Norway man arrested for attempting to burn his own home

NORWAY — The owner of a single-family home was arrested Saturday evening for arson after allegedly trying to torch his own house, officials said.

Troy Murch Jr., 23, of 157 Ralph Richardson Road, was arrested by Norway police after allegedly dousing his living room in gasoline and setting it on fire, police said.

According to Chief Dennis Yates of the Norway Fire Department, no one was injured in the fire, and the blaze was quickly contained to the living room. Yates said the rest of the house was relatively intact.

Norway Officer Ron Cole said Murch was stopped by a Paris police officer as Murch was leaving his home. The officer had been called to the residence after Murch's ex-girlfriend called police to say Murch was distraught and threatening to burn down his house.

Cole said the responding officer was the first to report to the fire department. He said Murch immediately confessed to setting the fire. 

Yates said fire units reached the house around 12:30 p.m. and had the blaze under control within 20 minutes. Fire departments from surrounding towns also responded, but Yates said they were sent home shortly thereafter.

Yates said one firefighter suffered heat exhaustion, but that he "should be OK."

Tim York of the State Fire Marshal's office said the living room sustained heat and smoke damage.

Murch was arrested and taken to the Oxford County Jail where will be held on $100,000 cash bail. He was scheduled to be arraigned Monday morning.

Chuck Blaquiere photo

Norway fire

Chuck Blaquiere photo

Norway fire

Chuck Blaquiere photo

Norway fire

Chuck Blaquiere photo

Norway fire

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 's picture

You can't just set your place

You can't just set your place on fire and call it good! :-\ It would be against the law because he had no fire permit for one! If the police arrested him obviously it's against the law to just torch your own home. That appears to be a new home and as others have stated, I highly doubt a 23 yr old paid cash for it. I don't think the mortgage company is really going to appreciate the fact that he tried to burn it down. As for fatandhappy calling candiceanne dumb....he/she didn't....they just stated that her comment was. the past.....I have seen some VERY NASTY comments come from candiceanne, so someone saying her comment was dumb is mild.

Bob Woodbury's picture

I liked it.

Really. Nice road. You should see mine.


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