Listen to the voice of the people

During the past two years, Rep. Mike Michaud has rubber-stamped the leftist leanings of President Barack Obama, who has led this country down the path of European socialism.

The country is headed for bankruptcy with the passage of numerous insane spending bills.

No family, business or government can spend excessively more than they take in. The outrageous plunder of taxpayers' money has caused the loss of millions of jobs throughout the country. Maine has been the victim, once again, of a liberal tax-and-spend economy that is a fiscal shambles.

The Bush tax cuts should be kept, not raised.

The Obama health care plan, opposed by 70 percent of Americans, and crammed down our throats by the Obama/Reid/Pelosi trinity, should be repealed. Michaud supported it.

Voters should discharge all those in Congress, Democrat or Republican, who turn a deaf ear to the voice of the people.

Leonard A. Huntington, Auburn

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Sounds just like every time a

Sounds just like every time a president, or board member says, "we have complete confidence in their ability and stand by them 100%" and then the next day or week they are fired. The point is, I don't ever believe a corporate mouth piece when the say things like "Media reports stating that we plan to drop health care coverage for our employees are completely false,". Usually this means, "oh crap, everyone already knows what we're going to do," and then they do it. The plain truth is that any corporation the sees an advantage one way or the other for a financial advantage, it will make that move.

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Vote for no incumbents. Vote for a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent, a Tea Partier, or whatever you want. Do not vote for incumbents. They have had their chance and have screwed it up. If they will not legislate congressional term limits, then we must enforce them at the ballot box.

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What does that make the entire republican party then?

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my mistake

My mistake, no name... what does that make the other 99% of the republican party?

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Check out his votes to take $500 billion from seniors Medicare to fund Obamacare.
His $800 billion "stimulus" that made the economy worse and saddled our children with debt.
Mike, why aren't you running ads on these votes if your so proud of them? Where are your ads in support of the HealthCare bill, or Cap and Trade?
Your running from your record and hiding behind some vets. Sick and sad really.

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hay dere frenchie, what do

hay dere frenchie, what do you meen by runned dere?

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voice of the people?

Voice of the people? Isn't that election day? Didn't Michaud walk away with the last election? And he's going to walk away with the next one, too. That is the voice of the people.

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The only thing Miscue will

The only thing Miscue will walk away with in November is a Bean Boot up his sorry Ar$e as we kick it back to Millinockett.


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