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Maine residents pay much more for health insurance policies compared to other states. Lewiston Sen. Margaret Craven voted against LD 290 — a bill that would have allowed Maine citizens to purchase health insurance across state lines. That legislation would have saved Maine families thousands of dollars per year, while significantly improving access to care.

Maine’s next Legislature should represent the will of the people, not the misguided agenda of out-of-touch elected officials.

We, as a people, need to protect the rights of those least able to fight for them. To start, all adults deserve the right to be married and to defend this country.

Dr. Joel Kase is a respected public health leader and understands the vast health care issues facing this state.

On Nov. 2, Joel Kase will have my vote.

John Comis, Lewiston

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RONALD RIML's picture

For Ben Dare, Special Interest, Frostproof, Xavier90, etc

Even though "I got mine" (Retired Military Healthcare & treatment at the VA) I would much rather pay extra taxes so that all citizens could have the benefit of universal single payer health care in the United States.

 's picture


How about repealing the federal antitrust laws for health insurers? If you want free market competition, make them compete.

 's picture

Thanks for playing the game.

The point is that these out of state plans are not cheap. Also, do you think that an insurance company doing business is New Hampshire would (if allowed by the state of maine) let you by a policy for the same price as paid in NH? Of course not, the whole problem is the silly ass fees charged by our hospitals and doctors.
I love how the hospitals use "charity" cases to justify the high prices they charge those of us who pay the bills. They say they have to overcharge us because of all the charity cases. then it ain't charity if they make up for it by screwing me over!
Hospitals also use the Maine care non repayment/low repayment issue as a reason for charging higher prices. It's a case of the chicken vs the egg. The high prices came first, that's why the re-imbursement is low or late, and also why I end up getting it you know where.
To those of you who think you can negotiate a fee for service at your hospital or doctor,,,,very funny. If you pay $50 for a service that is charged at a rate of $400 then you are not paying your bill. There is not wheeling and dealing there. Getting a blood test or an MRI is not like buying a used subaru.

 's picture

So who does insurance across state lines?

So I took the advice listed here, and looked out of state. Yup, If I lived in New Hampshire I could get some health insurance there, from just one company, Anthem. How about $450 a month for a $10,000 deductible policy, great deal there.
Looked at Massachusetts, $4000 deductible HMO for $750 a month.
Where are all these great deals across state lines I keep hearing about?

RONALD RIML's picture

Piece o' Crap Insurance Companies are what Drove Regulation

Get rid of those Parasites, and you might see regulation ease.

But it ain't gonna happen till you recognize them for what they are.

RONALD RIML's picture

Learn difference between "Punish' and 'Regulate' for starters...

If you want to make comparisons. Then see how that works out for you.

RONALD RIML's picture

There is still the matter of the 'Supplemental'

Which one must shop for.

And it is a benefit I 'earned' for twenty years service. Was there anything to prevent you from doing the same?

 's picture

Think again

Going "out of state" for your health insurance needs is an over simplified answer to the cost problem in Maine. How anyone can think that the out of state companies will come into Maine and charge less for a product is beyond me. The reason the insurers here charge high rates is that the hospital and doctor charges are much higher than those outside our borders. Miles Hospital in Damariscotta is billing nearly $400 for a blood test, that's as much as 4 times the average elsewhere.
Fix the outrageous costs, then the insurance rates will follow.

 's picture

"How anyone can think that

"How anyone can think that the out of state companies will come into Maine and charge less for a product?"
Its called competition. remember back in the 70's when Ma Bell was the only phone company in town? no one called California until after 7 or weekends. when the monopoly was broken the prices came way down. let the other 1,300 or so insurance companies come into the state and have faith in our fellow citizens to make an informed choice for themselves and their families. The prices will come way down. But that is the big difference between the leftists and normal people. you think the average person is to stupid to make informed choices and needs the government to tell them what to do, but I can read, understand, evaluate and make a decision. Its like anything else, it just takes a little time and effort. have some faith in you fellow man.

 's picture

Until the legislature created

Until the legislature created the rules and regulations (the commission just does what it's told), there were many health insurance companies operating in Maine, competing with each other, selling reasonable policies at reasonable prices. I know because I had one from 1985 until Augusta trashed everything in 1992 or 3.

The rules and regulations killed all that, leaving just Anthem and a handful of minor players - they all sell the same thing at the same price, evil competition is not to be tolerated here in the Socialist Workers' Paradise. What some people call the wild west, others call real life.

RONALD RIML's picture

Only four companies CHOOSE to do business here....

Our Insurance Commission sets up rules and regulations that precludes companies coming in running roughshod like the 'Wild West' over consumers by not providing adequate coverage with an inferior product.

If you sell a piece of crap, unregulated product (like Wall Street Financiers did for so long, i.e. derivatives)) - you're not going to do business here in the insurance market.

RONALD RIML's picture

Do you pay 'Sticker Price' for everything???

They may 'Bill' at $400 - but the 'Reasonable and customery' charge for that, which they will accept, might be around $50.

One has to know these things. Do you??

RONALD RIML's picture

And I still don't -

have an answer on your career or area of expertise which I asked the other day. Care to share it with us?

- I appreciate the info on the RVU which you've given, and will research that. My retired military dependents insurance for wife - and supplement - have been relatively 'pain free' cost wise. Certainly happy I went back into the Reserves after my two hitches. A buddy of mine who retired with me on the Police Department is paying over $1,500/mo to stay on the City's health insurance plan with his wife until their Medicare kicks in - and that will be a few years yet. That's absolutely ludicrous!

 's picture

It's evident that in your

It's evident that in your career you never had even one significant position in the private sector so you could compare your federal/union bennies to what the rest of us get. I have a pretty fair arrangement with my employer - I pay half and he pays half, for a total of $2,700 per month. And that is better than what a lot of folks get. And it's considered a cadillac plan, so I get taxed on it as imputed income.

I agree it's ludicrous - because it's 100% caused by short-sighted politicians who will bankrupt the country in order to preserve their power.

 's picture

I agree. The outrageous

I agree. The outrageous costs are to make up for the "free" care provided to the uninsured and the poor (not necessarily the same) and the "free" mandates on insurance - guaranteed issue, no pre-existing conditions, one-size-fits-all, ... The care is supposed to be reimbursed, but payment comes 5 years late and 60% or less of billed amounts. Fix the problems by going after the biggest deadbeat customer, the State of Maine, and repeal the mandates. Then pay attention to the folks who actually need help instead of trying, and failing, to do everything for everybody.

 's picture

my mistake, it wasn't a

my mistake, it wasn't a mailer, it was an ad in the sun-journal.

 's picture

Yesterday Craven had a mailer

Yesterday Craven had a mailer in Lewiston that said if Mainers were allowed to purchase insurance accross state lines it would be risky since we would be the only state to do so and would be all alone. Is she stupid or does she think we are? I will admit though, she does have the perfect name for a democrat. craven n. contemptibly fainthearted.

RONALD RIML's picture

It's not up to Craven - Deimos - It's a 'Federal' matter.

Federal Law states that Health Insurance may be sold across state lines only to those States where the Insurer is licensed to do business in.

No use in trying to make up silly 2nd grade word games about Senator Craven's name; that doesn't reflectr on her - only your lack of maturity.


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