Maine needs a statesman, not an antagonist

Reform Maine’s health care system.

Trim the size and scope of government.

Stop shifting state costs to municipalities.

Reduce welfare spending and require welfare recipients to work for their checks.

Improve schools and student achievement.

Stop taxing Mainers to death.

These are all items on gubernatorial candidate Paul LePage’s to-do list. They are also all on candidate Eliot Cutler’s must-do list.

These two candidates are remarkably similar in their clarity of purpose to curtail spending and improve Maine’s business climate.

The difference between the men, though, is profound.

LePage is correct on the issues, but his bare-knuckle style and bully tactics will not produce the change Mainers so desperately need. In fact, his combative stance will further entrench Maine’s woes.

We need a practiced executive in the Blaine House, a person who has the skills and experience to be an administrator of progress. A person determined to improve our schools, reduce our taxes, fix our roads and vastly shrink government spending.

Cutler is that person.

A Harvard grad, Cutler worked for Sen. Edmund Muskie before shifting to the world of business. His public service provides a strong background on environmental and energy issues, and his business background is distinguished in its geographic reach and diversity of development. He has established multiple successful businesses, and advised other entrepreneurs to thrive.

His career, like many highly successful careers, is not without controversy, but Cutler has been overwhelmingly successful in his public and private enterprises.

Isn’t that what Maine needs? Someone who has a worldview of what is needed to drive us toward prosperity?

LePage’s message of radical systemic changes is solid, but his threat to reject any help from the federal government is unnerving. If Maine were really to reject federal funds, how would we pave our highways, fund our schools, purchase emergency equipment for our fire departments and fund police resource officers without raising taxes?

It just couldn’t be done.

LePage’s message is welcome, but his strategy is greatly flawed.

Cutler not only has a solid message, he’s got a strategic plan for Maine that makes sense.

His strategy, he says, is built on candor and confidence. It focuses on creating jobs and lowering the cost of living and the cost of doing business here, and he’s the only candidate who seems to recognize these problems are especially difficult with our aging population.

Cutler has a plan to lower the cost of electricity, reduce health care costs, lower the cost of government, and rebuild Maine’s educational system to produce students who will be able to compete in a global economy.

Cutler’s strategy isn’t sugarcoated and it’s not going to be easy to implement, and we need his statesmanship to negotiate the pitfalls that have plagued Maine government in recent years.

He’s the only leading candidate qualified to navigate Maine through this process.

LePage is too confrontational.

Libby Mitchell is too status quo.

According to Mitchell, Maine needs change, especially in improving what she calls the state’s “pathetic business climate.” But, she says, “change takes time.”

Mitchell has been in the Legislature for 30 years, much of that time in leadership positions. How much more time could she possibly need?

We’re out of time and we need a crisis manager to pull us through the next four years — no more excuses.

Cutler can do that with precision, authority and poise.

His life experiences are dynamic, ranging and intellectual, and his view of Maine is thoughtful and sincere, formed from being on the inside looking out and on the outside looking in.

He's the right choice for Maine.

What do you think of this story?

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 's picture

wrong, wrong,wrong, stop with

wrong, wrong,wrong, stop with the scare tactics already, LePage has stated repeatedly, that in order to accomplish Legislation to help Maine get it's act together, we must all MOVE TOWARD THE CENTER, REMOVE THE FRINGE ELEMENTS, THE SPECIAL INTERESTS and PASS MEANINGFUL LEGISLATION TO HELP MAINE PEOPLE. WAKE UP!!

 's picture

The "editorial board" said:

The "editorial board" said: "Trim the size and scope of government. Stop shifting state costs to municipalities."

Whoa, wait a minute, which one do you want? Seems to me that if you trim state government, someone is going to have to pick up the slack. If the DOT isn't maintainging the roads, then the municipalities will have to, that is, unless you're content with having worse roads than we have now.

