Mitchell says she'll retire from politics

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Longtime Democratic legislator Libby Mitchell says she's getting out of politics following last week's gubernatorial election in which she finished a distant third.

The 70-year-old Mitchell tells the Kennebec Journal she's retiring from politics and won't become a lobbyist, but will stay involved in issues she cares about.

Mitchell was first elected to Maine's House of Representatives in 1974. She later gained the distinction of being the first woman in America to serve as a legislative House speaker and Senate president.

Mitchell, who lives in Vassalboro, says she will return to her husband's law firm where she will put her law degree to use.

Mitchell got 19 percent of the vote in last week's gubernatorial election won by Republican Paul LePage.

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Haha later fibster

Haha later fibster

 's picture

I suspect voisine logs off

I suspect voisine logs off and gets back on to agree and disagree as he wants to make himself look reasonable.

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Sayonara Fibby don't let the

Sayonara Fibby don't let the door hit you in the Ar$e!

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How does one retire from not

How does one retire from not doing a damn thing? As for you, Visine...going to flog us with some more of your cut and paste diatribes? How about some more scrupulous web site sources? Nothing? Ah well, I'm sure there's a new Michael Moore movie or Al Gore rant you can rent for your jollies.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Yeah, we know...he stole the

Yeah, we know...he stole the other one. To paraphrase your good friend, XYZ......ROFLMAO

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Ever thought of going on tour

Ever thought of going on tour as a stand up comedian, voisy? You have some really good material. You'd have them rolling in the aisles.

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Libby Mitchel

Good luck in your future Libby anmd best wishes...


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