Record is not irrelevant

It was recently reported that Jason Levesque, a candidate for Congress, had his driver's license suspended — again. The state uses suspension to get a driver's attention, but evidently that doesn’t work with Levesque, since this is his third suspension, with 11 traffic convictions since 2000.

Levesque says his driving record is “irrelevant,” that Mainers don’t care. Well, I care; I have to share the road with him.

More important, he evidently feels that the traffic laws are made for other people to follow. Rules are for the other guy.

Now he wants to go to Washington and make the rules. A person who writes the laws should follow them himself. All of them.

The other candidate for Congress, Mike Michaud, has proven himself as a real stand-up guy, both in Maine and in Washington. That’s who I’m going to vote for.

Judy Green, North Waterford

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Once again, the problem we

Once again, the problem we have is a choice between two buffoons. Decent and honest people do not run for congress any more.

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Yeah...Mike's a real "stand

Yeah...Mike's a real "stand up" guy. He's always standing up for whatever Nancy Pelosi wants as opposed to us Mainers. As for being concerned about laws only applying to the "little guy," Mike agrees with that, too. He voted to give all of US a health care plan that HE won't take for himself. He prefers that posh health care plan that Congress gets...paid for by my tax dollars. I'd much rather "share" the road with Levesque than "share" my tax dollars with Michaud.

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I understand

Sure we all get frustrated with people that drive poorly on the road. Mr. Michaud has had a driver for years, (which we pay for, by the way), so seldom he needs to drive himself anywhere.

Mr. Michaud is a nice person, no doubt. But he has voted 96% of the time with Ms. Pelosi that has no concern for our needs in Maine. It is hard to ignore that fact.


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