Bad idea for Oxford Hills

I was at the Oxford casino public informational meeting (Sun Journal, Oct. 1). Unfortunately, the propaganda offered there was mostly disinformation, misinformation and non-information. For example:

The casino backers based all their wildly optimistic claims on the predictions in the “Gabe Report” by University of Maine professor Todd Gabe.

They claimed that it was an independent report; that is not true.

Professor Gabe was paid by a front group called “Maine Taxpayers Taking Charge,” which is actually the casino owners' group. Gabe’s own report admits that he can’t tell whether the money he projects for the casino is new money into the economy or just money being sucked into the casino that would otherwise have been spent in other local businesses. Gabe’s similar study prior to the 2003 vote on the Bangor racino made “projections” that were almost double the actual receipts.

The backers claimed that the casino would be “locally owned and operated.” This is not true. They know the law requires that the casino be operated by an “experienced casino operator.” There are no “experienced casino operators” in Maine.

At the meeting I asked the backers to tell us what out-of-state company would be the real operator of the casino, and what would be its ownership stake, and they refused to answer, admitting only that an out-of-state company would be operating the casino.

The plan is destructive and dishonest; a bad deal for Oxford Hills; more harmful than good.

I’m against it.

Jeffrey Rosenblatt, Albany Township

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Those RAY BAN drop downs are

Those RAY BAN drop downs are pretty annoying.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

No nuclear power; no offshore

No nuclear power; no offshore drilling; no LPG terminals, no wind turbines; no casinos. WELCOME TO MAINE...THE WAY LIFE ONCE WAS. (They called it the Dark Ages back then).

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Maine is the state of NO;

Maine is the state of NO; except when it comes to high taxes, lousy roads, gay rights, obesity, flat feet and poor penmanship.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

What? And give up the

What? And give up the pleasure of busting your ignorant chops? No way, Horshack. There you go with the big words again; "dialogue"? What'd you do, finally read a book? Nice to see you've given up the name calling. Tough addiction to kick with a brain the size of a pinhead isn't it?

 's picture

How many times can we say no

How many times can we say no to multimillion dollar construction projects? The addition of a conference center in Western Maine? 1st rate hotel rooms? Imagine how many tour companies would route their tour buses there during foliage season instead of heading to Conway, NH? People will work and stay working, as they have in Bridgton with the Hannaford there. There used to be alot of jobs in the area, so there are most likely many people just waiting for an opportunity to go back to work. It's time to give people a chance to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and add some much needed tax revenue to help pay down Augusta's debt. I can assure you there is not millions of dollars being spent in Western Maine by local people, so lets capture that tourist dollar. Vote Yes on 1!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You mean like those quarter

You mean like those quarter carousels at the Fryeburg Fair?

 's picture

I don't know why...

you went to the meeting. Your mind was closed and all ready made up.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The parrot sez he'd bet 12

The parrot sez he'd bet 12 dubloons that Mr. Rosenblatt would be in opposition to wind turbines, too.


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