Significant harm

I thank the Sun Journal for its excellent coverage of the issues in the upcoming elections. I am particularly concerned about the possibility that gambling may become legal in Maine.

It is true that the state, through taxes, and those who benefit from gambling (anyone working in the casinos, shopkeepers, motels and restaurants) will make money. However, this money is not free. Much of it comes from people who are addicted to gambling.

What makes an addiction an addiction is the inability to stop engaging in the behavior.

I would encourage all voters to recognize the significant harm that legalized gambling in this state may enable.

Cornelia Farmer, Farmington

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 's picture

Because a handful of people

Because a handful of people cannot muster up the self-control when it comes to gambling, the question should be defeated so nobody can have fun? What kind of arguement is that?

Next, nobody can drive cars because people get into automobile accidents.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Does Ms. Farmer consider the

Does Ms. Farmer consider the state's syndicated monopolistic control of the current lottery system acceptable, or is it only casinos that she opposes?

Barbara  Jordan's picture

Significant harm

Are you neive,any one who invest into a business does so to make money.The fact is that the casino will bring jobs This area needs jobs, and the jobs don't have to be high education jobs either.

Steve Bulger's picture

Incomplete post

Ms. Farmer,
While your points are valid, you neglected to describe your plan for bringing jobs to western Maine. You and your fellow naysayers are quick to condemn gambling but are deafeningly silent on how to put folks back to work and remove them from the public dole.

 's picture

Push all the arguments aside

Push all the arguments aside about the evils of gambling, and the hopeful creation of jobs on this one. This is a bad deal for Maine. The whole thing is set up to benefit the 5 owners, as well as the owner of the land.
If true casino gambling is to be approved in Maine, it should be done the way Indiana did it over a decade ago. Approve one for each "region" and then let casino operators bid for the right to site a facility. The bidding competition got Indiana billions up front, and the best deal possible on split of profits.
Take a look at how that state improved downtowns, roads, schools with the upfront money, and how the continue to profit on admission charges and profit splits.
This one's a bad deal,,,, again.

 's picture

When does that start?

We have been throwing ever increasing wads of money at education for decades, even though the student population is shrinking. What do we have to show for it? Happy teachers and unions, and declining graduation rates. The dopes stay here and get on welfare, the graduates leave looking for those real jobs. As always, the promise is: Chucking more money at education will improve it. The gambler in me remembers the age-old poker advice: If you look around the table and can't figure out who the sucker is, it's you.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Increasing spending on

Increasing spending on education and expecting positive, tangible results is like trying to empty a hole by shoveling dirt into it.


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