'Saved by the Bell' star coming to Mixers

One Twin Cities woman nearly won a date with Dustin Diamond, he of “Saved by the Bell,” celebrity boxing and sex-tape fame.

That didn’t work out.

Instead, Diamond is bringing the ’80s to Sabattus for one night only.

Diamond is kicking off Mixers' winter season with an appearance at the bar and nightclub Friday at an Awesome ’80s Party. And he’s not the only ’80s celebrity slated to appear this year.

Next week, in honor of Halloween: a still-under-wraps horror film star.

“I think late November, a reality TV star who likes to wear clocks around his neck is coming to hang out,” said Mixers’ co-owner Mike Yohe.

But first, Screech.

From roughly 7 p.m. to midnight, he’ll mingle with fans and, if enough people come out in retro costumes, he’ll judge a contest.

“We were initially going to have him come in and do ‘Win a Date with Screech,’ but he’s in Milwaukee shooting something else and then he has to be in Philly for another celebrity boxing event the next day so it didn’t work out, so we switched it to an '80s night,” Yohe said.

“We’ll have a photographer on hand to take pictures, get an autograph, no fee. Going out’s supposed to be fun and that’s what we’re trying to get back to is fun.”

Yohe plans a three-day Halloween celebration next weekend with “horror film guests” and a series of costume contests. He’s mum on naming names, with the exception of one hint:

“Friday night is my favorite guest because I really like the movie ‘Friday the 13th,’” Yohe said. “He’s going to be our special judge.”

Yohe said he likes to schedule a celebrity or two each month beginning in the fall, to get people back into the habit of going out after a long summer. Vanilla Ice kicked off the season last year.


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Glenn Aho's picture

This is great, considering

This is great, considering the guy (Dustin Diamond) is supposed to have fallen to his death.
Got to love internet hoaxes

 's picture

Saw this guy on Celebrity Fit

Saw this guy on Celebrity Fit Club (just flippin channels I assure you). What a dick (not a reference to the porn).

Jeff Douglas's picture

as if SBTB was ever a highlight

i woudent say his career has moved at all. hes right were he started.


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