Student: Bullying happens on Facebook

AUBURN — A few eyebrows were raised Wednesday night when Auburn School Committee members heard that students use Facebook on school laptops during school hours and that Facebook is used by some students to bully others.

Student representatives were giving reports about what's going on in schools. One said a bullying expert recently talked to students and the talk was useful.

Committee member Bonnie Hayes asked if there's bullying at Edward Little High School. Students said not in the high school, but on laptops.

There are nasty writings on bathroom stalls that never seem to go away, but there's not much bullying in school, said student Frankie Lally.

But, there's a lot that goes on with school laptops issued to students, she said. “You'll always find a fight on Facebook, every day.”

On Monday, the school began to block students from entering Facebook during the school day. Once logged onto Facebook, it's easy to waste time, even hours, Lally said. “It's a complete waste of time. We don't use our time wisely.”

School Committee members, including Lane Feldman, seemed surprised to hear that students use school laptops during school to go to Facebook. “Can we fix that?” Feldman asked, looking at Superintendent Tom Morrill.

Morrill said there are many ways to use Facebook, including ways that benefit learning. But it can also be abused, he said.

School officials have blocked Facebook use during school hours, Morrill said, but students find ways to get around the blocks as soon as they're put up. Facebook in schools will be explored in greater detail, Morrill said, adding that he would schedule a discussion between the School Committee and the school department's technology expert at a future meeting.

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I agree with you on the fact that privacy is a non issue these laptops belong to the state, these kids are using them. Aside from that, the parents have the right to check and see what their kids are doing on those laptops or any computer they use or phone they use to see what they are doing. I know that there are parents who are diligent about checking on their kids and what they are doing and there are parents who do not give a damn and do not check. Fact is you are going to have your kids who like to bully others and it is going to happen whether they use technology or not, but it would be reduced greatly if there was more supervision involved.

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There is another way of looking at this. By not blocking these social sites it overrides the parents choice of whether or not a child can go on the site and create an account. Having a school laptop should be used for school purposes not social websites where kids can bully other kids and they waste their time on it when they should be doing school work. I do realize that not all families can afford a computer or maybe even internet access and some kids go without but there are other options for that. Whats up with webcams on these laptops and kids using skype? I think it gives more oppurtunity for trouble. Kids do not need a webcam on their laptops from school. BLOCK this stuff....

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As if FACEBOOK is allowed to

As if FACEBOOK is allowed to be used at school. Lewiston has EVERYTHING blocked and it is a pain but come on Auburn, you are just making it easy for bullies and predators have access to our kids.


I don't see how facebook can be used as a learning tool in school...I have a facebook page and it is a way to keep in touch with people, however there is nothing much other than games ...there should be more than a block put on the computers..not hard to check up on these students. Maybe the teachers should check the computers once in awhile by walking around the classroom and randomly taking a childs computer and checking the browsing history...and log on to facebook themselves to see if the students are on that are in the classrooms..alot of these kids probably wouldn't think of going offline so they don't show like they are on FB...take the computer away if the abuse need for bullying


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