Mount Washington covered with snow as foliage peaks in LA

Fall colors and cold
Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

Mount Washington is blanketed in snow Tuesday morning, contrasting the colorful fall foliage of Lewiston and Auburn as seen from the Randall Road area of Lewiston.

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Carrie LaRoche's picture

Wow I miss Maine!


 's picture

Great photo Russ.

Great photo Russ.

 's picture

Great Shot Russ!

Another beauty.


Location of photo

The photo was actually taken on Pagoma Lane in Lewiston. It is from the back porch of a friend's home and this view can not be seen from the road. We did not publish the exact location as we did not want people driving up and down the road being frustrated that they could not get that view and possible trespassing on private property to take the same photo. It is a dead end street. In the past, I have seen this happen and did not want it repeated. I apologize if it is misleading, but we wanted to give a general location but not be too specific. I discussed this with our editors and the photo was just too good to not run if we could not give the exact location, so we generalized. I agonized over the decision as I figured people might cruise up and down Randall Road looking for the spot. I weighed the decision and agreed with the editors on publishing the "Randall Road area" description. I figured we would frustrate some readers, but preserve the peace and tranquility of those living on Pagoma Lane. Perhaps we should have simply stated that the view was from the back yard of a private residence and could not be seen from the road. I would love to hear other opinions on our decision.
Russ Dillingham

 's picture


I love this picture. I lived on Randall Rd before and have never seen a view like this. Great work Russ!


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