? If I were to speak in public and format the drafts between exoneration of racism and the current focus of the Republican party then I do declare and have written already something that I will read in public and I will be writing my own theses because I cannot be associated with the Republican party and thereby cut all ties.

 's picture

Got anything else?

Got anything else you want to say besides calling me a wingnut while women get decapitated you xenophobic hag?

 's picture

Tron you are a fool. We

Tron you are a fool. We don't care where they come from, what color their skin is or what religion they practice, if they are here illegally they have to go period. It is you who are the racists bigot making exceptiong for hispanics, we make exception for no one.

 's picture

Not My Definition Tron

From the American Heritage Dictionary
rac·ism (rszm) KEY
NOUN:The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
Discrimination or prejudice based on race.
OTHER FORMS: racist(Adjective)(Noun)

Therefore when one des not single out any race but considers all equal, one is the opposite of racists aka Tolerant, nonracists.

To want all illegals removed from within the borders of ones country is still tolerant of all races just not tolerant of any individual being in the country illegally. You need to find a new word Tron.

 's picture

I will be reading this publicly

The Republican party has used fear as a by-product and a controlling environment to extort voters into a wide ranging confusion. Promoting pro-American values they are no different then the likes of Bill the Butcher and anti-Irish or anti-Catholic movements which have been around since the word immigrant was mentioned. Creating a new age control from the Skinnerian proverb they have provided this control as a provision of manipulating votes and creating fear. We now are shown the truer decree of a racist that controls the political machines and the voting booths. In creating fear they are gearing toward those who turn a blind eye to human suffering. We are a Nation still of the poor, tired, and huddled masses even more so with the continual pain inflicted by citizens of respected Nation.

We have Christians who escape China to live in a Democracy where they maybe denied their rights and have their children denied their rights to be American citizens! We have Mexican, Columbian, Chinese, and other races seeking to escape from the criminal elements of the cartels. Yet instead of helping them we have hurt them all in embracing the plank platforms and I can no longer see fit as an American to do so. I am a Republican yes and my party has back slide and has committed the unalterable crimes of turning a blind eye and creating a post-Balfour doctrinal thought in our own backyard. We spurn the poor, tired, and huddled masses and engage in open hatred toward those escaping. Considering them as a violent and an unwashed race simply for doing so!

Yet, this is called the supposed “race-relations” of the post-Bush era in American and Republican party political environments. I can no longer stand idle as my party degenerates a human life in favor of imposing tighter border controls. Will this be again a new age of holocaust camps and pogroms simply because we as American’s turned our own blind eyes? How can it be truer that we hold doctrinal camps and deny American citizens simply because of skin color? What is it to say that we welcome them while allowing them to suffer? There are those who counter the argument and claim a mixed-race heritage as “their” sovereign right to deny American-citizenship in justification of their guilt by association with these practices. This is called compassionate Conservatism which is all the more equally damaging because a return to Conservatism means shutting the “golden door” and forcing violent methods against immigrants and their off-spring. It is not right and as an American I cannot thereby support the theses and arguments any longer of the Republican party.

Will it suddenly be righteous to declare others still as immigrants and second rate citizens for immigrating while the United States was in the period of infancy? Will it create a new regime of Cossacks and military forced viewed as affectively conditioning the general populace. Those who stand idly by declare that if the Triads exist or if the Cartels exist. We know they exist we cannot allow them to perform the outflanking of the United States and perform a pathological exoneration which equates to America removing an eyeball in spite of that. In that spirit those same arguments were used in the isolationists feelings toward Nazi Germany as if the while world had slept. It is in fact what it has been doing in turning blind eyes toward those who work in whorehouses and are decapitated when trying to leave and thrown into unmarked graves.

The human rights violations of organized crime can easily be equated to a future holocaust and the exoneration is as old as pathologically possible. Those being elected have mantra based selective human beings declaring that if it exists. We cannot turn a blind eye toward that, we cannot allow the nullification of the Constitution, and we need to stop the current concentration camp march. The idleness comes from those who label it as an “if” which is as sickening as declaring the holocaust as a myth. It is the present state of affairs that conditions myself to write this today as a theses for my party to come back to humanity and truly understand that they are not exonerated of the violations simply by proclaiming “if” it is our duty to provide those escaping from a concentration camp with protections. If not those who proclaim “if” when voting march them to their deaths and unmarked graves possibly raped, beaten, and executed all for the great, chorus line of “if” this or that occurs.

 's picture

Sounds to me Joe like you

Sounds to me Joe like you have decided that we Americans and only we Americans are living right and are capable of living right. It sounds like you believe that with the exception of a down trodden few who need to be rescued and brought to the United States all the other people of the world in every other country are nothing but bad. Sounds like you have decided that all the people and their governments in all countries outside the United States are bad and need to be eradicated. Now that, to me, sounds like the dictionary definition of racist and supremicist. It sounds like Hitler marching out of his country, Germany to take over Europe et cetera.

