Levesque: License suspension, driving record "irrelevant" to congressional bid

LEWISTON — Jason Levesque, the Republican challenger running for the 2nd Congressional District, had his driver's license suspended this week, the result of three speeding convictions over the past 11 months.

Jason Levesque's Driving Record
Mike Michaud's driving record
Jason Levesque
Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

2010 file photo of 2nd District Congressional candidate Jason Levesque

Submitted photo

Jason Levesque

Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

2nd District Congressional candidate Jason Levesque kicked off his 2010 campaign with The Kick-Off Tour in January in his hometown of Auburn at Rolly's Diner. Talking about the proposed casino in Lewiston are brothers Lennie Asselin, right and his brother Fern, both from Lewiston.

Two speeding violations occurred on consecutive days in September, resulting in 12 points on Levesque's driving record. Levesque, 36, of Auburn has 16 points on his license, according to state driving records.

Secretary of State Matt Dunlap said the accumulation of 12 or more points during a one-month period can result in a license suspension.

"It's sort of a shot across the bow to get your act together," Dunlap said.

According to state records, Levesque's suspension ends Nov. 6, four days after Election Day.

A 10-year check of Levesque's driving record shows he has 11 driving convictions since 2000, including five for speeding. Since being issued a license in 1991, he has 18 convictions, including nine for speeding.

His license has been suspended three times.

His three most recent convictions occurred Sept. 17, for driving 82 mph in a 65-mph zone; on Sept. 16, for driving 84 mph in a 65-mph zone; and Nov. 10, 2009, for driving 79 mph in a 65-mph zone.

Levesque declined to elaborate on speeding tickets he received Sept. 16 and 17. The campaign schedule posted on his website doesn't show any events on those days.

Levesque said his driving record was irrelevant.

"Obviously, I'm not a great driver," Levesque said. "I've made some mistakes; I've gotten some tickets. That's not what this race is about."

Levesque also has two convictions for operating an unregistered vehicle, four convictions for failing to display a valid inspection sticker and another for violating the state seat belt law.

A vehicle registered to Levesque was involved in an accident on June 6, 2004.

According to the Maine State Police accident report, Emily Spatt, then of Portland, was driving Levesque's vehicle on I-95 in York when it was involved in a two-car accident. Spatt, then 25, was driving with a suspended license.

Levesque was not involved in the crash.

Levesque is challenging U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud, D-Maine, for the 2nd Congressional District seat.

A check of Michaud's record shows no convictions and one accident since 1982. His license has negative two points.

Each driving infraction results in points being added to a driving record and each year a driver goes without a violation a point is removed to a maximum of negative four points. Good driving can result in a maximum of four negative points.

When told that the Sun Journal's review of Michaud's record showed no convictions, Levesque responded, "He's probably had a driver for the last eight years."

Greg Olsen, Michaud's campaign manager, said the congressman doesn't have a driver.

Levesque said he didn't think voters would care about his driving record.

"This isn't what Mainers are talking about," he said.

"Mike Michaud can't run on his record or my driving infractions, not when people are struggling so much," Levesque said. "This is not what this race is about. I'm not a good driver and I'm human."

The Critical Insights poll for MaineToday Media released Sept. 29 had Michaud with a 44-32 lead over Levesque, with 24 percent of respondents undecided. The survey showed Levesque gaining ground after a Sept. 9 poll had him trailing Michaud by 20 points.

The Sun Journal has examined the driving records of the five gubernatorial candidates. A Sept. 29 story showed that several candidates had what Dunlap described as "fairly pedestrian" conviction records, except for independent Kevin Scott, who has 35 violations, including five for speeding.


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 's picture

Thank you City Girl, I'm glad

Thank you City Girl, I'm glad you like it. You and a few others on here were the reason I chose it.

 's picture

He's a danger to society

18 convictions and 3 suspensions = a habitual offender.