You said: "Reduce welfare spending and require welfare recipients to work for their checks." Okay, I'm all for workfare for those who are able to, but the VAST MAJORITY of the recipients of welfare have some situation that prevents them from working. I would assume that the case managers had checked and verified this, but then again, if you're cutting state workers, you're probably not going to have anyone to run the verifications. At the same time, your premise is based on the assumption that there are jobs available to those on welfare. Last I checked, there aren't even jobs available to those who are able bodied and ready to go to work, now you're suggesting dumping MORE people into the pool? How would you rationalize that? Where are you going to find the workfare jobs? I'm assuming, and forgive me for assuming but since you didn't post your information here, that's all I can do, I'm assuming that your issue with welfare is like most others who really don't understand the welfare system assume that there are able bodied people who would rather be humiliated and subject their pride to the trauma of collecting a welfare check than actually work. If that's the case, then you must know someone who is actually doing that, which would be cheating the welfare system. If you know someone who is cheating the welfare system and you haven't reported him/her, then you are guilty of aiding and abetting that cheating. I suspect what is probably the truth is that you know someone, who knows someone, who heard from someone, that so-and-so is collecting welfare but is able to work. That's called a rumor and it carries no weight. If you know someone cheating welfare, turn them in. If you're just repeating rumors and predicating your opinion on those rumors, then do some REAL RESEARCH!

 's picture

This is exactly what LePage

This is exactly what LePage means when he says "we will turn dollars into elastics" eliminating the waste of tax dollars on programs that are redundent, don't work, or too costly. stretching the tax dollar to get the most bang out of it. freeing up money to be able to fully fund essential programs that Mainers depend on. I have been employed at a State facility in Augusta for five years, i have witnesed the waste that LePage is talking about. With a caseload double the national average, State Eligibility Specialists and their managers are overwhelmed by a system thats has to deal with two seperate levels of benefits, State and Federal, changing all the time, a computer system that fails to even handle the basic information required, and a low moral issue that results in a high turnover rate. We need a person who has the experience dealing with running a effecient business, not a career Politician/Lawyer, or a Washington insider/lobbyist/lawyer. LePage is clearly the one in this requirement.

LSJ's endorsement of Cutler

How convenient, in the same paper that it endorses Cutler itgives his crying about being slandered front page head lines!

 's picture

It would appear that in

It would appear that in Lewiston & Auburn there are more people than imagined who plan on voting for Cutler which by proxy means for our next Governor Paul LePage.


Sorry S-J, I must disagree

Sorry S-J, I must disagree with you. As has been said previously in this blog, Mr. Cutler is another Democrat the same as Angus King, and to elect him would be a continuation of the problem Maine has lived with since the 1950's. It is time for a change and Paul Lepage is the man for that change. ALSO, voters of Maine should realize Mr. Lepage cannot do it alone! If you vote for him, also vote for change in the make up of the Legislature. To send the same people with the same mentality to the Legislature will make any changes Mr. Lepage wants and Maine needs impossible to achieve. Yhe only thing positive we can say if you send the same legislators to Augusta is that Maine cannot go any lower in its rankings than where it is. Time to wake up and smell the roses folks, Maine needs change if you want to see jobs coming here that will keep your family employed and living in Maine.

 's picture

Seeing as Cutler sent more

Seeing as Cutler sent more jobs to China than we have in the whole State of Maine, and the fact that China owns more of the United States than we do. Perhaps Cutler would be a good choice. (if you want to work under depressing conditions for five cents an hour. Unless you are a political or other prisoner in which case you work for zilch.) WHAT A JOKE THIS CLOWN aka/CUTLER IS!

 's picture

Does that mean Mitchell needs

Does that mean Mitchell needs an enema?

 's picture

Ok. You're right.

OK. You've all convinced me. Every candidate is a crook and none deseerve a vote. The Republicans have been highjacked by the radical right, the Democrats are spending us to death (although they're not responsible for two unfunded wars). And Independents are, well, independent. So I say fire 'em all and start over.