 's picture

Go ahead

Like everyone else if it exists you have no knowledge of the Balfour statements for Israel which that had applied to. Along with the writings and historical information of Marie Syrkin. You imply that it is a take over when in effect it is not it is a saving grace for those who need it. You compare my declaration and knowledge of history as equating to the Nazi's. Gee, I'd hate to have been back in you're school back in the day then again you are a racist product of you're own environment mom and dad must be proud that you read that and managed to turn it. That is not a few downtrodden you racist dog cur and if you want to play pat on my last name; my mother's maiden name is Sumner; put two and two together, and then go to hell.

 's picture


Tron is the racist bigot for wanting to protect them and you live in a white-bred domicile where anything not white or not agreeing with you is a danger. Tell that to the prostitutes who got decapitated down in Mexico when you go to heaven and St. Peter pulls the lever and sends you down to hell. I make exception that if the anchor babies and racist ramblings are added to the Constitution to openly challenge the racism of the elected officials and to dismantle them in publicly televised debates for using their own inner-racism and fear mongering as a control to discriminate. And, I would dismantle them in public writings, readings, and marches organized to prevent them from marching any further and trampling on the rights of those who have escaped the criminal paths. As a matter of fact if anyone is up for holding a counter rally I will write the speeches and deliver it alongside readings of Beyond Freedom & Dignity to illustrate the psychological control which Republicans are using in promoting fear and control as a means of provisions for votes.

 's picture

Shall we send the troops to Mexico

Joe would you suggest that we send the troops to Mexico and beyond to attempt to impose the "American Dream" around the globe? How about the people of Mexico taking the Bull by the Horns as the people of the United States have and fight for their freedoms just as we have? Should we go to Ireland too? How about Somalia? S. Africa? China? Joe Mexico is a sovereign nation and the people of Mexico are entitled to make the choices of how they will live and how they will govern their country. That does not mean they leave if they don't like it and go into another country without permission, just try leaving the United States and going to Mexico without permission. It certainly does not entitle them or someone form China or Ireland or Somalia or anywhere else to come here and impose there ways on us. Come here legally and live as an American or stay in your country and work to make it what you would have it to be.

 's picture

They are shot to death

They are shot to death by their own government you incompetent racist moron. Has you're logic escaped you does someone need to find it? Is this the bastardization of the one percent solution in the face of genocidal actions? Do you read voice of the martyrs? Ireland has wanted to be, Scotland has wanted to be, and they have faced bloody persecutions by the British for that. So, now under you're logic Ireland is free from British rule, Scotland is free from British rule, Somalia is free from warlords, South Africa is free from slave labor practices brought forth by companies like Nike, and China which also engages in it is free from practices as well? Someone please his logic has escaped him so much it's like rewriting history for the fancies of self.

 's picture


Or, because it is Triad or Cartel related but we know these perfectly white-bred Conservatives who are secretly financed by outsiders donations who gain capitol in their own trades. As they slowly finance racist candidates who turn a blind eye toward what truly goes on inside of our borders and use race and poverty. They will not say escaping the cartels or the triads because they will not finger those who empower their racist motivations. Levesque is a racist and a white collar thug who uses that blind eye to his advantage and would rather not discuss his truer motivations with anyone save for a closely knit brand all but ready to turn that blind eye. To think in the conservative towns we have an escalation of Asian whorehouses without questioning or asking why the triads or cartels are not questioned but I think it is better for Levesque to ply his racism out in the open and trumpet it as a great white hopeful candidate. The real buzzwords are on those who come to America and are hard working and Levesque like a KKK grand wizard uses that to steal their citizenship considering they do jobs which he would more or less outsource.

 's picture

Secretly financed by

Secretly financed by outsiders? Is that an issue for you, Joe? So I guess you are against the fact that 75% of Michaud's war chest has come from out of state PAC's? 75% of Levesque's money has come from individual donors that actually live in Maine. And you are slinging the labels around rather indiscriminately aren't you? Levesque is a racist and white collar thug?! How so? Employing Mainers and building a business from the ground up through hard work and personal initiative? He's a KKK Grand Wizard who steals citizenship? You don't have an ounce of credibility. You are everything that you accuse Levesque of being...YOU are the one hurling inflammatory labels without proof. Just because these things are "true" in your deluded and hate-filled mind doesn't mean they translate to reality for those of us who are level-headed. The American public is hip to this Saul Alinsky tactic...it's not going to work. It's over, Joe...your ilk is going to be run out of Washington on the fast-track. But take heart...you can always move to the socialist utopia of France. I'll even help you pack.