 's picture

Lil, I agree with you. But,

Lil, I agree with you. But, Candiceanne must have just copied and pasted her blog from a Republican or Fox website somewhere and forgot to quote which misinformed Republican made it up. They have so much misinformation and spread their BS all over the internet and people actually believe all that crap. Lately, she's taking over the blogs and trying to RUN the SJ newspaper too. I think she should start her own newspaper. You can't change the minds of these (R) people, they have no compassion for others. I'm fed up with them. Two years ago the people were fed up with them too and voted them out. People are so silly, they forgot what happened already when the R's were in charge and want to do it all over again! I say, good for them, I hope Lepage gets elected, this immature guy running against Michaud who has all the speeding tickets gets elected, and they all lose their jobs and the economy gets even worse. I'd love to say 'told you so'. The Republican party isn't like it used to be, they are haters, racist, and homophobics, and all the while they also claim to be christian people! They hate our intelligent black President and wish death on him and his beautiful little family. I'd say they are really good christians, wouldn't you? Okay, I'm done, had to get it all out.

 's picture

Citygirl, Lepage just lied to

Citygirl, Lepage just lied to the cameras yelling out he didn't have his name on his wife's deed, EVER! They showed the deed with his name on it. He's a liar and running for Governor now!

 's picture

Bolduc's criminal convictions

Hi Sandra,

You are correct that Rep. Brian Bolduc was convicted of theft back in 2002 and served probation. However, I don't believe that he has ever had his driver's license suspended. You may be confusing the state legislator with a "Brian R. Bolduc" of Lewiston who has been in trouble more recently with the law. The state legislator's middle initial is "D" and he represents Auburn.




It certainly is relevant that this man has so many driving infractions. It is an outright disregard of the law. We deserve better than this from our leaders!

 's picture

Stick with the Facts

Yes, Jason needs to slow down, but let's stick to the facts that matter.

Mike Michaud is running from his record. He voted for the $1,000,000,000,000 Obamacare bill. He voted for the $1,000,000,000,000 Stimulus bill that obviously failed. He voted to increase our debt ceiling by $2,000,000,000,000 - our country is in debt and our children will be stuck with the bill. He votes with Nancy Pelosi 96% of the time - the same woman that thinks food stamps are good for our economy.

I will still be voting for JASON LEVESQUE in November.

 's picture

Character and responsibility

How can this man stand there with a straight face and say the race has nothing to do with driving record? If one is an irresponsible driver, one takes the chance that he/she will be responsible for killing someone -- either themselves and/or someone else. For this man to brush this off like it is nothing is totally lacking in character.

RONALD RIML's picture

sandra -You find 'traffic laws' stupid???

What about playing with matches and child pornography???

 's picture

Heres the point you all are missing

He wants a seat as a Law Maker, while he has no respect for the law. This is just speeding tickets, hes not paying registration and inspection fees too. Its the same as a police officer, the public expects that because an officer will fine someone and is part of the law process that he will obey the same law. Its not fair to the citizen to be expected to pay the fees associated with driving a vehicle and expected to drive the speed limit when officers don't. This is an argument you see every time in the papers under any police involved article. Guess what, our legislature is part of that law process. They are the ones who decide the laws of the land that the cops have to enforce. So if I have to pay the damn fees and obey the law so shouldn't he. I can over look a few speeding tickets but when its blatant disregard it makes me wonder would he have blatant disregard for the people he wants to represent.

 's picture

Heres the point you all are missing

He wants a seat as a Law Maker, while he has no respect for the law. This is just speeding tickets, hes not paying registration and inspection fees too. Its the same as a police officer, the public expects that because an officer will fine someone and is part of the law process that he will obey the same law. Its not fair to the citizen to be expected to pay the fees associated with driving a vehicle and expected to drive the speed limit when officers don't. This is an argument you see every time in the papers under any police involved article. Guess what, our legislature is part of that law process. They are the ones who decide the laws of the land that the cops have to enforce. So if I have to pay the damn fees and obey the law so shouldn't he. I can over look a few speeding tickets but when its blatant disregard it makes me wonder would he have blatant disregard for the people he wants to represent.

RONALD RIML's picture

And you've reported these 'alleged' transgressions?

We do discipline our own. If in fact they are a transgression.

And not a figment of your imagination.

 's picture

Habitual offender = Loser.

Habitual offender = Loser.

