Showed disrespect

Paul LePage should not be running for any office. Saying he would tell the president to "go to hell" makes Maine and the people of Maine look bad.

Who does he think he is? Any person, man or woman, should show respect for the president and the country.

Men and women who are running for office are supposed to be educated and willing to take responsibility for their actions. They are working for the people who put them in office.

 James Harwood, Lewiston

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Perhaps we should all just

Perhaps we should all just bow down and say, "Yes, your highness" when Obama speaks? I seem to recall from history class where a group of men named Franklin, Adams, Washington, and Jefferson among others collectively told an oppressive king to "go to hell" in the language of their day. I would rather have a governor who stands between me and a federal government seeking to control my life then one who says, "Sure, come take over my state."

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Honesty: the Best Policy

True to form, the Maine Democrat Party took a snippet from Mayor LePage's remarks to Maine fishermen, creating a YouTube video designed to make LePage look bad. This is an old political trick when your side has nothing good to say about its deeds and ideas.

The federal government is killing Maine's fishing industry. Paul LePage, answering a fisherman's question, said if the federal government tried to impose damaging regulations on Maine with LePage as governor -- he would push back. Hooray!



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