 's picture

Well, well, well

It already is working it got under you're skin pretty well and I didn't even have to lift that much of a finger. Dare, I say it was also Reagan who brought the true Triads and Cartels to attention instead of turning a blind eye. Yet you do not mention the struggles that the cartels and triads force upon others. I think true ignorance comes from someone who ignores historical information on their "hero" implements their own "history" so as to provide ignorance for a vote. Reagan brought attention to law enforcement in stepping up pursuits against the Cartels and Triads. As for the proof keep lying to yourself and saying that the Triads and Cartels do not exist.

 's picture

Whose posts are reading? Are

Whose posts are reading? Are you living in some detached reality somewhere? Where do I mention Reagan (other than the blog name), triads and cartels (whether they exist or not), or anything else that you have addressed? And where do you get any of that in what I have written today. I make it a point to not get into rational discussion with irrational people...Have a nice day.

 's picture

The reality check remains uncashed


So, the people who escape from them should still suffer between communism and cartel authorities on the Mexican side of the border? As for that it proves that you truly are as racist and demeaning as can be. I do not wish to discuss matters with someone who theorizes or supposes that cartels and triads do not in fact exist due to their racist support for candidates. If this is truly the face of the "new" Republican party and the racist-Marxist parody of American freedom and values I think Reagan would have been scared completely by someone as racist and punitive as yourself. Whether they exist or not, whether they exist or not? What about Pablo Escobar, what about the Chinese street gangs running down poor market owners for collections, under orders from above, and what about the Cartels who kill anyone who opposes them? A few years ago they discovered that some of the prostitutes trying to run from Mexico were decapitated, shoved into unmarked graves on the border, and discovered by police officials. What do you call that then? Just something that does not exist because the racist nature in which you portray yourself grows stronger through ignorance? Do you want to debate this with me out of racism or do you want to step down, keep you're mouth shut, and pretend it does not exist out of you're own fears?

 's picture

Our business is within our borders

Joe, whether cartels or triads exist in Mexico or not is irrelevant here in the United States. The cartels and triads if they exist are a problem not for the Republican or Democratic Parties in the United States to address but for the Mexican government and the people of Mexico to address. After all Joe, Mexico is sovereign to Mexico and the Mexican people not the United States or Americans. Unless of course you propose we march in and take over the country which I don't think you are and I as an American sure would not support. Leave Mexico to the Mexicans. The same applies for Chinese street gangs in China or any other country outside the United States. If China has Chinese gangs it is up to China to deal with them not the United States. If there is a Chinese gang in the United States we need to deal with them. If they are in the United States illegally, escort them back. If they are here legally, prosecute them under United States law and restore order. Our business is within our borders.

 's picture

That same

Argument was used by isolationists during WWII so a holocaust happens to someone else. I can see why you call yourself Commonsense because being an isolationist you should realize that the gangs also stage their operations Stateside. I love how Conservatives say if they do exist I think they don't feel exonerated of being the racist, close minded, simple folk that they are.

 's picture

Joe, did you not read where I

Joe, did you not read where I stated, if these gangs are within our borders we need to deal with them in our borders. If the gang members are here illegally they must be immediately returned from whenst they came. If they are here legally they must be proscecuted under our laws and order restored.

Joe it is not up to me to determine which if any of these gangs exist in a particular place. That is a matter for the people there to determine. It is also up to the people their to govern themselves as they see fit just as it is up to you and I to govern ourselves as we see fit. It is both wrong and immoral to impose my beliefs and way of life on others, the same applies to you. I am not my bother's keeper anymore than you are, if we must quote scripture which I am not inclined towards not being of the Christian faith, though well versed in it.

Let's try departing from Mexico and see if perhaps we can make a bit of progress. Let's switch to Iraq instead since, from previous posts, I know that you are opposed to American involvement in Iraq. Iraq is a Muslim country and if you are not Muslim or worse still decide to leave the Muslim religion you will be tortured and killed. That is just the way it is. Also women are treated very badly, to put it mildly. Women and children, particularly female children have greatly benefited from the American, Australian, and European presense in Iraq in recent years. I expect that once all have left, as you and so many libs insist we do as quickly as possible, it will quickly go back to the way it was with no education for female children little for male children and women being beaten, abused and killed as standard practice. I do believe that you are OK with this because it is their religious belief to behave this way and their right. Iraqi government is driven by the Muslim religion and the government therefore will back this. The people of Iraq choose to live this way. It is not up to me to force them to live differently anymore than it is up to me or my right to cause the people of Mexico to live differently then they do.

