Pay attention, class

John Dumont (June 27) has been "following the gay marriage issue for years" and asks questions of someone "much smarter than me." Having taught in Maine schools for many years, I am embarrassed at his questions.
Please pay attention, class. This is important and we've gone over this many times.
First, class, our elected officials voted for marriage equality because they are obliged to obey the Constitution, which protects the rights of all people, not just the majority or the popular. Perhaps Dumont missed that civics class. (Actually, the majority of Maine citizens spoke and voted in favor of equality for all Maine people.)
Second, Dumont is not correct — animals do not always pick mates of the opposite sex. Same-gender pairings occur throughout the animal kingdom, as any good biology teacher would point out.
Third, he asks why God made Adam and Eve. Again, biology: male and female procreate. Not all human beings want to do that, can do that, should be coerced to do that, or be denied civil rights if they don't. Love, not procreation, makes a family. That is a preschool lesson.
Now, class, why do you suppose Dumont came up with only one biblical example of God's plan for marriage? Wasn't David and Jonathan's covenent of "love more wonderful than that of a woman" also God's plan? Perhaps he forgot that example.
Children have to be taught to hate and fear, but, as adults, we can learn what we may have missed in school.
Lew Alessio, Greene

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RONALD RIML's picture

mad dad complains that the

mad dad complains that the media and teachers are liberal??

Sorry to clue you in, Old Crustacean, but "Freedom of the Press" and 'Universal Education' were once radically liberal ideas - resisted tooth and nail by the conservative royalists, ecclesiasticals, land-owners, and early industrialists who feared that commoners might at one time become enlightened and revolt against the heavy fist of tyranny exerted by the ruling classes of Church, State, and Society.

It's history, pure and simple - and not understanding that is no one's fault but your own.

As Conservatism rests on the bedrock of tradition - remember that the traditions of the free press and universal education rest on liberalism.

When I was a young Sailor - I drank like a Sailor, fought like a Sailor, and screwed like a Sailor. Now that I am old and wise - I have a few scars, but many fond memories.

David A. Gagnon's picture

Well Mr. Alessio, you must

Well Mr. Alessio, you must not have paid attention either. You need to cite which amendment in the constitution that specifically states that an individual has a right to gay marriage. Now be careful, rights protected under the constitution are specifically stated in the constitution. Gay marriage let alone marriage is not even mentioned in the constitution and therefore not protected under the constitution, not unless you are willing to abuse the 9th and 14th amendments. Marriage is in tune with social and religious beliefs, that over the years has become a moral dilemma for most deeply religious people. The gay community along with the liberal progressive movement are attempting to manipulate certain state constitutions along with the US Constitution in order to fit their agenda. If your teaching anywhere in the Lewiston or Auburn school systems, your superiors need to be spoken to about what you are teaching the children of this area. But what good would that do, when most administrations belong to same social progressive movement you belong to.

RONALD RIML's picture

Gil - you should have a

[This comment has been removed by the administrator]

Mark Wrenn's picture

Wow, there are actually same

Wow, there are actually same sex pairings in nature? Guess that argument is gone, dang. Now all I can do is run around and whack my bible.______________________

"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give."
Winston Churchill


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