Get priorities in order

As the holidays approach, I'm sure we will soon be hearing more about the "Vista Drive Christmas display" issue, but I'd like to see Auburn's city manager focus on a more important lighting issue.

About this time last year, the city of Auburn put up a new flagpole in front of City Hall. It was done with pomp and circumstance, with the local band and city officials; they even closed the street in front of City Hall. It was a big deal.

Then, one evening, as I drove by City Hall, I noticed that the flags were not illuminated, with the exception of a streetlight hanging about a foot or two away. I stopped at City Hall the next day to ask why there wasn't proper lighting on the flags. After making a number of inquires, I found out that officials were going to put up proper lighting for the flags after the Christmas lights were put up.

It's been a year since I inquired and still the only thing that is illuminating the American flag is a street light.

It's a shame that the "Vista Drive Christmas display" issue, and Christmas lights themselves, are more important than showing respect for the flag and those who are serving to protect us, our freedoms and this country.

I think City Hall officials need to get their priorities in order.

Melissa Brown, Auburn

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Which councilors do you think do nothing?

I attend almost every council meeting. Some of the councilors are taking an active stance on the issues of this community. Whether you agree with them or disagree with them, you must admit they are taking a stand. Others, granted, are doing less than nothing. A couple seem to only be there to fill out a resume or enhance their self-image. I hope they realize their self-image may be improved, but their public image is truly suffering.

I invite you all to attend the city council meetings and let your voice be heard. I certianly do. I would ask you to come even if your view is opposed to mine. We need more public debate of the issues put before the council. Let them know how you feel. Call them often and come to the meetings.

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As a vet and a resident who

As a vet and a resident who has seen my taxes go up yet again, I find this disgusting. If they're not going to illuminate it, they have to lower it each evening. Let's start to giving flag duty to our do nothing councilors.

 's picture

It all starts, and ends, with

It all starts, and ends, with the council Melissa. Some of them have been in office too long, and some do not belong in office. Let us change that next November.


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