MDEA arrests two, seizes 28 pounds of pot in Auburn

AUBURN — Two men were arrested and 28 pounds of processed marijuana was seized Thursday morning, according to a release issued by Maine Department of Public Safety spokesman Stephen McCausland on Friday.

Auburn pot bust
submitted photo

Here is some of the marijuana seized by Maine Drug Enforcement agents, Maine State Police and Auburn police on Thursday.

Troy Melanson, 26, of Auburn and Benjamin Thone, 32, of Turner were charged with aggravated trafficking in marijuana.

The arrests and seizure were joint efforts of the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, Maine State Police and the Auburn Police Department, according to the release.

The arrests took place after drug agents watched a large plastic container being transferred between two pickup trucks at a parking lot along Minot Avenue in Auburn, according to police.

Police later stopped both vehicles, finding the tote in Melanson’s pickup with 21½ pounds of marijuana, McCausland said.

Another 6 1/2 pounds of marijuana were found inside a second tote box on Thone’s property on East Hebron Road in Turner.

Also searched was Melanson’s house at 15 Hazel St. in Auburn, where agents found $1,600 and a loaded .45-caliber pistol.

MDEA Supervisor Gerry Baril said the transfer of the marijuana in Auburn took place within 1,000 feet of Edward Little High School, elevating both charges to aggravated.

The marijuana was grown during the summer by Melanson and later stored on property owned by Thone, Baril said. The processed pot was in half-pound plastic bags ready for sale.

Marijuana is currently selling for $2,800 a pound, placing the street value of the weed seized at $78,000, Baril said.

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 's picture

Sad to say I know both these

Sad to say I know both these boys.There is more to this story than here alone! I think ALL school's need to "clean up",bring the drug dogs in on on a surprise basis weekly! They also need to STOP kids from bullying IS still HAPPENING ! They also need to know they do it on their facebook/social pages and the school's aren't stopping it!!!! Kids are on their FB/social pages in school,be it on the computers there or through their cell phones.Time to TEACH and have these kids be TAUGHT..pretty sad when a kid behind a cash register can't even deduct for change nowadays..........the list goes on!!
Good Job officers!

 's picture

i doubt it was for the kiddies.

just for the record i doubt that anyone would buy 28 pounds of weed to sell it 1 gram at a time to highschool kids.

 's picture

If folks distrust law

If folks distrust law enforcement, it is because they are DOING SOMETHING ILLEGALLY!

 's picture

A win for the good guys.

A win for the good guys.

 's picture

I expected that the addicts

I expected that the addicts and potheads would disagree. They want to stay on the welfare and food stamp roles like their junkie parents.


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