Drivers, slow down

With the closure of Route 136 in Auburn, traffic on our road has greatly increased.

Poland Range Road is a gravel, unimproved road with many blind rises and curves, a campground, numerous horseback riders, joggers, walkers and pets.

Recently, there was a neighborhood meeting attended by a dozen concerned citizens and Sgt. Paul Thorpe of the Cumberland County Sheriff's Department about how to stop dangerous speeders on our road so that we can enjoy it.

We are all angry and frustrated about slowing down the traffic on our road. Pownal shares one of the five daily Cumberland County deputy sheriffs with Gray, New Gloucester and North Yarmouth, so that deputy is spread very thin.

Why do people drive so fast without regard for the residents on this road? What does it take to get people to slow down?

Several years ago, a teenage passenger was killed; then there was a near-fatal, life-changing motorcycle accident last year.

How many more injuries and fatalities before drivers watch their speed?

Judith Hopkins, Pownal

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maine drivers speed like

maine drivers speed like fools? i've seen plenty of "out of state plates" (aka: tourists) with dangerous habits. we even have names for them: massholes, connecticut cutters, new hampshire near miss, ect. new yorkers would just as soon run you down as look at you. i learned most of the profanities i know from impatient new jersey drivers. also, how many of those "irrisponsible fools" are transplants from other states, like mass. where there are no speed limits, right of way laws, or drivers license requirements? (there ARE laws, its just that the laws don't apply to anyone driving in mass.)

 's picture

You're both right

I drive about the speed limit (at least the speed limit or slightly over). But I get tailed constantly on rural roads and along routes 2 and 4 by a variety of drivers--many teenager just getting out of school, grown women on cell phones, guys in huge pick-up trucks--from in and out-of-state. Stupidity doesn't seem to start at the border or pick and choose age or gender.

But I think this letter writer has every right to ask folks to slow down on her road. When we lived on a busier road with a small child, I stopped people all the time and lectured them for going 45 in a 25. For all the good it did. I wish you luck. It's really hard to get people to think of anyone but themselves. If they hit a walker, it will change their lives and they will regret being in such a hurry. Until then, it's a crapshoot. The police can't be everywhere.


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