Horrified by GOP platform

I am very concerned that young people may be sitting out this mid-term election because of all the noise in the media. I hope they don't.

The official platforms (what they say they will do) of the Republican and Democratic parties, available easily on the Internet, are radically different.

The Republican platform scares me. It supports drilling for oil in the Gulf of Maine and eliminating things such as Social Security and Medicare. The platform supports less money for schools, police and fire departments.

It also seems like Republicans want to go back to the 1950s, before civil rights, mouthy women, embarrassing gays and inconvenient science.

I am horrified by their platform.

After reading both platforms themselves, I hope readers of all ages will agree with me and vote Democratic.

Carolyn Davis, Lisbon Falls

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 's picture

Carolyn Davis is a retired

Carolyn Davis is a retired administrator for Catholic Charities. Enough said.

 's picture

Barb, you just devastated

Barb, you just devastated all the posts here. It is astonishing to me that the very Liberals or conservatives these people are supporting will eventually put the helpless, those who count on SS and medicare....... on the streets. There is NO more MONEY. There is NO endless sea of cash the government can regulate or tax for. Oh, excuse me, it's not taxes it's fees now. There are no more games available, no more funny accounting tricks. LOOK at Eurpope. "Austerity Measures" are putting the pensioners on the streets rioting. I pay alot of taxes in this city and yet have no children (that I know of) in this system. No one has EVER thanked me for putting their kids through school, especially on these message boards. The schools have turned into bizarre social experiments. If I had my drothers, I would not want to pay for, or associate myself with ANY public school system. I would send all my property taxes to St Dom's, who concentrate on scholastics.
But....I think that is the most tragic part.....we learned two years ago.....or twenty years ago for that matter.......that voting for politicians who pander is deadly. We need to vote for the people who tell the truth and more importantly make us uncomfortable.

RONALD RIML's picture

There is money.

Simply return to the pre-Reagan tax rates.

 's picture


Lou Dobbs before he was fired gave us Anchor Babies and another rhetoric to add to the racist jargon. You can ridicule others or you can write a letter just like everyone else Gill. Newt Gingrich mentioned stopping social society in his reconstruction of America in written materials. If you always bring a mouth along why not write something instead of being a large mouthed blow hard whose brain is a pound and a half of chicken hawk pride.

RONALD RIML's picture

Lou Dobbs' In-Laws have "Anchor Daughter"

He married a Mexican and brought her parents over....... And he has the gall to be the "Poster Boy for Anglo-America!"

What a Hypocrit!!!!

RONALD RIML's picture

"People have lived and thrived in Mexico for hundreds of years"

Then the United States Army invaded and conquored Mexican land which is now California, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Colorado, Arizona, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Wyoming. We also guaranteed other land seized from Mexico called "Texas" which was a Republic.

Now at some point in time it might occur to someone that the original owners might tend to return, a la the Jews and Israel, not neccessarily that these areas are the "Promised Land" because I sure the hell wouldn't want to live there. But in the general scheme of history, five hundred years is a relatively short time, and land passes back and forth. - Especially when Mexicans tend to have much larger and closer families than Gringos do, and also have a keen work ethic which our ancestors had at one time.

Se habla Espanol??? We'de better!!!!

RONALD RIML's picture

The University of Mexico was founded in 1551

The University of Mexico was founded in 1551 - http://www.topuniversities.com/university/426/universidad-nacional-aut-n...

When was it that we had any insitutions of higher learning in North America???

 's picture

Awww.... you quoted

Awww.... you quoted me..*blush*

 's picture

Veritas, the government does

Veritas, the government does not create jobs. What they need to do, is get out of the way of the private sector, so the private sector can create jobs.

RONALD RIML's picture

Private Sector is Sitting on $$$$$ but won't create Jobs!

Right now the Private Sector is sitting on about $1.6 Trillion but is refusing to invest it in hiring for fear the American consumers won't buy.

No shit. The American Workers have been jacked around by Big Business to the point we're they're either broke or sitting on what money they have.

So that leaves Govt. It can either create jobs or relieve Private Sector of some of the 'Nest Egg' they are hoarding.

 's picture

private sector

Now that's just plain silly. Government is not standing in the way of the private sector creating jobs. Lack of demand is.