How about Africa? Somalia for example. Somalia has always operated on a tribal basis as have all African countries. They fight amongst each other constantly. One tribe attacks another killing, stealing and taking prisoners to be slaves. Then another tribe attacks that one and so on. It has been going on forever. It is the only way these people live; the only way they want to live. No one can go in and tell them it is wrong and get them to behave differently, they don't want to and it would be wrong and immoral for anyone to do so. Somalia belongs to the Somalians to do with and live as they choose, the fact it is not my way or your way is irrelevent.

The Chinese work in terrible conditions by our standards. There are no workplace protections, no OSHA. The environment is not protected from industrial activity, no EPA or DEP. I am not thrilled about it, no, but it is not my business. I would rather the Chinese not be polluting the earth because it will eventually work it's way around, but what the Chinese do in China is up to the Chinese. What I do is up to me.

I would like to think all of the above might learn by my example and the example of most Americans but, that is up to them. I cannot and will not impose my will in other countries and I will not have my representatives attempting to do so in my name. I also will not have my country attempting to impose our ways on another sovereign nation. In the same token, I will not condone another nation imposing their will on another sovereign nation, ie Iran invading UAE.

Joe, there is nothing "isolationist" about respecting others rights to sovereignty, it is simply respecting their rights and that takes a lot more self-control than what you have offered.

 's picture

You are off the reservation,

You are off the reservation, my friend. You're post has nothing to do with anything that I posted or said, anyone who reads this thread of post will see that, thus I am not going to get dragged into your rant. You are clearly having a conversation with someone but it's not me. I suggest you look into that medically...it's not healthy.

 's picture

Illegal Immigration

I would vote for Jason but his attitude toward others is more racist and simplistic of marching the unalterable party line. Although, LePage is much more progressive is using Israeli quotations for rebuilding America Jason marches the problematic line of bringing nothing new to the party. He brings fear to the plate and inspires a mixture of fear and use it as a conditional control. It seems that on the surface LePage and Levesque would not agree on the issues and that is common in every party. As for using his military service Michaud logged thirty years in working conditions, then moved to politics, and has had an excellent track record in working with veterans. While it seems as though whatever wants to paint "values" as a control to vote how do we support Levesque in agreeing with the discriminatory anchor babies but refusing to come out and say so? Levesque is a sheltered human being who places his "values" as a controlling platform and using them as such; LePage is a product of Levesque's "values", and in being so it seems to be the common place that in agreeing to disagree Levesque has played off of discrimination ever so boldly in his portrayals of blaming Obama rather then Bush. What Levesque has done is manipulated the climate plying racism. I do not believe LePage has done so the go to hell remark although hard to defend is his position that he is frustrated with both parties and throws it out. I look forward to Levesque being destroyed in a debate much like John Frary.

 's picture


It is about time. Lets get rid of these tax and spend progressives and moderate losers once and for all. It is time to change our representation in Washington. Getting along is not what we send people to Washington do do. We send them to do what is right for Maine people. We need an environment that allows for the creation of new jobs and opportunities in Maine. We do not need more benefits. Maine people need government to get the hell out of the way and give those who wish to work hard and achieve the right and the responsibility to accomplish that goal. Michaud, Snowe, and the like are not serving us at all. They are serving themselves. The undecided in this poll will break for Levesque. It will be a refreshing change. Toss the bums out. GO MAINE PEOPLE!!!

 's picture

Yeah...Michaud voted against

Yeah...Michaud voted against the bailout...but for all the wrong reasons. He voted against the bailout, not because he didn't think the government should bail out Wall Street, but because he didn't think there was ENOUGH government control of business written into it for afterwards. That argues against his "smaller" government act. I appreciated his vote against the bailout until I saw why. He not only wants the government to control our health care, but our businesses, too!! He votes with Pelosi 96% of the time. Give me a break, Mike...this "conservative" or Blue-Dog democrat act of yours is a bunch of B.S. Anyone who has reviewed your voting record knows it. Hey, Mainers...you like Nancy Pelosi and her ideas for America? Vote for Mike Michaud. Not this Mainer...I'm voting for Jason Levesque.

 's picture

I Support Jason

Jason is a husband, father, veteran and small business owner - everything that Mike Michaud isn't. Jason knows what it is like to have to support a family and the struggles of owning your own business. Jason served our country for eight years in the Army.

Mike Michaud has been in Congress for eight years. Mike voted for Healthcare Reform that costs $1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion) that cuts $500 billion from Medicare. My premiums have already gone up 16%. Jason will fight to repeal.

Mike voted for Cap and Trade which will increase every households utility bills by hundreds of dollars a year. Jason says no on Cap'nTax.

Mike voted for the stimulus that didn't work and that put us into debt by another $1,000,000,000,000, then had to vote to increase our debt ceiling by another $2,000,000,000,000!!! Jason is for lower spending and taxes.


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