Car rams Auburn house, occupants flee

AUBURN — Police and fire officials had to wait until building officials OK'd removing a white Ford Explorer from the side of a house at Parker and Winter streets on Thursday morning.

Car versus house

Police and fire officials wait to remove a white Ford Explorer that crashed into a house at the corner of Parker and Winter streets in Auburn.

Witnesses said the Explorer struck the building after peeling out at a high rate of speed from the dirt parking lot at nearby Pettengill Park.

Police were still searching for the driver, an Auburn woman, late Thursday night.

"We were coming down the street, and it almost hit us," said Paul Lepage, 45, of Buckfield. "It was fishtailing down the street, like the driver just couldn't get control. And then they blew right through the stop sign."

Lepage and his wife, Tabitha Lepage, said the car continued across the street and into the corner of the blue house at 29 Parker St. Both driver and front-seat-passenger air bags deployed, and the front of the car broke through the house's brick wall, into the basement.

Tabitha Lepage said she saw three adults get out of the car and flee north on Winter Street, one carrying a child.

Police said they found all four. One male passenger was interviewed and released and the child, a 4-year-old boy, was taken to Central Maine Medical Center for evaluation.

The driver was identified as Michelle Ramsey, 29, of 296 Turner St. By 10 p.m., police had not located her.

"We want to hear her side of the story," said Auburn police Lt. Scott Watkins.

Police removed the vehicle after city building officials deemed it was safe to do so.

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Make that a Ford Explorer and Lepage witness

Hey folks,

Thank you for catching our mistake. Of course Ford doesn't make the Blazer, that would be a Bronco, but they don't make those any more either -- so we've fixed that to read Ford Explorer, which our local automotive experts agree the vehicle is.

As to the Paul Lepage witness issue -- indeed and oddly coincidental this person has the same name as the Governor-elect. The one small difference is they spell it with a lower-case p vs. the upper case P in Gov.-elect Paul LePage's name. The witness in the story is also a bit younger than the new governor. We appreciate the feedback.


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