 's picture

Yes it does

What has private sector done other then having hiring freezes? No regulations; does that mean a return to the Bush administration and more collapses such as Enron? All while millions and millions are lost in deregulation; which Nixon and Meese had both agreed upon with both Bush administrations creating a more universal Capitalist welfare reform program for the next administration to inherit? Whether it be Democratic or Republican who came into office the fact of the matter is that Nixon and Edwin Meese has both proven true and that now we have no true conservatives other then the Bible bashers who have created a Cossack regime.

 's picture

So, what do you do for a

So, what do you do for a living? Just wondering since you have expressed such an opinion about the working class.

 's picture

Illegal Immigration

Yeah the plank of the Republican's is to turn a blind eye to human suffering and create a second class serfdom which makes me suspect that Jason Levesque and his entourage of chicken hawk's need a wake up call to the people that they enact racist their racism upon. I do not really care for a former drill instructor who places his unrestrained racist antics on trail. I think if they wanted to call me crazy they may enjoy reading some of those illegal immigrants that they lied about and called a myth as they struggle in a world of corruption. I forgot though that as a future Neo-Nazi leader have of those on here wanted real chicken hawk leadership and sadly to say it flatly they got what they deserved in printed fact. Those are the lengths which the cartels go to in keeping the mouths shut and keeping corruption running high. I love the expression of work ethic as well, that "work ethic" of thier's which they cherish so much in their family lives, that is a behavior of Operant conditioning, and part of their family cultural experience as it evolved; sadly so is isolationist tendencies. Now for those who called it a myth and called me hair-brained that is where their own little ODESSA file ends for ignorance and denying the truth. Along with the outlines of American's being murdered simply for ritualistic practices. Let them settle the border issues when there is more corruption and they turned a blind eye a perfectly inbred sense of racism.


RONALD RIML's picture

We had 'Air Raid Drills' in Chicago.....

The Nuns would chase us into the cloak room, we'de bend over, stick our head between our knees, and kiss our azz Good-by!!

Even living in 'Da Soud Side" of Chicago in the early 50's I didn't have anything to fear. Except the following: "Funny Men" My mother always told me to watch out for "Funny Men" - but she really didn't go into any details. For all I know, the Clown on TV (which was a brand new 10" B&W) qualified. Also watch out for the Godless Communists. They were going to come over in big massive bombers with hordes of Mongolian troops, rape the Nuns, murder my parents if I didn't reject Christianity, and violate my sister (so they did have one redeeming social value). I spent a lot of time on our apartment's roof with my dad's binoculars looking for Russian bombers. My mother had to work as they were saving "For a House." When I got off school I walked home through traffic then played with the rest of the kids in the aparetment house. Some mother or another would yell at us sometimes. My older sister thought she was hot shit.

When I was on the streetcar I shouldn't look at the "Ni**erz." They all had switchblade knives and would slit my throat if I made a face at them or asked them if it washed off. They did that all the time. Funny that the streetcar floor wasn't awash in blood. The Car-Man must have cleaned it every night. He smelled a lot like my girl-friend's father who drank a lot at night.

I would have posted this much earlier - but had to pick my wife up, who'se been on vacation all week.

RONALD RIML's picture

Corporate Welfare hasn't brought the Jobs -

Only more Jets, Luxury Homes, Tax havens, and Golden parachutes.

So unless Govt creates the jobs - which I wish it would similar to the depression era programs, social welfare is what's left.

 's picture


Republicans do not want social welfare but they also do not want the depression era programs. They want golden parachutes for their "friends" and for know one else. All the while despising the fact that an African-American is President. Anyone who questions them is given the cold shoulder but I enjoy it enough to tear them apart on several issues.

RONALD RIML's picture

Assuming they all vote "Paty Line"

You can guarantee that.....

 's picture


Can you tell me what the personal income tax rates were in the 50's? Income disparity?

RONALD RIML's picture

That was on "Leave it to Beaver" - How about reality??

