A Blue Dog or bulldog in Washington?

Jason Levesque owns and operates a direct marketing company in Auburn — think infomercials. He drives too fast so often that his license is currently suspended. More than once, he’s struggled to pay his bills and, some years ago, had to satisfy a number of liens against his personal property.

So, he’s not perfect. But he is focused, energetic and bristling with ideas. He is also as direct as a bulldog, a necessary trait to cut through the fog of rhetoric in Washington.

Rep. Michael Michaud is one of Washington’s so-called Blue Dogs, a gently right-leaning Democrat. Even with his lean, though, he’s a loyalist to his party.

Maine doesn’t need follow-along comfortable right now. We need aggressive. We need someone in Congress who will fight against the status quo with the guts of a drill sergeant.

We need Levesque in Washington.

Sen. Olympia Snowe lamented some months back that she’s never seen such partisanship in Congress as currently exists.

Partisanship is just another word for bias. Or resistance. Or just plain mulishness.

Its existence has fractured Congress and made for bad politics.

Americans have the power to fix that by casting votes for representatives who pledge to repair the damage and move this country forward. Levesque is ready to move.

Rep. Michaud has done some good in Washington, including fighting for fair trade and raising an early alarm on the Chinese currency problems, but he’s a party-line guy. He does not represent change.

And, it’s very hard to accept Michaud’s campaign promises that he’ll be tough on waste, fraud and abuse in Medicare and other government programs when he’s been in Washington for the past eight years and has yet to exercise that tough streak. Same goes for his pledge to push for change and reform when he’s been in Washington so long and has a history of supporting new regulations and increased spending during that time.

Levesque supports real reform in health care, including allowing all Americans to buy health insurance across state lines, much like they buy other goods and services.

Michaud points to the recently passed federal health reform package that allows pockets of states to participate in insurance purchase “exchanges” across state lines, but there is no requirement that states participate and Maine’s Legislature has shown no interest in doing so. Maine customers want competitive health insurance market rates and Levesque seems interested in delivering.

We endorsed Michaud for Congress during his inaugural run in 2002 because he is a straight talker, a hard worker, a genuinely nice guy and he sported an impressive record of accomplishments as a member of the Maine Legislature. Washington’s a tough town, though, and the halls of Congress are a far cry from the corridors of the State House and he’s not been able to sustain the kind of success Mainers need.

While Michaud has been in office, this state has suffered crippling job losses, endured rising health care costs, and struggled to attract new business despite his pre-Congress assurances he would tackle lost jobs and a faltering economy.

If Mainers are serious about getting different results out of Washington, we need to send different people to do the job.

Levesque is tenacious, borderline edgy and determined. He knows what it’s like to establish a business and raise a family, and he has the vigor to fight for us.

Michaud is a nice guy, a Blue Dog.

We need a bulldog.

Levesque is such an animal.


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Levesque endorsement

The LSJ'S endorse ment of an unproven Levesque shows how short sighted they aregiven all that Mike Michaud has done forthe area, including trade agreements that protect he paper industry and the establishment of avets health center in Lewiston!

Phil Blampied's picture

Not necessarily legislative qualities

If Levesque is aggressive, energetic and is in any way like a drill sergeant, he might do well in an administrative job but will seriously injure the interests of his constituents as a legislator. No first termer is going to get any of his ideas taken seriously, no matter how bristling with them he might be. And he is going to be an aggressive addition to the legions of tea partiers whose only agenda is sticking it to the current administration, he will not be able to serve the interests of his constituents in the important ways most of them depend on their rep in Congress. Forget about grand ideas, most people want someone to call on when they have a problem with the VA or Social Security. After racing through the halls of Congress for a while, Levesque won't even be able to get the key to the men's room, much less serve the problems of his constituents.

 's picture

It always seem like "the

It always seem like "the devil you know, rather than the Devil you don't know." They all make platforms and spout "great gusts of warm wind" during an election cycle, then get to Washington and get swallowed up by the "leaders" from each party. Mr Michaud and others are negotiating with the king makers from the platfrom of having a population base of less than 1/7th the population of NYC. In terms of votes, we are the mouse under the elephants foot, and the knat on the back of the donkey. WE in Maine need to get our own fiscal house in order and separate ourselves from the national trends. We CAN attract new business, and make our current business flourish. But...it's gonna be painfull for all of us. The State debt is staggering, the national debt is mind boggling. Mr Michaud, as well as Mr Levesque will always neotiate from a compromised position.
Incidentally, LSJ, thank you very much for the "local" rag.

