Falls Hill logging truck rollover causes $90,000 damage

RUMFORD — The driver of a fully-loaded logging truck escaped serious injury Friday morning when the rig rolled over at the foot of Falls Hill on Route 2, spilling logs into the Frost Motor Supply store.

Eileen M. Adams/Sun Journal

Two windows and a portion of the Frost Motor Supply building were damaged early Friday morning when logs from a tractor-trailer heading up Falls Hill on Route 2 in Rumford came flying through as the rig overturned.

Eileen M. Adams/Sun Journal

Kenny Briggette points out where a log crashed through his business, Frost Motor Supply, early Friday morning. No one was in the store when the logging truck rolled over at the foot of Falls Hill on Route 2 and hurling logs into the store.

Rumford Police Department Sgt. Tracey Higley said speed was apparently a factor in the accident that injured Danny Long, 39, of Bethel.

Long was taken to Rumford Hospital by Med-Care Ambulance Service where he was treated and released.

“This is the fourth time in my career that the store has been damaged,” Higley said.

No one was in the store when the accident occurred at 7:20 a.m.

Frost Motor Supply owner Kenny Briggette said logs flew through the windows and into the store, causing an estimated $35,000 to $40,000 damage.

Carpenters immediately covered the broken windows so the business could reopen at 11 a.m. The phone line was also knocked out but Briggette said he was able to have it up and running thanks to his friend Jim Thibodeau.

He said in his 20 years as owner of the store, numerous vehicles and materials have crashed into it, including several autos, a load of steel, two rolls of paper, unfinished planks and other materials.

The business is insured.

The road was closed for about two-and-a-half hours, and damage to the truck and business was estimated at about $90,000, he said. The truck was owned by A & B Forestry and Equipment of Rumford.

Kendric Thibodeau logging helped clean up the logs. Also responding to the accident were the Rumford Fire Department and Public Works Department,  Maine State Police and M-T Pockets garage.


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 's picture

State Engineering

at its best. I remember when the Falls Hill was being reconstructed. People were concerned back then and asking why are they not taking away that 90 degree at the bottom. Could it be changed now? Don"t see why not. The mishaps can prove the design was wrong. We have a board of selectpersons and a town manager who should be pushing DOT to do something about it. Good points have been made for driver error also. Many of of same drivers drive that area everyday and know the danger of high speeds around that corner. Put those drivers together with poor design and your asking for trouble. It has been proven far to many times.

 's picture

I have checked it out

There is a secondary signal light as a vehicle approaches the island on route 108. The light can be seen from the middle of the bridge. The only way to run a red light, is to speed up when you see the light turn yellow. If you are going the posted 25 mph speed limit, there is ample time and distance for a vehicle to stop.

 's picture

Muskie Building

The issue with the Muskie Building is a valid one if its your first time driving through there. For the most part, those truckers do it all the time, they know its coming. They know these roads, their GPS's they carry are nothing like what we have in our cars, trust me they know the light is there

 's picture

I can't count the times I

I can't count the times I have almost been hit by speeding logging trucks that run red lights at the end of congress street. I now pull out slowly when I have a green light to be sure no trucks are coming. These logging and other 18 wheelers drive too fast through that area! It's frightening even coming down Falls Hill if you need to make a left turn either on to Spruce St. or into Food Trend with an 18 wheeler behind you. You simply pray they'll stop not hit you. They need to get rid of the "I'm bigger then you" attitude.

 's picture

Perhaps Now

Perhaps now authorities will do something about the speeding trucks on Falls Hill. They get a running start on Route 108, run the red light at the bottom of Congress St, and shoot up the hill at 40-50 mph. We are so lucky nobody has been killed. The trucks with the yellow cabs seem to be the worst offenders. :(

 's picture

Time to take action

For the sake of safety, perhaps we should all go 5mph under the speed limit in town when we have a semi on our tail. Go ahead and disagree if you want, but there used to be a concept called "safety first".

 's picture

The irony

The irony in going under speed limit would be if the police pulled me over for impeding traffic. While the officer is busy writing my ticket, the idiot in the truck behind me goes down falls hill, spills, and kills three people.

 's picture

All bout safety.

It is simple physics, if a vehicle is traveling slower, they have less of a chance of killing you when you apply the brakes for a road hazard. When a vehicle is traveling too close behind me, I slow down. I really don't want to end up dead because of the ignorance of somebody else.

Each of the yellow cab trucks have a number on them. The phone number of the office is on their cab. When you have a problem with one of them (and you will), call the number and report them. Once the dispatcher stops laughing, and tells you there is nothing they can do about it, you can call the police, who will tell you the same thing.

If the police and company cannot stop these menaces from terrorizing the road, what should we do?


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