There was no accurate count then of children born out of wedlock as unwed mothers were ostracized by their families. The housing market was booming because of the GI Bill and World War II veterans, there was no crack epidemic but alcohol and tobacco use was endemic, sexual abuse of women and children was an untold secret; abortions, illegal, were often carried out by unskilled practioners resulting in the death or serious injury to the mother. Racial predjudice was the norm - and WAS clearly defined. Polio struck down thousands of children. Teachers, both religious and public, terrorized students with fear - and sex. We were all scared shitless of the 'Bomb' Yes, it was a wonderful time to grow up in.

RONALD RIML's picture

If you have to ask what is different -

- Then you absolutely have no clue.

How extensive was parochial education in the 50's? - How extensive is it today?

You haven't noticed???

RONALD RIML's picture

There you go, candice "Thinking" again.. Bwa-haaa-haaa!!!!

candiceanne writes:

" I thought the south was class structured more than race. I remember that it would be better to be a working negro than white trash."

And lilacs grew on Mulberry trees, candice....

One poor white trash had more votes than a hundred working negroes...... They also had to get off the sidewalk for him. Whatever that negro could do to PWT was done to any white.

I lived in the North, and vacationed in the South as a young boy in the 50's. The major difference being that racism was both de facto and de jure in the South.

candice also writes: Can someone, please, explain to me what leads a girl or a couple who can not pay their rent, feed themselves, clothe themselves, provide for their own medical care to have children that they will also not be able to provide for?

- You haven't figured that one out, candice? Freakin' raging hormones - that same inate biological drive that makes green grass bust through white snow. No other species on earth heard of Ronald Reagan, but they all reproduce whether they have the means to support their offsping or not.

RONALD RIML's picture

You don't get out much, do you.......

You don't get out much, do you.......

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You sure nailed this one,

You sure nailed this one, Barb...great job.

 's picture

Don't be foolish veritas.

Don't be foolish veritas. Home schooling has no party lines. D's, R's, and U's alike home school their children. Public schools today, are nothing more than a dumping ground for parents who do not want to spend time with their children. I applaud parents who are involved in their childs life. Homeschooling takes a lot of committment and dedication. Plus, seeing how the D's refuse to allow vouchers, homeschoolers are of no tax burden to your sorry a$$, if you pay taxes at all!

RONALD RIML's picture

"no tax burden to your sorry a$$, if you pay taxes at all!"

Care to explain that insult? Or is it just as foolish as I would expect you to be???

RONALD RIML's picture

School budgets not directly proportional to student population

You should attend school committee meetings during budget sessions.

Take several "Home-schooled" children out of the classroom and the budget would go down very little, and certainly not directly proportional to the decrease in the student body.

Same number of teacher/administrator/support staff salaries, medical, retirement. Grounds maintenance, heating, debt retirement. Same extra-curricular activities.

So if you have a normal student body of 300 students, and 15 leave for 'home schooling' - you will not see a 5% drop in the school budget.

So tell me how many school committee meetings you've attended where you live???

RONALD RIML's picture

But not a proportional effect.

And that is where your Voo-Doo Mathematics runs smack dab into the face of reality. You will most likely still need your ten buildings and quite near a full staff.

And it's actually a citizenry in poverty that collects welfare; poverty caused by Reaganomics et al.

RONALD RIML's picture

You're presenting an entirely different argument here.

I was listening. You changed from an argument based upon "Attrition of Homeschoolers" to an argument based upon "Present Building Utilization."

You've undergone consolidation where SAD 43 is now part of RSU 10; where you previously had one high school - Shazamm! Now you have three. But is such really the case?? They are closer together as lines on a piece of paper, but not physically. In such cases the biggest issues are normally 'Turf Issues' - once aggrieved personalities are assuaged, logistics can normally be worked out. 'Local Control' is an extremely important matter; not always essential, but always sensitive.

I moved to the Boothbay Peninsula from Lewiston. Though I did not have children in the schools, I attended Committee meetings for several years due to some concerns. Some were budgetary concerns regarding employee contracts, and another over the lack of Marine Industrial Instruction (i.e. - 'Shop') as the local boatyards were hiring workers from out of state. No private schools in the area, and no indication that the BB schools would be inudated with 'Homeschoolers' - so don't have the concern you have. Lot of us 'Geezers' in BB who are no longer having kids - but paying the property taxes for those who do send theirs to school. Superintendent and I are quite familiar with one another. She at least knows where her budget is; The previous one had not a clue in how much he was spending on health insurance - and I publically embarrassed him to the tune of $400,000 at the yearly meeting a number of years ago. (He was spreading it out in too many line items and not totalling.)

