LePage cancels debate appearance at Bates

LEWISTON — Republican gubernatorial candidate Paul LePage has withdrawn from Thursday's Maine Public Broadcasting Network Your Vote 2010 debate scheduled at Bates College.

According to a press release issued by MPBN, LePage campaign spokesman Brent Littlefield notified the station at 4 p.m. Wednesday that LePage had decided instead to "meet with voters" as part of his "People Before Politics" initiative.

MPBN News Director Keith Shortall said he was disappointed that LePage had withdrawn from the debate, but that MPBN would go ahead with the live broadcast at the Olin Arts Center with the remaining four candidates.

The debate is scheduled to start at 8 p.m. and will be broadcast statewide on MPBN's television and radio services.

LePage also has declined to participate in debates hosted by the Natural Resources Council of Maine, the Maine Municipal Association, the Island Institute in Rockland, the Times Record & Coastal Journal in Bath, the University of Maine at Machias, the Disability Rights Forum in Augusta and the GrowSmart forum in Bangor.

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 's picture

Sad Conundrum

So sad that we are all in a position to vote AGAINST rather tha FOR someone.... Can't we do better?

 's picture


Classy and intelligent response. The man is a disgrace.

 's picture

Paul LePage

Seriously, how can anyone justify voting for this man when he doesn't have the guts to stand and debate his opponents? Is this leadship? Is this what Maine needs? How can he effect change if he is unwilling to face a challenge?

Be afraid Mainers.... Be very, very afraid.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Why would LePage throw

Why would LePage throw himself into that love fest of liberalism? I don't see oBAMa going on the O'Reilly Show, do you?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Hey, Jesse Ventura pulled it

Hey, Jesse Ventura pulled it off.

 's picture

What is it that keeps Mr. LaPage away

Top 10 possibilities that keep Mr. LaPage away from so many debates

10. Not as versed as other candidates with the task at hand and doesn't want to appear to be uninformed and ignorant to the state of the State.

9. Has nothing constructive to say

8. Has no concrete ideas for fixing what's broken and enhancing what's working in State government.

7. Views himself as above the process and above the average Maine resident.

6. It's below his pay grade to answer show up for a job interview.

5. It's too uncomfortable having to tell the truth so often.

4. Bates and MPBN are to Mr. Lepage as the Lakota and Cheyenne warriors were to Custer and the 7th Calvary.

3. Too busy making a deal for water damaged coolers and kitchen utensils from South Carolina.

2. Is working the late shift at the Lewiston Marden's location restocking shelves and checking the dates on the canned goods.

1. Are you kidding, miss 30 Rock and The Office, no way.

Just a bit of humor. It would be nice if Mr. LaPage would show up to some of these debates. I would like to be able to know more about what he thinks than just the rhetoric that is contained in his campaign commercials. I am still undecided and want to learn more about all the candidates and these debates help.

Personally I wish Barbar Merrill would have made another go at it and it would have been nice to see Rosa Scarcelli on the ballot.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You forgot #11, Ares: He

You forgot #11, Ares: He won't get 20 votes in that den of liberalism. Why bother wasting his time? He's smart enough to see that.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Maybe, but they have jobs,

Maybe, but they have jobs, don't they? How many jobs have Mitchell and Cutler created?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Who does: Libby?

Who does: Libby?

 's picture

Just Another "Dumb Frenchman", Right "MaineBob"?

Couldn't handle himself in front of all of those "smart people" and "balanced media types."

Paul, the dumb frenchman with a Masters in Business Administration followed up by dozens of years of successful business experience, has more smarts than you'd give him credit for. A fact dismissed by the liberal elite who salivate at their stereotype of the typical Maine Franco.

Paul is smarter than you give him credit for. He knows there are no votes in that den of liberalism and he knows that "this ain't bean bag" so he'll go where the votes are. As Paul is quoted this morning in the New York Times..."I'm not running for pope..."

He's doing fine. He'll be a great Governor.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Well stated, Mr. Stone.

Well stated, Mr. Stone.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

And I was called out for

And I was called out for using the ebonic term "fook" in quoting another poster? Are you listening, Patty?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

See my 4:19, gdls. Where's

See my 4:19, gdls. Where's the thought Police when you need them?

 's picture

Hiding again

This seems to be the national behavior of Republican politicians this year. Do not attend any public events or debates because you might say something wrong. I wondered how long LePage could go without saying something awful. I guess this is his solution -- hide. He is ahead, so he feels if he can just be quiet, it will be okay.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Any voter who doesn't know

Any voter who doesn't know who they're voting for by now, shouldn't be allowed to vote. The differences in the three leading candidates are pretty glaring. If you can't already choose from one of those three, stay home.

 's picture

Oh what a surprise, he

Oh what a surprise, he cancels another debate. He can't keep up with the others in the debates anyway. He's better off if he doesn't participate in any debates, the R's will vote for him anyway.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I agree, Brian. He just

I agree, Brian. He just doesn't come across as a polished individual, which hey, he probably isn't. That doesn't make him bad; just rough around the edges. But hey, Jesse Ventura was a governor and Al Franken is a senator. Plenty of room in that bag for LePage if you ask me.

Mark Elliott's picture

and the LSJ is insinuating

and the LSJ is insinuating that the rest of them have attended ALL of the debates?? Newsflash!! They have ALL canceled appointments!!

Ron Dexter's picture

Not Insinuating

They aren't insinuating anything, just stating the news that he has cancelled his appearance that he had already agreed to attend.

Sounds like the typical playbook going around with other Tea Party candidates!


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