Not the same dress

This is in response to the letter from Hope Herr, printed Oct. 1, "Time to change the dress." She states that for the past 40 years, Maine has had the same "political dress" in the Blaine House.

My research shows that in the past 40 years there have been six governors — three Democrats, one Republican and two independents.

The Republican, John McKernan, and the two independents, James Longley and Angus King, served a total of 20 years. That leaves 20 years for the Democrats — not exactly the 40 years Ms. Herr stated.

If a change is needed, put a real dress in the Blaine House — Elizabeth "Libby" Mitchell.

Barbara Durgin, Minot

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Wilson, Ralph C Jr.
48236 Buffalo Bills/President $2,100 03/22/2007 P HILLARY CLINTON FOR PRESIDENT - Democrat

Where are the apologies for his financing the attacks on Obama's sexuality? Oh, yeah I forgot, he is old senile, he cannot be blamed, the affective disorders of gang violence in the city of Buffalo he does not understand, and the fact he threatens the open market mindset in Buffalo as well? In reality Ralph C. Wilson Jr is a lot worse then Rush Limpaw but of course an old senile white man cannot field the blame.

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Libby Mitchell and Ralph C. (Racist) Wilson Jr have done more damage to Democrats in the race to the bottom of education and the race to making a gangland city in Buffalo. Both are Democrats one has depleted education and the other a city. That is the dress of the current Democrats and I believe no change in the Senators or in the Congress but we need Paul to bridge the gap and effectively communicate with Democrats. As he has done so in Waterville in working with Democrats. Buffalo and Augusta could be compared on a sociological preference based on the damage that Democrats have done.

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LePage not as disrespectful

To clarify LePage in his remarks was not as disrespectful as Ralph C. (Racist) Wilson Jr in financing attacks on Obama's sexuality which both liberal and conservative wingnuts used. This broke in the tour of New York and Ralph knew that it was going to be that way. Instead of inspiring the city of Buffalo he broke it's back by continually threatening to move. We see the state of a true Racist when we watch Ralph not just lose every game, but finance those attacks, allow them to happen, refuse to apologize, and fire the Coach who had brought them in for several years. Perry Fewell that same coach set the single game sack record with ten and now we see that the Dixiecrats want a return to the old hiring and firing racism practices. It seems everyone makes an excuse for Ralph, being senile, not knowing any talent, and as a Buffalo fan that change of dress needs to happen in New York as well. Considering during the seventies and eighties leading Republican's such as Jack Kemp nearly broke poor Old Ralph's check book. With the demise of Kemp and the support of Clinton; Obama cannot attack because the rumors are such a disgusting thing which later impacted the race and still play a factor to this day.

The implications also focus on drafting the first African-American Quarterback James Harris and watching him get knocked around without an offensive line. Along with that letting Antowain Smith a Patriot hero get knocked around badly enough that you question ownership sanity. The excuses for Dixiecrat racism are wearing thin even considering that it happens up North. I think Ralph C. (Racist) Wilson Jr should publicly apologize for using race in the elections and forcing an agenda which benefited a wide variety of Dixiecrats Nationwide. If Kemp were still alive, would Ralph have threatened to destroy the infrastructure of Buffalo; no, Kemp would have crushed him, brought in new ownership, and forced him to stay. With the new advent of culturally enriched Dixiecrat senses that proves a needed change of dress.

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Okay, let us look at Libby Mitchell who encouraged the cutting of Maine educational programs alongside JB and then we look at Ralph Wilson who encouraged the downfall of the Buffalo community. However, Ralph has done more damage in the Buffalo community, in questioning of the President with the breaking sexuality attack on President Obama, and his entire collectivism of bringing Buffalo to the brink and near destruction. We now have a city that could have been more as it is my father's home town and State. Instead of that we have an ineffective owner, who fired an African-American head coach who was behind the true Buffalo staff, and allowed the hiring of his great-white hype and hope. As a matter of fact that is what right and left wingnut's have been using as a point of attack. So, we see a Dixiecrat unchanged in hiring coaches and we have a Dixiecrat in favor of cutting schools to the point that they no longer matter.

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Oh my god

you're quoting wikipedia! Awesome! When I want to post a source with absolutely no legitimacy to back up my own unverifiable claims that's where I go, too.

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I agree - and I so clicked.

I agree - and I so clicked. I always get suspicious when comments from certain folks here are spelled correctly and use proper grammar. What are the chances?

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I will still be voting for LePage but the saddest thing is that he not the like of the typical Republican he is completely disenfranchised with both agenda's. The elitist attitude of the Republican which showed in an interview to his credit due President Kennedy. In reality LePage is even more of a Democratic hopeful then many Democrats want to admit. Where have we been educationally since JB approved a 30% cut in education which LePage wants to replace with the same charters and with the 30% in funding which should have stayed on the books. Mitchell appeals to Maine voters because of her record after JB cut the educational budgets there is a mixture of apathy and mixed relief that Mitchell will not be that. We need a change in the Governorship of Maine but not the senate construction.

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That "real dress" you want in

That "real dress" you want in the Blaine House personifies the tax-and-spend liberal agenda that has ruined Maine for the past 40 years. That kind of change I, for one, can do without!

 's picture

Barbara, the dems have been

Barbara, the dems have been in power in both houses during most of that time. It is time to change the dress, and liberal Libby is not it!

put a real dress in the Blaine House — Elizabeth "Libby" Mitche

Iconcur,Paul Lepage has shown that he does not have the temprement to be governor!

 's picture

King Angus was a Republican?

He ran as an independent because both parties knew he was really running a scam. Remember that TV spot with him rolling up his sleeves saying: I'll be the job czar. He kept his promise by starting the stampede of jobs out of Maine, a tradition maintained well by Baldacci and the Democrat paper-weights in the legislature. Take 8 years away from the R column and put them in the D, where he always really was.

Here's another sign of Democrat desperation. The apologists are throwing their own under the bus to hide their record.

 's picture

I can't argue with such a

I can't argue with such a cogent argument.

Oh, Ms. Reaves, would you please publish the paper's definition of "respectful"? Thanks.


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