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Those who oppose a public option say they do not want the government making their health care decisions. Do they not understand that currently a worker at an insurance company is making those decisions?

Doctors and patients do not control health care. When you need a drug, procedure, or test, your insurance company must first give an authorization. In many cases, insurance companies will contact doctors to change from one drug to another.

Workers are forced to stay in jobs to keep insurance. A new company may not provide insurance or the person could be excluded because of a pre-existing condition.

Insurance executives have testified they will not stop the practice of dropping patients who become ill and will continue denying coverage to those with pre-existing conditions.

Health care deals with people and their lives. Insurance companies are in business to make a profit. The more they pay in claims, the less profit they make. They have every incentive to deny care.

Administrative costs under Medicare are 3 percent. Under traditional insurance plans, the cost is 16-18 percent. Many people could have health care with that extra 13-15 percent.

Every insurance company uses a different format for their cards and claim forms. This wastes money in increased costs to doctors, hospitals, and other providers.

Those who oppose a public option should present well-reasoned alternatives and not disrupt public discussions by not allowing others to speak. Many of the disruptions are because they have nothing constructive to add to the discussion.

Sten Tetenman, Poland

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Once again, expert analysis

Once again, expert analysis by Mr. Tetenman. Another question to ask about the current effort to stymie reform of our health care system is this--"Who is paying to get people to the Town Hall meetings and disrupt them so that sane discussion by opponents and proponents can be heard?" Let me speculate, probably the lobbyists for the insurance companies.

Is there anyother way to convice people like Gil that the "Death Panel" issue is a phony one? that was invented by the obstuctionists in order to play the scare card.


If we do nothing insurance

If we do nothing insurance premiums will double to almost $30,000/yr in the next decade.
Gil, the private insurers have the numbers you want. Guess what. They aren't telling. If they were telling, its because they only release numbers that make their case like last weeks AHIP report on out-of-network costs.
Yes, in theory the government could run at below cost and drive private insurers out-of-business. Why would they or should they. Most government managed health care systems run quite nicely with a private system in the same country. One of those countries is the US. 50% of Health care is insured through government programs - Medicare, Medicaid, VA, and Federal employees system. Medicare reimburses providers at 80% of what the private insurers do. That will not drive and has not driven private insurers out.
Jon Albrecht Dixfield

 's picture

Clearly, you people lack the

Clearly, you people lack the knowledge to understand anything about insurance. Premiums keep rising. What would happen if insurance companies paid for every little test or investigational procedure your doctor ordered? You think nobody can afford coverage now - nobody WOULD have coverage then. Insurance isn't there to pay for EVERYTHING. It's about time people realize that. I pay a lot in premium for my car/homeowners and never have filed a claim. It's the same way, but nobody's beating up those insurance companies!

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Of course Gil had to join

Of course Gil had to join the Nazi party with a little diatribe from Ann Coulter always on his quotes. Wait a minute half of that is lifted from Rush what college did you go to Gil? Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security do work my Great-Grandfather was a loyal Republican and veteran of the Buffalo Police Department when he retired the pension just barely paid the bills, and when social security came about that helped him greatly. As well Medicare and Medicaid have helped care for the elderly and helped them into retirement homes. You are just quite the little screw up and that must be at home if anyone holds a view different from yours you shout them under the table quite a man Gil quite a man.

Joe Ziehm
Lewiston ME

There are two kinds of Republicans in this world moderate and conservative for so long I've picked the moderate that now it is time to consider the path less traveled.

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Looks like you got nothing,

Looks like you got nothing, again. How about answering some of your own questions - enlighten us. You can even use Faux News and World Nut Daily, if you'd like.

"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give."
Winston Churchill

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Back in the early 90's the

Back in the early 90's the health insurers paid out 95% of the premiums collected in claims. That's down to about 80% now, and the biggest insurers have set a target of 65% to keep the stockholders happy. They are in the business of collecting premiums and denying claims. Makes you wonder, other than making the management fat and happy, just what exactly do private insurers add to the whole health care system?

"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give."
Winston Churchill


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