Man says boy, 3, loaded rifle

LEEDS — When Maine State Police found a loaded rifle in his vehicle, a local man suggested that maybe his 3-year-old nephew had loaded the firearm.

On Sunday, 39-year-old Christopher Hanson was stopped by Trooper Tyler Stevenson on Route 219, after the trooper deemed his vehicle suspicious, according to Sgt. Richard Mills of the Maine Warden Service.

Previous to the stop, Mills said, Hanson had been hunting a deer that had run onto posted property, and he had gone in search of the property owner to ask to pursue the deer.

Upon inspection, Stevenson found the rifle in the vehicle, according to a statement released Tuesday by state police.

In his narrative of the incident, Stevenson wrote that he "checked the subject’s rifle and found it was loaded in his vehicle. The subject claimed that he did not know his rifle was loaded and that his 3-year-old nephew had been playing with it and must have loaded it."

Hanson gave this explanation near the end of the stop, Mills said, suggesting that he had tried to find an acceptable excuse for having the loaded firearm in the vehicle.

Hanson was not arrested on scene but was issued a summons to appear in court for having a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle.

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 's picture

HMMM... apple doesn't fall too far from the tree

LOL... I knew this fellow and his family many years ago. Knowing what family he belongs to, I'm certainly not surprised at any of the things reported here. Just carrying on the family tradition.

 's picture

UMMM.... LAW..IF he shot this deer Saturday EVENING before cut off time and decided to go in to look for this deer on Sunday,,he was supposed to notify a game warden if you need to dispatch that animal.A loaded firearm in a vehicle ANY DAY~ that IS against the law.A 3 year old loading a gun?? never in my years have I ever heard of this!! that is a scaryyyyyyyy thought!

Jen Bernier's picture


Wow..I think they missed the whole point here. Not only did have a loaded weapon in the vehicle..but the ISSUE is he actually admitted to letting his 3 YR OLD nephew play with a loaded rifle!! This guy should have been charged with child endangerment...what an idiot. And I like how he says the deer " ran on to posted property" most likely he was hunting on posted property and just didn't want to admit it. And last I checked it was illegal to hunt on sundays, and had he really shot it on saturday and left it over night chances are a coyote got it before he would.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Who rides around deer hunting

Who rides around deer hunting on Sunday with a 3 year old nephew in the car. DUHH?

 's picture


If he want's to stick to that story, then add "child endangerment" to the charges.

 's picture

How about

endangering the welfare of a child.

 's picture

Perhaps it's just me but does

Perhaps it's just me but does anyone see a problem with leaving ammunition and a firearm within reach of 3 year old?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

He must've thought the cop

He must've thought the cop was really dumb to think he'd buy into the "kid must've loaded it" story.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Pretty hard to find anything

Pretty hard to find anything RIGHT.


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