Lewiston group opposing Oxford casino

LEWISTON — For the second time in as many years, Maine voters are being asked to approve a casino with slot machines and table games such as blackjack and roulette in the town of Oxford.

Stavros Mendros
Sun Journal File Photo

Stavros Mendros

Also on the horizon is a possible vote in 2011 on a plan to bring a casino to downtown Lewiston. Some think that if the Oxford casino passes, the proposal for Lewiston may not.

The group behind the Lewiston plan has begun advertising in local print publications, urging people to save their votes for 2011.

But Oxford supporters say their plan doesn't mean a casino and convention center couldn't also be built in Lewiston.

At issue is a provision in the Oxford legislation that would prohibit another casino from opening within a 100-mile radius. But Oxford supporters say another referendum question could remove that provision. The proposed legislation for the Lewiston casino does just that.

The law that allows Maine's only slot parlor in Bangor also includes a 100-mile provision, but Oxford is beyond the 100-mile zone.

"If they want a casino in Lewiston that's going to be a draw for the state and across the state, then they need to vote no (on the Oxford casino)," says Stavros Mendros, a former state lawmaker and former Lewiston city councilor. He is a member of the group backing a plan to build a casino at the Bates Mill No. 5 property in the downtown.

Mendros says his group's plan could still go forward and he agrees that the legislation for it strikes the 100-mile restriction in the Oxford plan.

But if Oxford passes, the Lewiston casino would likely be a scaled-down development and not the kind of casino-convention center that people have hoped for, Mendros says.

"All the effort this community has worked for over the last three decades to become a destination for Maine will be destroyed if Oxford passes," he says.

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LOL.. it's not like they use

LOL.. it's not like they use sacks of coins for transactions. or a huge hunk of gold.. credit cards and debt cards are perferred

Fred Stone's picture


Great picture Stavros, straight out of the mafia files.

Fred Stone's picture


Great picture Stavros, straight out of the mafia files.

 's picture

That's his face?

That's his face?

 's picture

His nose, oh, I thought he

His nose, oh, I thought he was eating a banana.

 's picture

Don't be such a shrinking

Don't be such a shrinking violet, tell how you really feel.

 's picture

The 100 mile issue is no issue at all

People seem to get thier shorts in a knot about the 100 mile provision. It has been law since 2003 when the racino referendum was passed. The folks backing Oxford located thier project over 100 road miles from Bangor too compley with it and now they get chastised for it....but folks it doesn't matter and here is why. Gambling expansion in Maine must go before either the legislature or the voters. As Mr. Mendros has done in his petition for Lewiston he has exempted himself from the 100 miles and if his law passes it won't matter Lewiston will go forward with or without Oxford, but you know what Mr. Mendros has not told you even though his law would take the 100 miles away for Oxford, the Lewiston petition leaves the 100 miles in for anyone else. So essentially Lewiston would operate against Oxford but keep the 100 in for any other slot machine facilites...imagine that!!!!!

 's picture

Any venture involving this

Any venture involving this signature gathering sleaze smells like an untreated outhouse.

PAUL MATTSON's picture

Opposition to Oxford will

Opposition to Oxford will backfire on Lewiston proponents.


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