Welcome to Medicaid

Just when people thought they would get better health care, keep their doctors, and not see taxes go up one dime — reality hits.

Obamacare is forcing health care insurers to expand coverage and reduce rates. That will drive some insurers out of business which, in my opinion, is the plan. Employers will not be able to afford to provide employee health care, consequently, there will be 18 million people added to Medicaid.

The federal government plans to pay the full tab for only two years. Starting in 2017, states will have to raise their own taxes to come up with the billions of dollars needed, with no federal assistance. Medicaid will no longer be a cooperative endeavor between the federal government and the states.

Welcome to Medicaid and get ready to wait because there will be a shortage of doctors.

There is some hope because there are 20 states that are suing to overturn the health law and they may be successful by 2012.

Diana Holcomb, Norway

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RONALD RIML's picture

Thank God there's a Safety Net.....

The Rich get a 'Golden Parachute' - the poor have to figure out how to land somewhere between the Unemployment Line and the Welfare Office.

 's picture

As long as they are employed,

As long as they are employed, they probably won't qualify for Medicaid, either.

RONALD RIML's picture

George Bush wasn't one of (Gasp!) 'Them'........

George Bush wasn't one of (Gasp!) 'Them'........

 's picture

Why do you hate the free market?

So your saying that the free market survives in Communist Europe?
BTW - health care in a timely fashion? Have you ever had any procedures done in the United States. Had to wait 6 months to get in at CMMC. Luckily, a opening came up at St Mary's, and I only had to wait 4 months. Timely.

 's picture

PUBLIKWERKS did you post when CMMC cut

Did you post when CMMC complained of reduced patient load claiming that was the reason for cutting staff, staff pay and benefits? If you had to wait six months for a bed there is no way they are hurting for patients. I have been calling Rumford Community Hospital almost every day since they made that claim to check the census and they are almost at capacity every time I call. For those who don't Know Rumford and Bridgeton, along with lifeflight are owned by CMMC. We have been saying they have been raking in big bucks and bilking people. If people paying patients are waiting six months for proceedures we can be sure of it. The only reason for the layoffs and cuts to lower level workers was greed of upper level and board.

RONALD RIML's picture

If the 'Free Market'; is so great...

Why did "Black Water" get run out of Iraq and have to re-invent itself as "Xe?"

 's picture

Since Obama could not get his

Since Obama could not get his "public option" through the front door, he is getting it through the back, unfunded of course Medicaid. Are you surprised? You shouldn't be.

Paul McGuire's picture

I see no evidence of

I see no evidence of Europeans railing about loss of their freedom to get bilked by health insurance profiteers. I see no evidence of Europeans bemoaning the idea that when it comes to promoting a nation's general well-being, a national health plan in which all have a stake makes all the sense in the world. When one discovers how small a slice of the national euro is spent for adequate coverage for all, it makes one wonder what is in the water over here that makes us flee from common sense. Too many ad-men, that's the problem.

 's picture

You need to read more.

You need to read more. Europeans who need or want quality health care or health care in a timely fashion either pay cash or have private insurance. Those dependent on the government programs often suffer for years and often die waiting.

RONALD RIML's picture

They're dieing 'Older' than we are in the U.S; that's 'Waiting?'

Your premise simply doesn't ring true, 'CommonSense'

The Eurpopeans and Japanese have a longer life span than we are, so how are they 'dieing' waiting for health care?? It just doesn't add up. They are also much more satisifed with their system than we are.

Don't tell me you are dependent upon the 'Insurance' system for your livelihood.... ;)

 's picture

It isn't healthcare; it is lifestyle.

Europeans and Japanese also have a much lower incidence of obesity than Americans. Do you think that may contribute? How about other social and lifestyle issues such as they don't drive as much because of the cost of gasoline in Europe runs around $5 a gallon! Their diet is very different which reduces not only obesity but coronary disease. They drink more red wine and beginning at an earlier age as well as consuming more oils heart healthy oils such as olive oil and far less red meat. Do you think maybe these factors may contribute to longer life more than health care? There economy is such that it is less sedintary and industry and offices usually have exercise breaks where workers do calastenics,instead of off smoking breaks. Do you think that might make a difference? Where do you think we get our heart healthy and cancer risk reducing recommendations from? Europe and Japan!

RONALD RIML's picture

And all that high-fructose corn syrup we grow.....

Everyone went Bat-shidt when we dared tax soft-drinks in Maine a few years ago.

We need that crap like a hole in the head!!

RONALD RIML's picture

We should pay $5 for Gas to include health care....

It's all in choices. And I would choose not to be held hostage by Guido and the Insurance Racket Mob.

 's picture

I would like to see your sources for those lies.

Come on, I'm sure FOX News? has some made up 'public policy center' with trumped up figures to prove exactly what you're stating.

Mark Wrenn's picture


When you got nuthin', resort to SHOUTING.

 's picture



 's picture

And the National tabloids on

And the National tabloids on Hannaford's shelves.

RONALD RIML's picture

We should have health care systems as good as Europe

Then perhaps our infant mortality rate would go down, and our life expectancy would increase, as they are in Europe - for much less cost!



"U.S. health care spending now absorbs more than 17% of gross domestic product--nearly double what Canada, France and Japan spend as a percentage of GDP. Economists estimate that as much as 30% of this spending goes to administrative overhead (10%) and payments processing (20%). This huge chunk of extra spending is being incurred because of the private payment system."


Poor Barb - propagandized into ignorance by the Health Insurance Industry.


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