District 18 State Senator Thomas Saviello involved in an early morning crash in Wilton

WILTON — Newly elected state Sen. Thomas Saviello, 60,  and the driver of another vehicle, Adam Sage, 30, of Livermore both escaped an early Tuesday morning crash at the intersection of Route 133 and McCrillis Corner Road with minor injuries.

Both Sage, a reserve police officer with the town of Livermore Falls, and Saviello were treated and released from Franklin Memorial Hospital in Farmington.

Wilton Police said Sage was traveling East on Route 133 while Saviello, a Republican from Wilton, was crossing the intersection of Route 133 from the McCrillis Corner Road.

The vehicles collided in the intersection. Saveillo's vehicle rolled over and went into a marsh. Sage's vehicle came to rest in the roadway. 

Both vehicles received substantial damage in the crash that happened about 6 a.m. and was initially reported as a serious injury accident, though upon arriving they found the drivers had sustained only minor injuries. Speed and alcohol are not factors and both drivers were wearing seatbelts, said Wilton Detective Richard Billian. The Wilton Police are continuing their investigation.

Wilton Fire Department and NorthStar Ambulance assisted at the scene.

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I'm sure the headline meant to say State Representative or Senator-Elect. Walter Gooley is still the current Senator until the new Legislature is sworn in. Just saying. It's good that both are okay.

 's picture

Rt. 133

There are many dangerous intersections on this road and too many accidents have happened at them. Many people use this route for a raceway. You look one way and then the other and back again but before you can pull out, there is a car right there. Speed on this Rte. is unbelievable!


That's bull

We always identify lawmakers by their party affiliation in our stories. That's our style.
But nice conspiracy theory.


Means of identifying somebody...


You obviously cared enough to click on this story and then make an irreverent comment about it.
We say who people are or if they hold a elected office as way of identifying them. Also you might care if it were your family member or a friend who was involved in an accident.

We say what a person does or their relationship to government, if we know, for same reason we say somebody's age - it helps identify them to readers. Also when elected officials are involved in public events or mishaps it could impact their ability to do their public work.

There are a lot of reasons to identify a state elected official when they are involved in a car accident or other spot news event not in the political arena. If you would like more information on what we report and how we do that please feel free to contact me any time.

Scott Thistle
Regional Editor


What do you mean?

Clearly there WILL be a follow up. This is the information we have at present and will update it again as soon as we have more.
Thanks for your interest.
If you have any other questions feel free to e-mail or call me.
Scott Thistle
Regional Editor


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