RONALD RIML's picture

They "Want their Country Back"

Perhaps to the time before women had the vote, Carolyn......

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

That wouldn't be that

That wouldn't be that bad...guys like Clinton and oBAMa might've had a much tougher time getting elected.

 's picture

Do some research xyz. Check

Do some research xyz. Check out the statistics on home schooled children versus publik skooled children. Publik skool is all about union thugs, while home schooling is all about the child.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Public schools continue to

Public schools continue to graduate kids who have no basic math skills and far too many can't even read their own diplomas.

RONALD RIML's picture

You can't keep them around till they're forty-seven....

Think what our property taxes would shoot up to then!!!!!

RONALD RIML's picture

They won't be competing with you in the job market

Nor kicking your Parrot's butt on the forum here...... ;)

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

What's the matter Horshack,

What's the matter Horshack, no traffic for you to play in today? Where'd you ever get a word like regurgitate? I didn't realize they taught that in third grade.

 's picture


Aren't a lot of home schooled kids taught that man and dinosaur walked the earth at the same time, and Jesus would throw a mean t-rex barbecue every now and then?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Your blasphemy will not go

Your blasphemy will not go unnoticed.

 's picture

a bit much

You're right, it was probably a bit much.

 's picture

You're right. You've gone too

You're right. You've gone too far this time. Jesus would never have grilled a T Rex. It was a time of peace and harmony...when the T Rex would frollic in the meadow beside the mastodon and packs of wild poodles.

RONALD RIML's picture

Next they'll want "Home Hospitals" like the home militias....

That will really save on Medicare and Medicaid expenses!!!!

RONALD RIML's picture

Apples and Oranges......

If you want to compare these services, you would have to have a certified Educator come around to your residence for "Home Schooling" - This doesn't happen unless the student is enrolled in the local system and is 'Homebound' for health reasons.

So don't try to BS the old BS'er there, candiceanne - living in GeezerVille along the Coast, I'm fully aware of the requirements for the services you mention, ans many of my friends and acquaintances avail themselves of them.

You're full of it as a Chistmas Goose there, Girl.

Who do I think I am?? It's who I know I am. Someone very much better informed, experienced, brighter, tolerant, and perhaps even educated than you. I can even be humble - but no need in the presence of parvenues as you.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Whaddaya mean? According to

Whaddaya mean? According to Carolyn, the repubs are gonna do away with Medicare, anyway; there'll be nothing to save.
BTW--How've you been?

RONALD RIML's picture

I've been 'Batchin' it for a week.....

The Good Lady has been up in P.E.I. and round about with an old friend of hers.

Today is clean up the house and remove all the evidence before she gets home tonight!!!

 's picture

Huh, someone disagreed with

Huh, someone disagreed with you. Well, mine's out of town tonight. If I didn't have kid duty, I'd gladly raise a pint with you. Maybe Pirate could come along for a tankard and some birdseed.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Carolyn writes, "The

Carolyn writes, "The Republican platform scares me. ......and eliminating things like Social Security and Medicare".
Where do these people get this stuff? Eliminating Social Security? No politician with a pulse would EVER, read my lips, EVER even suggest eliminating Social Security and Medicare. Far too many votes would be lost in doing that. You should be fearful, Carolyn, of the democrat platform. They're so efficient in running the country that 89,000 people who were either dead or incarcerated received $250 Stimulus checks. Now, that's the kind of government (democrats) stuff that should frighten you.

 's picture

Maine GOP

The Maine republican platform is a good exercise in comedy.

 's picture

And the Maine donkey shows

And the Maine donkey shows platform is one of tragedy.

 's picture

my dog

My deceased golden retriever, lil. But haha, I get it. Do you ever get a lil?

 's picture

past tense

Past tense?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Yeah, but we'll see who's

Yeah, but we'll see who's laughing on November 3rd, Lilly.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I hope the parrot doesn't

I hope the parrot doesn't pick up on that. He does enough squawking as it is.( Am I allowed to say squawking?; it has the word "squaw" in it.)

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Who are the republicans who

Who are the republicans who CAN read? LMAOROFL...


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