Leveaque- Michaud

The editorial boardhas done it's readers adiservice by endorsing Levesque; Michaud has seerved us wel by bringing a veterans health center in Lewiston,and supporting and acheiving a trade ruling that will help what is left of of our paper in dustry

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

By voting for Cap and Trade,

By voting for Cap and Trade, and, ObamaCare? Michaud, a nice guy, is a hack of the democRAT party. When has he ever crossed party lines on an issue? (Sound of crickets can be heard in the background).


Michaud is not

Michaud is not deservingofbeing called a BLUE DOG! He is a Pelosi-Reid followerin the first degree!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Some call it retreads, others

Some call it retreads, others see it as truth.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Put your money on the table.

Put your money on the table.

 's picture

Nice Guys Finish Last...

And so did Maine in places to do business. I say we need a bulldog to fight for us rather than to roll over and play dead.

RONALD RIML's picture

And so do the Geographical Boonies.......

Has it ever occured to the folks who pizz and moan about our standing in the "Business Hall of Fame" that we have this slight handicap to overcome being located way the hell-and-gone up in the Boonies where it's Rat's Azz cold and heating costs a fortune, the transportation infrastructure has long been forgotten, and we're tucked way up behind the Eastern earlobe of Uncle Sam peering down at the Nation without hemorrhaging oil like the Western earlobe is.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

We are the tundras of

We are the tundras of southern Canada.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Yeah, but Florida's

Yeah, but Florida's got...........drum roll, please.........SOUTH BEACH. If that ain't good for business, I don't know what is, except maybe, Disney World.

RONALD RIML's picture

Wanna trade places with Florida's crime rate???

Didn't think so.

 's picture

In vino veritas

In vino veritas

RONALD RIML's picture

SJ actually needs Glasses......

It tells us it sees a "Bulldog" when in fact it's a Bull in a China Shop.....

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

From a pirate's point of

From a pirate's point of view, a bull in a china shop is far less scary than a loose cannon. I should think an ex-swabby would share that viewpoint. 0O:-)

 's picture

Common Sense Endorsement

Thank you, LSJ Editorial Board.


 's picture

I agree.

But I have the feeling that, once again, the publisher is calling these shots and the editorial board is on auto-pilot for another week or so.

 's picture


Are you suggesting we need a telemarketing huckster as congressman? Seriously? Boy, if Billy Mays was still alive, would you endorse him for president? Can they really be trusted?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Now wait.....THERE'S MORE!!!

Now wait.....THERE'S MORE!!!

 's picture

A huckster for president?

That's exactly what we elected in 2008. Billy from the grave can do a better job than the teleprompter-in-chief.

RONALD RIML's picture

Teleprompter?? Don't fool yourself.....

Here's an hour and 26 minutes of President Obama debating members of the House Republican Conference at their Retreat in Baltimore - completely unscripted and no teleprompter. Now what Republican President would ever go into the Democratic Lions' Den??

Watch this and you'll find out how much he needs a teleprompter there, Frostproof.


 's picture

I get a really strong feeling

I get a really strong feeling about this candidate just by looking at his driving record. what was he ticketed for, driving 80+mph on the freeway (speed limit 65) twice, On consecutive days!!!!! Another time over 79mph in a 55? His license is currently under suspension. I understand that speeding violations are not the worst offense in the world, and everyone has them. BUT,,,,, driving with that sort of wreckless abandon, with no concern for the legal consequences, or the danger he put the rest of the drivers and their passengers in around him???? 20 MPH over the speed limit is a danger, that's why it's illegal. That is a sign of a lack of maturity, and a sign that in his mind his need to be on time is more important than the safety of others around him. I'll pass on Mr Levesque, I don't need a bulldog ready to mow me over.

 's picture

Is this the best you can do?

Is this the best you can do? Picking on some speeding tickets??
The point is, while Mike is a nice guy, he is no "Blue Dog" as he claims.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You forgot to mention Bush

You forgot to mention Bush and Cheney..

 's picture

Still stuck on the silly, 4th

Still stuck on the silly, 4th grade misspellings, I see. Keep them coming. Each one drives another undecided to the right.

Mark Elliott's picture

I must say, the SJ recent

I must say, the SJ recent lean to the right on a few issues impresses me. Learning and changing is nothing to be ashamed of! I did it myself as well!


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