 's picture

This is a new tactic of the left

This is where the left goes when there is no other "dirt" to be found on candidates...traffic tickets, which most of us have. If this is the best they can do, Levesque is pretty clean. And if they can focus on this, while ignoring the sins of their own party which are far more serious than this, well, then they have no credibility either.

RONALD RIML's picture

Levesque not elected - pled guilty; Clinton elected, didnt plead

Had this activity occured and he pled guilty to it as Levesque did to his multitude of violations, then that certainly should have been taken into consideration when casting one's vote.

RONALD RIML's picture

He was 'Impeached' - He wasn't found 'Guilty' by Senate

Learn your facts, citygirl - A mind is a terrible thing to waste

RONALD RIML's picture

What a distasteful, graceless exit, citygirl.

You just read up on it? You just read up on it???

You had no idea that Clinton was in fact 'Impeached' and you were throwing him out into the discussion with the allegation that he just missed Impeachment?

Then you allege neither I nor tron ever admit to error?? What a sore loser!!

So you had your facts wrong, didn't know what 'Impeachment' actually was ("Charges brought by the House of Representatives and not conviction"), and then have to beat your retreat with hurled insults.

If you want to play with the "Big Kids" - at least try to have a minimum knowledge level of American Government.*

*"Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?" Presdient George W. Bush

 's picture


His extracurricular activities helped create budget surpluses and 23 million jobs! Maybe with two Monicas there would have been 46 million new jobs.

JUDY MEYER's picture

Bolduc's record

The Sun Journal has reported Rep. Bolduc's record, including an arrest in 2000 for driving after his license was suspended, which he was subsequently convicted of. In that report, his driving history was detailed, including suspensions for speeding and failure to display a valid inspection sticker. Since then, Bolduc has three additional driving convictions: lane violation and two convictions for violation of Maine's seat belt law. In 2002, we reported convictions for theft by unauthorized taking and unsworn falsification. In all, he has two criminal convictions and six civil motor vehicle violations.

RONALD RIML's picture

Cat's Away so the Bottom-Feeders Play....

Way to tip your hand, Ben.

RONALD RIML's picture

Those 'Guys with Special Plates' open to more scrutiny than you


You're the fellow who wrote: "It's not insurance companies fault, most are now run as non-profits"

You believe Insurance Companies are run as "Non-Profits?? And you wish to be taken seriously?? You have absolutly no credibility, Ben. None, zip, nada, zilch.

Anyone who believes insurance companies are now being run as non-profits is so far out of touch with reality that he night as well be occupying a seat next to Glenn Beck......

RONALD RIML's picture

Not what you wrote, BenHarrison

On Fri, 10/08/2010 - 18:07; BenHarrison wrote:

"Okay So if you went to a restaurant and your bill was calculated not by what you ordered But by your income level would you like that!! It's not insurance companies fault, most are now run as non-profits, It's health care as a whole and Obama Care does not change that!!Do 3 Stitches at the emergency room really cost $1000 dollars or did my insurance company just pay for the thousand stitches it gave away for free (To the poor). "

A statement like that certainly tells the reader that you believe insurance companies are being "run as non-profits"

Hospitals may 'Bill' at an exorbitant rate, but they will accept a very minimal payment based upon a pre-arranged " reasonable and customary fee" from the insurance company, with the insured usually paying 20% of that charge.

This is 'Capitalism' - Insuranace Companies have stockholders and they expect dividends.

RONALD RIML's picture

That's a "Health Plan" - not a Health Insurance Company

Anthem is held by Wellpoint, Inc http://www.corporateinformation.com/Company-Snapshot.aspx?cusip=94973V107

Is is very profitable!!!!

WellPoint, Inc. (WellPoint) is a health benefits company serving 33.7 million medical members, as of December 31, 2009. The Company is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA), an association of independent health benefit plans. It serves its members as the Blue Cross licensee for California and as the Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS), licensee for Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri (excluding 30 counties in the Kansas City area), Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Virginia (excluding the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington), and Wisconsin. In a majority of these service areas, it does business as Anthem Blue Cross, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield or Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield. WellPoint is licensed to conduct insurance operations in all 50 states through its subsidiaries. On December 1, 2009, the Company sold its prescription benefits management subsidiaries to Express Scripts, Inc.

