Support the advisory committee

I urge Rumford's citizens to support the conscientious work done by the Wind Advisory Committee and endorsed by the selectmen 4 to 1.

In 2008, the National Health Institute stated, "Wind energy will undoubtedly create noise which, in turn, creates stress and, in turn, increases cardiovascular disease and cancer."

The Maine Medical Association expressed its concern about noise in September 2009, and passed a nearly unanimous resolution to that effect. Dr. Rabinowitz, assistant professor in medicine in occupational health at Yale University, informed Dr. Dora Mills of the Maine CDC that wind turbines create health hazards and that they ought to be studied.

Maine's noise standards date back to the late 1970s . The state's own expert accoustician, Warren Brown, stated that Maine's regulations did not protect the people at Vinalhaven from excessive noise.

Rumford's wind ordinance incorporates the latest scientific peer-reviewed data and it echoes the recommendations of the World Health Organization, not only regarding noise but also low-frequency noise, which is perceived as a vibration.

While head of Maine Bureau of Environmental Protection, David Littel (now head of Maine Public Utilities Commission) voiced concern about low-frequency noise.

Maine regulations do not address this issue. Setbacks for noise control are addressed in this ordinance. The French Academy of Medicine stated that a setback of at least 1 mile should be the minimum distance from an industrial-size wind turbine.

Other towns have adopted similar wind ordinances. It is not anti-wind, just as seat belts are not anti-automobile.

Albert Aniel, M.D., Rumford

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 's picture

ah ha

So Dr. Mills knew over a year ago that turbines are a health problem and she willfully,knowingly chose to ignor Dr. Rabinowitz's advice. That is dereliction of duty and she is doing Maine people a great disservice. I hope she is booted after the elections. I hope Rumford voters do the right thing. So much new info has come out that they did not have before. The wind industry only wants to spread their propaganda, but the facts keep surfacing that windsprawl is not good for Rumford or anywhere else in Maine. With HydroQuebec next door, Maine has the opportunity for cheaper elec. rates and the blessing of keeping the mtns. intact. That ordinance will help all of Maine by showing Augusta a better path toward lower energy costs. That will help homeowners and businesses. Windpower will only increase elec. rates as proven in Europe. Another well written and informative letter from Dr. Aniel.

 's picture

This is one of the most

This is one of the most deceptive letters I have seen printed in this paper to date. To begin with Albert Aniel signs the letter as though he is a resident of Rumford, Maine. He is not.
Next I must extend my eternal thanks to PenobSoct for his post yesterday which applies very much to this letter as Albert Aniel has been soliciting the Maine CDC to retain him to conduct research on the effects of wind power operations on health for well over a year. He fails to disclose his involvement as required by the FTC: Common Sense - disclosure in social media influencer campaigns
PenobScot at 2:51 pm on Oct 15, 2010
The Federal Trade Commission has issued new guidelines designed to set clearer rules for disclosure in social media influencer campaigns.
The guidelines state that bloggers who have received money or "in-kind payment" tied to product reviews must disclose such deals to readers. Companies that refer to a research group finding about a product must disclose any relationship with that organization.
The new rules are the first update the FTC has made to its guide for testaments and endorsements in advertising since 1980. They bring into sharper focus the relationship of bloggers and brands. The FTC chose not to make a distinction between professional bloggers and amateurs. It also does not differentiate between paying cash and providing product samples.
Violators face fines of up to $11,000 per infraction.

"Wind energy will undoubtedly create noise which, in turn, creates stress and, in turn, increases cardiovascular disease and cancer." My wind chimes also create noise as do the song birds I very much enjoy and attract with multiple feeders and bird houses on my property. I have no intentions of removing the wind chimes, the birdhouses and feeders or killing the birds and have no fear the noise will cause me to develop cancer or heart disease. I also use a power lawn mower, a chainsaw and hydraulic splitter to cut my wood for winter heat, have an electric refrigerator, dishwasher, garbage disposal, washer, dryer, and lots of other "noise" producing appliances and tools in my home and office I have no intention of giving up and have no concern they will cause cancer or heart disease. I also enjoy going to football games which tend to be a bit ruckus, enjoy the theater, conversation, and the symphony all of which would be classified as noise producing and I don't worry about them causing cancer or heart disease either. I have lived in the River Valley with the "noise" from the mill for more than 50 years and don't consider that or see you considering that cause for concern either. You seem to be a bit selective on what "noise" producers are an issue, the ones that you have been trying to get to hire you and have been rejected by.

There was nothing conscientious about the work of the advisory committee. They did not fulfill their mission of educating the citizens on the advantages and disadvantages of wind power. They did not visit a single wind power development. They did not meet with wind power developers. They did not meet with, correspond with or have any other interaction with experts in sound or any other relevent subject matter. All they did was take Dixmont's Ordinance and arbitarily make increase setbacks and lower sound levels. The members of the committee also have failed to disclose under the above FTC regulation their involvements with businesses that would be adversely affected by this ordinance not being approved. They fail to report that they are owners, stockholders, employees or otherwise receiving payment or gifts from those with an interest in the results of this vote. In particular, I am refering to Roger Arsenault and Peter Buotte of Community Energy AKA Big Oil for starters.

Albert Aniel also prefers to twist Dr. Warren Brown's findings in regard to the Vinal Haven project which you can read for yourself in this previous Sun Journal article amoung others that can readily be found by searching this site and other search engines.

It is most distrubing that Albert Aniel and so many others who are not even a resident of Rumford insist on telling us what we must do using the highest level of deceit. They have been fighting wind power in Rumford and other communities while being compensated by someone like big oil who will benefit by the rejection of wind power development or because they have been denied compensation by the government to "study" wind power, by wind power developers or some other entitity to back it.

Today, the French Government is bracing for strikes due to fuel shortages. I bet the French are damn glad they have all those wind turbines pumping out electricity so they wont freeze this winter with the fossil fuel shortage.

The reality is this is a descriminatory ordinance. If "wind power" were removed from this ordinance so that all activities in the community had to comply the mill would not exist, Brookfield power, and the gas plant would not exist nor the machine shop on canal street, nor the garages that fix our cars, nor would we be allowed to do most day to day activities. This is an economic development strangling ordinance that will elliminate the possibility of anyone considering Rumford for their business in the future, period. This is an ordinance that will force more businesses out as taxes continue to rise as no new businesses come in and existing businesses leave.

RONALD RIML's picture

Going to answer your lie ref 70% of Mainers on Welfare??

Or are you just going to just keep hop, skip, and jumping around??

Caught you red-handed there, CS..........


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