 's picture

"And Independents are, well,

"And Independents are, well, independent." Think/Look again. The Independents are Democrats who couldn't get on the ticket as Democrats because of an existing Democrat encumbant or couldn't get the party backing so they slipped on the Independent cloak to get on the ballot in effect double, tripling, even quadrupling the number of Democrats running against a single Republican, Maine's governor's race being a prime example. It is a good idea to check historical connections and party affiliations to see just what party the "independent" actually represents. Remember the recent enlightenment that their has been only one governer in the pas 40 years who was not a democrat and that was Jock McKernan for 8 years. We learned that Angus King was a Democrat who became an independent to run against Democrat encubant Joe Brenan and King could not have gotten the party backing. Some even suggested that King's entry into the race had started out as a joke. We also learned that James B Longley ran as an independent because he was so incompetent from the beginning he missed the filing deadline to run as a Democrat so ran as an Independent. If 35 year legislative encumbant senate president had not decided to run as the Democrat do you think Eliot Cutler would be an Independent, not a chance. He just saw the writing on the wall, realized his only chance to get on the ticket was as an independent and did like his past Demecrat wannabees did and dropped his enrollment.

 's picture

Fool me once

It occured to me after I hit sent: Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me, what is it when you get fooled three times? If the voters of Maine vote Cutler in fooled into believing he is an Independent and not a democrat that will be three times.

GARY SAVARD's picture

So, the editorial boards of

So, the editorial boards of Maine's major newspapers all have endorsed Eliot Cutler, which is a seemingly "safe" position for them. Now is the time for everyone who plans to vote and has a mind of their own to make a decision. Personally, I think I'm capable of doing that without the help of the SJ, PPH, or BDN. I also have the ability to cut through all the crap commercials being thrown at us from all sides, and I'll bet the vast majority of Maine voters do too.

 's picture

Okay, voters, now newspaper endorsements mean something

Every single major newspaper in Maine has endorsed Eliot Cutler. So, it seem sot me that people should take notice and seriously consider a vote for Cutler. I have already voted for Cutler. I agree with everything written in this endorsement about Cutler. I think it was way too kind to LePage, but so be it. Cutler is the only real choice for Governor.

 's picture

The Lewiston Sun Journal

The Lewiston Sun Journal along with the York Weekly, York County Coast Star, Portsmouth Herald, USM Free Press, the Bangor Daily News, Portland Phoenix, The Times Record, The Portland Press Herald, endorsed Eliot Cutler while Mitchell & LePage have only seen to be endorsed by politician from out of state. With the recent poll by Critical Insights with LePage at 32%, Mitchell at 20%, Cutler surging to 19...% and so many undecided voter who do not want LePage or Mitchell Eliot Cutler has proven to be a viable candidate. And since he has a true plan to get this state going & has taken the high road when both major party candidates went negative I believe Eliot Cutler should be our next governor.

 's picture

All Extremely Liberal Papers

Brian, you just listed nine extremely liberal rags, one not even published in Maine which are all complicit in the downfall of the state that don't dare to back Fibby Libby and have to go with the next best thing, Elliot Cutler, a Democrat who couldn't get his parties backing so turned Independent in order to run for governor of what is left of the once Grand State of Maine. Does anyone else see history repeating itself here, Democrat can't get parties backing, turns independent to run for governor. . . Elliot Cutler worked for Ed Muskie very openly as a liberal Democrat. He then openly exported Maine jobs to China in private business as a "consultant" while Fibby Libby and company have been doing it through legislation. What's the difference? Need anything else really be said, other than if you are going to vote for Cutler you might as well vote for Fibby Libby either way you are helping to continue the states death march. Extremely liberal papers all.

 's picture

You know, I was on the fence

You know, I was on the fence myself to be honest. As a devoted Conservative, I actually second guessed myself and even thought for a moment about giving my vote to someone else (maybe even Cutler). I too may have been swayed back to LePage after reading this baseless attack add.