Current Price (10/8/2010): 55.01
2009 Sales 61,686,000,000 (Year Ending Jan 2010).
Employees: 40,500
Closely Held Shares: 1,172,471

Recent Stock Performance: 52 Weeks 18.7%



WellPoint's profit for all of 2009 was $4.7 billion, nearly twice as much as the company earned the year before. Since 2004, the company has generated $16.7 billion in profits. The corporation's top five executives received more than $20 million in compensation in 2008.



LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) -- WellPoint Inc. faces a firestorm of controversy as the health insurer's massive fourth-quarter profit gains are likely to become the center of attention as it seeks to raise premiums in California.

WellPoint /quotes/comstock/13*!wlp/quotes/nls/wlp (WLP 55.40, +0.03, +0.05%) posted a 727.3% gain on its bottom line during the fourth quarter, as net profits jumped to $2.74 billion from $331.4 million in the year-ago period. Its margins catapulted to 18% from 2.2% in 2008's fourth quarter.

While the bulk of that 2009 profit gain is a one-time windfall realized from the sale of a subsidiary, it may be difficult to get that point across. WellPoint is up against a rising tide of criticism for its plan to raise premiums at its Anthem Blue Cross of California division 30% to 39%.

RONALD RIML's picture

We're the only country in the world which runs health care

as we do, based primarily on insurance, and as a "For Profit" system.

The government shouldn't be the "Insurer" - but rather the 'Single Payer' as is done in most countries. Theodore Roosevelt proposed this when he ran for President in 1912.

We already do it for MediCare, and could simply include all ages. AS for me, I use both government health care (VA) and civilian. I'm more than happy with the VA.

RONALD RIML's picture

Not so - we even wrote a Judge for OUI - Found Guilty.

And my old Governor and Chief of Police went to Prison. So you know not what you speak, Sandra.

But what else is new???

RONALD RIML's picture

If you can't navigate the roads of Maine lawfully -

How the hell are you going to navigate the Halls of Congress??

 's picture

You know, veritas...You've

You know, veritas...You've been blogging for some time now. I don't ever recall you being concerned with how Ted or Patrick Kennedy navigated the halls of Congress.

RONALD RIML's picture

Obviously Ted did a damn good job....

Patrick, on the other hand. \0/

 's picture

Well I can at least respect

Well I can at least respect your willingness to not defend Patrick. But let me ask you a question in all seriousness. Do you think this is what should decide candidates? If this were Michaud I wouldn't care...Shouldn't we stick to the issues? Hey, I can respect someone disagreeing with me. But let's speak to the issue. A candidate's driving record does not discredit his views does it?

RONALD RIML's picture

Who sticks to the issues here???

That requires research, thought, and occasional dispassionate even-handedness. None of which rarely get prime-time play here.

With his driving record, Levesque most likely wouldn't qualify for consideration for employment as a Law Enforcement Officer.

If he's not qualified to 'enforce' the law, could you please tell me how he's qualified to make them???

 's picture

You know what, tron? That is

You know what, tron? That is a reasonable, lucid, and honest response that, though I disagree with you, can respect. There are many reasons to not be in compliance with civil traffic laws that have nothing to do with character. But you have decided already that you are voting for Michaud because you think he has done well and that's fine. I am voting for Levesque because his driving record does not affect me, he supports what I believe in (Michaud doesn't)...and that should also be fine. But...if Levesque's driving record is an issue for you, and you think it indicates poor character, then you should apply that standard evenly to both parties. That's the point I was trying to make.

 's picture

Question of Judgement...

These offenses definitely show a lack of judgement on Mr. Levesque's part. He would not be allowed to be a foster parent with that driving record so why would his judgemnent be any different in other parts of his life?

 's picture

Really? Speeding tickets?

Really? Speeding tickets? And why the mention of a traffic accident where Levesque wasn't even driving? If all they have is speeding tickets, the left is really desperate. Mistler is a leftist hack anyway, anyone who reads his stuff knows that. I find it curious that the political persuastion that found Clinton's perjury acceptable (which got him disbarred) would make such a big deal out of this. I think this is proof that Jason is gaining on Michaud. Levesque was caught speeding? OK. He pleads guilty, pays the fines, and accepts the consequences. That's what responsible people do when they screw up. These are all civil infractions.

