It's up to the voters

Here's a lesson in history:

In 2005, Maine was rated the No. 1 worst state for taxes (, while the country was experiencing a booming economy.

Maine Yankee was a 950-megawatt plant; in Oregon, plans are for a 900-megawatt wind farm that will take 305 turbines and cover 32,000 acres. How many trees and how much private land will be taken by eminent domain to support the power grid for wind power in Maine?

If people like how things are in Maine, they should keep the same party in power. If not, vote for someone else.

Kenneth Jellison, Auburn

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If all of Maine is peppered with wind turbines they will still not be enough to squelch Massachusetts and NewYork's energy demands. They will build a nuke plant anyway. Can't Maine let them solve their own excessive demands? We could have cheap hydo from Quebec and keep Maine's scenery intact. All we need for our own hydro is fishways that work and were not designed as an afterthought. I bet new nuke plants are way better than the old crap but any energy company cannot be trusted to self regulate. Sad but true. It doesn't matter if it is oil,coal,nuke, or wind. That specter of greed will rear its head. and corners will be cut. I bet if the Rumford voters had the truth about windsprawl they would never have voted for it a while back. So much info has been witheld or twisted by the wind pushers. It takes time to research and sort thru it all. Denying the facts like Dr. Mills and fabricating benefits like the NRCM only hurts Maine. Rumford needs real progress not the smoke and mirrors of windsprawl. Maine too. I will not dare to ski Black Mtn. if turbines are there. I used to ski Mars Hill but not now. It is not safe.

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On a layover and had to add this

I posted this earlier today in response to another LTTE. It is so appropriate for here I felt I had to take the time to add it while on this layover in route to checking out another possible relocation site for the business should Rumford approve the Wind Power Ordinance and we be faced with even higher taxes and no chance of economic development.

Kenneth Jellison provided 2005 figures, here are 2007 figures which put Maine's tax burden put them at #1 or greatest in the nation at 13.5% and a per capita income of $33,722 ranked 35th in 2007. Oregon's tax burden on the other hand had them ranked 35th tied with several other states at 9.9%. The ranked 30th in per capita income at $34,784. While $1000 more a year may not seem like a lot adding in the difference in tax rate that $1000 is amplified.

Maine Yankee is no more and Oregon unlike Maine is moving in a positive direction.


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