Police seeking info in Auburn Rite-Aid robbery

AUBURN — Auburn Police are asking the public for information in the robbery of a Rite Aid Pharmacy Tuesday night.

Auburn Police Department

A screen shot taken from the security camera at Rite Aid during the robery.


A screen shot taken from the security camera at Rite Aid during the robery.

At about 7:25 p.m., police responded to a call that an armed robbery had occurred at the pharmacy on Union Street Bypass, according to a release issued by Deputy Chief Jason Moen on Wednesday.

"A white male, 5-foot, 8-inches (tall) and weighing approximately 170 pounds wearing a white shirt, tan ball cap and blue jeans walked into the store and approached the front counter," the release stated. "The suspect gave the clerk a note demanding money and then displayed a handgun that was tucked into the waist of his pants."

The suspect fled the store with a small amount of cash. The robbery is under investigation. Anyone with information is asked to contact Auburn police Detective Barry Schmieks at 333-6651, extension 2068.

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 's picture

I betcha..

..this fellow hails from the Dirty Lew... I told you all they would spread! There really needs to be a locked gate on each bridge. A weapons/seatbelt checkpoint would do wonders for keeping Auburn clean and tidy.

 's picture

i bet he paid more then $100

i bet he paid more then $100 for those ratty looking jeans!!!

 's picture

OMG. I hardly ever go to

OMG. I hardly ever go to this Rite-Aid because it always looks like it's closed, even when it's not. I don't know if the entrance and parking lot lights are too dim, or what, but it feels a little creepy after dusk. Maybe the owners or managers should address this issue.

 's picture


Good Luck and get him. There is no excuse possible for such behavior.

 's picture


my cell phone takes a better pic

 's picture

are you willing to pay more for your meds?

a guard will cost $$. that will be passed on to you.



Hi there Eyeroll,
We have another photo we will put up there. These are the photos the police give us from the store's video cameras. I think they give us the best images they have available to them. Just a little background and FYI.
Scott Thistle
Regional Editor


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