And seriously, is that what we want to do to those who want to run for office? I don't care what party it is. No one out there is perfect, not a Democrat, not an independent, not a Republican. And before the leftists out there accuse me of hypocrisy...no, I don't challenge Obama's citizenship. I just wish the SJ would apply the same journalistic scrutiny to Michaud's voting record. Levesque's civil violations don't affect me. Michaud's votes in Washington, however, affect me a great deal. Why won't the SJ talk about that?

 's picture


I think it has to do with a total disregard for the rules of the road. I mean he's a big time congress critter wannabe - can't be bothered with the rules the little people have to follow.

 's picture

You've NEVER had a speeding

You've NEVER had a speeding ticket, lil? Ever? Be careful now...And let's be honest...If you were all wrapped up in the behavior of "big time Congress wannabes" how come you have NO issue with the people presently in Congress who have committed far more egregious offenses than traffic tickets? Should we impeach those people? How did Ted Kennedy and others stay in office for so long under the spartan moral expectations of you folks on the left? Your moral outrage is a bunch of crap....

 's picture


Let me define this for you since you are too lazy to do it yoursefl: slander: 1. defamation; calumny: rumors full of slander.
2. a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report: a slander against his good name. Nothing I said about Kennedy was false, thus there can no defamation, which is a necessary of element for slander. Since there is no slander, and what I speak of Kennedy is true, it cannot be perverse. Come back when you are able to refute the content of the post.

 's picture

Accident...sure, tron.

Accident...sure, tron. You're a kool-aid drinker...You don't have the ability to reason. You'll defend even the ridiculous to save your precious entitlements...

 's picture

30 days

It took about 30 days for the O'Brien story to surface in the Sun-Journal. LOL

 's picture

Republican recklessness

Here is an example of the Republican state of mind ---- an arrogant disregard of law.
People really need to wake up and smell the coffee. He's scary . He doesn't have a genuine smile-- like someone told him that he should for the picture... he looks cold, cruel and calculating. I'm not getting a good feeling about this guy. Why is Maine getting all of these Republican psycho freaks running for office ?

 's picture


You want to see arrogance? Watch any appearance of Obama or these socialist politcians masquerading as "Americans." That's the height of arrogance. You seem so concerned about "disregard of law," why don't I see any outrage for disregard of the Constitution. I am not defending Levesque's tickets. But he admitted to them, admitted he was wrong, and is facing the consequences. I would rather have a remorseful violator than one who believes he is above the law because he is the "messiah," like the present occupant of the White House. This is no more serious that Pingree's recent airline excursions...also a violation of the rules for politicians. Where was the SJ on that one? Oh, that's right...she's a Democrat.

 's picture


How about one instance where anything Obama has done has been found unconstitutional? Just one...

 's picture


Here ya go: http://goo.gl/TDh4

Official birth certificate!

RONALD RIML's picture

That's been out there for ages.

It's not that "It's been difficult" - it's simply that there are so many "Birthers" that choose not to accept Obama as an naturally born American citizen - and have kept adding fuel to the fire of controversy.

It's quite a simple matter to google "Obama Birth Certificate" and look to 'snopes' or 'urbanlegends' which ferret out all the BS..... They are fairly reliable and nonpartisan.



 's picture

Well, shoot, Bob...Thanks for

Well, shoot, Bob...Thanks for the public service announcement. Do you really want the Democrats making decisions for you? Do you really think they care about you? I mean, really, you TRUST Pelosi, Reid, et al. to make the right decision for you and your family? They are more credible...why? Because they promise you the fruits of other's labor? Hey, go right ahead, get in line behind them...but I'd rather make my own decisions. Here's a flash for you...I don't give a rip if anyone politician cares about me. Just get out of the way and let me live my own life. I reject the "cradle to grave" dependency the Democrats are trying to force on us.

 's picture

obliterates nothing

Your mindless rants obliterated absolutely nothing. Legislation does not become law until the president signs it! Just ask him, Dubya was the "decider". And this is silly :"The President does not nor does he have the authority to authorize or establish spending." Again, even budgets do not become law until the president signs them!


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