Not an elitist snob

In her letter Nov. 7, Mary Jane Newell defined a liberal in her own terms. She says that most of the liberals she knows are rich white men, Hollywood actors, and a black president.

I would like to introduce myself to her. I am not rich. I am not a Hollywood actor. I am not black, and I certainly am not president.

She also refers to liberals as “elitist snobs.”

After years of consideration, I call myself a liberal. Living in North Paris, Maine, on a modest income hardly qualifies me as an elitist snob. I was the first person in my family to attend college. I hardly think that makes me an elitist.

Newell has performed one of the oldest rhetorical tricks: setting up an opponent by defining him and then attacking the definition.

I want everyone to have an equal opportunity for success. I want everyone to have a say in their own future. I want a country in which the common person can live his or her life without fear of discrimination and without being told how to live that life.

Liberals fought to end slavery, to give women the right to vote, to end segregation, to establish minimum wages and safer working conditions for workers, and to extend the liberties defined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution to all.

I could define a conservative to my own satisfaction and then attack that definition. I won’t.

Rodney Abbott, West Paris

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 's picture

My definition of a Liberal…

My definition of a Liberal… (re: Rodney Abbott)

Not all democrats are liberals, there are liberals in both parties. But more in the democrat party.. Liberals believe in big government, they believe in a one world government. Most Liberals are educated intellectuals. Our universities are populated with Liberal professors.

They are intolerant of the Christian/Judea religions. Our children are not allowed to pray in school, but Muslims are given a separate room in order to pray five times a day. They teach our youngest children in the public schools, condom use, abortion rights, the gay lifestyle. Liberals blame anyone but themselves for the evil they do, it was their childhood, their parents, racism, economics, never taking responsibility for their own acts. They are apologists for our American way of life, they have contempt for America and the freedoms we have in this country.

They are : anti Christian, promote the welfare state, believing the government should control health, medical, public aid, education. They do not promote independent free thinking citizens. They refer to them as racists, homophobes, rednecks, out of touch, ignorant, nutcases (as they referred to the tea partiers).

Liberals are bent on destroying our government by destroying the value of dollar, and our moral society, reducing our status as the greatest nation in the world to that of a third-rate nation. Then they gain control of the people and reform our government in their own vision. Liberalism=socialism=communism

RONALD RIML's picture

Way to Construct a "Straw Man!!!"

What's next???

 's picture

Mr.Abbott. you do not sound

Mr.Abbott. you do not sound like a Liberal to me..maybe a Democrat, but not a Liberal.

 's picture


I don't think many democrats even know what a Liberal is..Not all Democrats are liberal and not all liberals are Democrats! Liberism=socialism=communism. The liberals i refer to are the leftist liberals, like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack hussein obama.

RONALD RIML's picture

I'm still trying to figure out

How Mary Jane Newell so intimately knows these 'Liberals' out in Oxford, Maine who are rich white men, Hollywood actors, and a black president.

Is there an undisclosed, secret 'Bunker' (Not Archie) out there???

Or 'Strawmen' placed in her skull-full of - well, you get the idea.....

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Friends in low places,

Friends in low places, perhaps??

 's picture

Ms Newall your IQ is showing

I also read your letter and was personally insulted by your ignorance and arrogance for what that is worth as I am sure it was your intent. I am somewhat liberal and people like her are the reason. I respect the views of others and am objective enough to vote outside party lines but people like her make that difficult. I AM A POOR WHITE MAN, I work, always have since age 10, am an employer, a veteran at 17, own a home, pay taxes, etc but I do not go to church because it is fested with people like her trying to clean up their weekly deeds. I wish Ms. Newall would take Governor LePage's advice for Obama and go to ---- early that is, cause she "is going". If she cannot say something nice she should shut up or run for office as a right wing Repuglican or call S Palin she could use some bait for her traps. What a hateful letter, blanket hate for everyone who does not agree with her and the corrupt wing of her party she would make a good bobble head to go with Larry Craige's.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Great observation,

Great observation, Scott...well put.

 's picture


Hey Dan,

You have your Newells mixed up. Not the same. I am the adult ed, Bethel airport, OxCo Dem Newell - rarely write letters to the paper - but I am glad that Rod Abbott does!

Cathy Newell

 's picture

Mr. Abbott,

I would say that your definition of yourself makes you a Libertarian rather than a Liberal.
That is a commendable thing.

Dan Bilodeau's picture

MJ Newell?

Is this the same MJ Newell that ran the Bethel Telstar Adult Ed. program decades ago? If so, she's been a judgmental conservative a very long time.......


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