Need conservatives

This is in response to the recent article concerning U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe and the tea party.

I feel it is too late and hypocritical for the Senator to appeal for party unity. She and Sen. Susan Collins sided with the Democrats on spending money that this country doesn't have.

Maine and the country as a whole need fiscal conservatives if they are ever going to get out of this mess.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Al Castagna, Turner

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Vote for a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent, a Tea Partier, or whatever you want. Do not vote for incumbents. They have had their chance and have screwed it up. If they will not legislate congressional term limits, then we must enforce them at the ballot box.

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The term "fiscal conservative" fits the classic definition of oxymoron.

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Unlike almost every other

response to this letter, I will actually post a comment that is related to the subject of the letter, without contributing to the partisan stupidity on display here.

The writer states that Collins and Snowe need to get more in line with the Republican Party because united we stand, divided we fall. The writer has the wrong idea.

We do not live in Republica. To demand that our Republican senators fall into lockstep with their party is asinine. What we need is representation that reflects the best interests of their constituency. Too many politicians that take their parties position is exactly why nothing of substance gets done. We need representation that is concerned with the best interests of the Republic, not their party.

That being said, take a look at Mike Michaud. He votes the party line over 96% of the time. We can do a lot better than that. He votes exactly as Pelosi directs him. He is the type of gridlock creating , inflexible congressman that is causing the problems. Take a look at every incumbant's voting record. If they are that spineless and vote with their party all the time send them home. No matter which party they come from, send them home.

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Our Senators...

did what was right for MAINE. If Republicans had to vote for everything Republican and Democrats had to vote for everything Democratic, we could save a LOT of money. We wouldn't have to send anyone to DC. No staff to pay, no travel expenses, etc. Republicans and Democrats would submit bills by E-mail from home. If there were more Republicans than Democrats, they win. If there are more Democrats than Republicans, they win. All neat and tidy. No pain, no strain. United we stand. Divided we fall, right Al?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Well stated, Sandra, but I

Well stated, Sandra, but I suspect Joe still won't get it.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"Nothing will ever get

"Nothing will ever get done"....only by YOUR definition, cowboy. oBAMa is dismantling this country one brick at a time, and you and your ilk are too blind and uniformed to realize it. What a pity it is to have so many people be so misguided all at once. No wonder the rest of the world is laughing at us.

 's picture

Tron anyone who can read

Tron anyone who can read could see that "uniformed" was a typo for uninformed, pirate wasn't slamming anyone in uniform. You just want a reason to throw a tantrum and make yourself a victim, typical liberal behavior...and, yes, you are blind and uninformed. And, no, I will not apologize...Get over it.

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Tron, I have two sons in the

Tron, I have two sons in the United States Army and neither one of them would ask for an apology concerning someone calling a spade a spade or Obama the destruction of this country.

 's picture

Good grief, tron...What is

Good grief, tron...What is with you people? There is no mention of any military people in his post and nowhere did he imply military people are blind. Yet you are accusing him of calling our military people blind and demanding an apology? He doesn't need to apologize to anyone. Can't you read plain English? You scream about fairness and unjust name-calling yet you falsely accuse someone of something they didn't say? How is that right, tron? You deliberately misrepresented his post to score some points for your point of view. You're a liar and defamer, tron. I know you don't need my help, Pirate...thought I'd weigh in anyway.

 's picture

Reagan, Tron can neither read

Reagan, Tron can neither read nor comprehend the written word, at least not English. I have never met him, he may not be able to comprehend spoken English either.

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You're right, tron.

You're right, tron. Republicans (but you should really be saying conservatives) have done everything in their power to destroy all of Obama's attempts to re-make America into a socialist "utopia" because I don't consider that "improvement." And we will continue to do so, until our last breath. Giving goverment control of everything helps no one...not even you.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Well stated, RR

Well stated, RR

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Socialist "utopia"

When defining socialism however you did not list the factors that the LePage campaign is using the Golda Meir strategy implemented in the kibbutz movement in the building of the Israeli state per the Balfour decree. Which itself is socialism geared toward medical treatments which implies coverage for five years with volunteerism in the community which has been a plank of several Democrats. Can this be as well socialism or is it a newly "invented" pointy-haired-boss buzzword for the Dilbert crowd? What then does this prove while you mutter and decry socialism all the while it was used in America and in the creating of the state of Israel? Does crying socialism work as a control when history should be noted dutifully? In other words while reforming the welfare planks and creating a kibbutz movement per-futuristic intentions then credit should not be given and the history not recognized in cognitive terms?

 's picture

Can you read, Joe? I

Can you read, Joe? I searched in vain for ANY reference to Lepage in my post but I'll be darned if I could find any. I didn't find any reference to Golda Meir, either. Superimposing your own deluded thoughts does not change the meaning of my post, nor does it lend any credibility to yours.


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