 's picture

Until I read this editorial I

Until I read this editorial I had not made up my mind. Thanks for pointing out that Eliot Cutler is another liberal democrat in Independent sheeps clothing. He started his career with Ed Muskie and then went of to China etc. We need another soft spoken polished executive my butt. Look were Baldacci has gotten the State of Maine! Down to 50th on the Forbes list for Business and Careers for starters, most aged population in the country, highest unemployment. . .the bad news is endless. Maybe this was supposed to be reverse psychology, if it was it worked because it just convinced me that the only candidate for governor right for Maine is Paul LePage.

 's picture

Cutler will never be able to

Cutler will never be able to 'cut it'. He needs a stool softener. Vote LePage.

 's picture

Cutler will never be able to

Cutler will never be able to 'cut it'. He needs a stool softener. Vote LePage.

RONALD RIML's picture

If Cutler needs Ex-Lax - LePage needs a Plunger....

If Cutler needs Ex-Lax - LePage needs a Plunger....

GARY SAVARD's picture

Veritas, I think BobStone

Veritas, I think BobStone referred to Paul Lepage as an executive, no mention of "Chief Executive", or did I miss that?

 's picture

Waterville's charter

Waterville changed their charter the first year of LePage's term as Mayor to make the Mayor a token political position. No authority. LePage has called the Waterville Sentinel to voice his opinions, however, that is all they are -- opinions which carry no weight.

RONALD RIML's picture

It all depends upon the 'City Charter'


Some cities have a 'Mayor-Council" form of government where the mayor, in fact, is the Chief Executive and runs the administration of the city; i.e. Mayor Daly of Chicago or Guiliani of New York.

Another form of government is the 'Council–Manager' form where the City Council sets policy and the City Manager acts as the CEO. The Mayor may veto legislation, but acts as a referee among the council.

 's picture


Kudos Sun Journal!

 's picture

LePage a "Bully?" Prove it, Sun-Journal

Paul LePage is an experienced, successful business man who leads one of Maine's most successful retailers. He is a practiced, successful executive of a small Maine city. He is a wonderful father and husband. I count him as one of my friends.

For nameless, leftist journalists to call him names without substantiation in a large Maine daily is typical, but sad. I really didn't expect any more from Rhodes or Myer, but it is still disgusting to see. Kind of like a drive by shooting. Shoot and run.

Paul LePage is going to win this and he will be a great Governor. The media jackals will be on his back starting on November 3rd, but Paul will be putting people first.

It is easy to call people names from the safety of your office. It is also spineless.

RONALD RIML's picture

LePage NOT an 'Executive' of a Maine City.

Read Waterville's City Charter, BobStone. The City Administrator is the Chief Executive; who holds the power to hire, fire, and discipline employees.

The only real power which the Mayor holds is to veto legislation, which may vetoes may then be overturned by a 5/7 Council majority - and to preside over the Council. He may project executive power by his personality - but does not legally hold it.

 's picture

The problem I have with Eliot

The problem I have with Eliot Cutler is that all or most of his "team" is made up of career bureaucrats from the "good ol' boy" network. The same people that have been getting political favor appointments to various boards and committees for years under the democrats. With all his polish, Cutler howls like a coyote on a full moon night when someone takes a swipe at him, instead of standing his ground. The changes we need to make in Augusta will definately cause quite a stir with the special interests and unions, and to get them through, we need a fighter, not a someone that is crying fowl at every turn. I disagree with the editorial board, and I support Paul Lepage. We don't need Mr. smooth, we've had him for the past 8 years. Desperate times call for tough measures, and I believe Paul Lepage can get it done.

Mark Elliott's picture

I second that Gary52!

I second that Gary52!

Mark Elliott's picture

Cutler has a ton of

Cutler has a ton of experience sending jobs to China too!

Mark Elliott's picture

Well, guess I spoke too soon

Well, guess I spoke too soon disappoint me today SJ!


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