Pingree projected to win re-election in Maine's 1st CD

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Democratic Rep. Chellie Pingree of Maine has turned back a challenge by Republican Dean Scontras in Maine's 1st Congressional District.

Pingree faced criticism in the campaign over flights she took on her fiance's corporate jet after having decried such congressional perks in years past.

She quelled the furor by producing a letter from the House Ethics Committee saying the flights were acceptable since the jet was owned by her fiance, S. Donald Sussman. But Republicans continued to hammer away at her, accusing of her being a hypocrite and being out of touch.

In Maine's 2nd District, viewed as more conservative, Democratic Rep. Mike Michaud was facing a stiff challenge from Republican Jason Levesque. Michaud was seeking a fifth term.

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 's picture

George Soros Buys Maine Race AND WINS!!!

I am proud of my fellow Americans (113 of 129 Tea Party Candidates WON!) and embarrassed by the ignorant people here in Maine. While other states got rid of the dead wood, Maine decides to keep the Communist and the other lack-luster slacker, Michaud. Maine now deserves what it gets. I realize that many of those voters are transplants from Masshole but not all are.

Maine again proves they are a bunch of uneducated voters ................. You have your precious Communist Chellie Pingree (SDA Member) back! She had George Soros come in with his billions in one of his many organizations that are a web of deceit like ACORN, his pet project. You have to know her billionaire boyfriend pumped money here too.

Note: Some of the MANY Billionaire George Soros Groups he funds.
"OSI's $45 million (and counting) judiciary campaign is run by another Soros-grantee organization, called Justice at Stake. Other groups supping at the Soros trough include the People for the American Way Foundation ($2.1 million in funding), the American Bar Association Fund for Justice and Education ($2.2 million) and the League of Women Voters Education Fund ($1.7 million). Even Planned Parenthood gets in on the act."

Go here:
This is an example of just ONE group he funds. ONE!!!! Look at where it's located! In 60 countries!

He is Emeritus Director of Refugees International. That explains that issue.


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