Utility showed bad judgment

I offer my sincere condolences to the family of 9-year-old Taylor McQueeney who did in the fire on River Street in Lewiston on Aug. 17.

Many people have died in the past because utility companies were more concerned about collecting their money than humanity.

The little girl would be alive today if CMP had used better judgment before disconnecting electricity in a neighborhood where the buildings are so close together.

The Lewiston Fire Department deserves thanks for preventing the fire from spreading and becoming a horrible nightmare for other families.

Landlords need to monitor their tenants to assure their utilities have not been disconnected and the Public Utilities Commission needs to conduct a full investigation.

Robert LaCombe, Sabattus

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Ellen Levesque's picture

Lets not blame CMP for the

Lets not blame CMP for the bad decisions of the adults and parent in this disaster. It is my understanding that the little girl didn't even live in the apartment she died in so how could the utility company know a 9 year old girll would be sleeping over with three male adults? Typical of today's world to blame anyone or anything but oneself for things that happen.

Roger Gagne's picture

Steve Ditto.. You dont pay

Steve Ditto..
You dont pay your bills you lose. Thats it. This is not CMP's fault.

Stephen Bolduc's picture

So Robert, if all of us

So Robert, if all of us stopped paying our utility bills, how long do you think CMP would be able to stay in business? I work hard to keep my bills up to date, and can't afford video games. The three adults in that apartment had video games and a tv either running on a generator, or by using someone else's electricity, depending on which version of the story you hear. They had the responsiblity to keep Taylor safe because she was in their care, and they didn't. Let's not blame CMP, they are in business and can't supply free electricty to those whose priorities are skewed.


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