The new confederates

The 2010 Republican Platform says that the tea party is reminiscent of the revolt that formed the Republican Party in 1854. The 1854 Republican Party revolt demanded the federal government take action to limit the expansion of slavery, protect civil rights in the states and begin a program of public works by building a central transcontinental railroad and improve the navigation of rivers and harbors.

The 1956 Republican Party was very similar — supporting civil rights, integration, and the Dwight D. Eisenhower national system of interstate and defense highways.

The 2010 Maine Republican Party supports states' sovereignty, secession, prohibition of government intervention in the economy, and noncooperation with foreign governments and organizations. Jefferson Davis came to Maine in 1858 to speak in support of many of these same principles.

The tea party is reminiscent of the 1948's Dixiecrat Party revolt. The tea party is the new confederates.

Jonathan Albrecht, Dixfield

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Tea party

I see the tea party as more of a revolt within the republican ranks. I think core republicans are tired of the values voters and want a more focused message.

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too bad WSR

has such a limited vocabulary. My 6th grader would take umbrage at his remarks, as they are really "too damn stupid" to attempt to correct.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

How's it going MO4? All good

How's it going MO4? All good 4u I hope.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I agree WSR....We ARE living

I agree WSR....We ARE living in an idiocracy. Look at how close Al Gore got to becoming president. Look at who just got elected president. The man has never even held down a private job, but VOILA, he's an expert on finacial, economic and military matters. Idiocracy indeed.

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no $$$$

private sector experts on financial, economic, and military matters would take a major pay cut to be president. like million dollar pay cuts.

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Still hung up on ...

... the silly misspellings and 6th grade playground profanity. I agree - evidence abounds that the current administration wants to impose idiocracy from the top down.

To the other 6th graders who regularly post here: Please accept my apology for dragging you down to WSR's level.

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You pulled a lot of threads

You pulled a lot of threads there and left them hanging. I would have no problem with a new Confederacy if that meant the restoration of state's rights and a weak central government. Bring on the revolution!

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"If this be treason, make the

"If this be treason, make the most of it!" ~ Patrick Henry
The Confederacy was about dissolving a union that had turned it's back on states rights and favored a new, powerful centralized government.

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While I may not agree with

While I may not agree with it, I understand the call by Libertarians and Tea Party activists for a smaller government. What I don't get is the appeal of having stronger "states rights." As if having 50 strong state governments is better than one. Has the Maine State House done much better than Capitol Hill?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

..."As if having 50 strong

..."As if having 50 strong state governments is better than one."...
Absolutely; especially when the "one" is telling the "50" what they can and can't do on a daily basis. Government has one viable function; providing us with a competent and efficient military to maintain our sovereignty and protect us from foreign intervention. The rest is pure politics and bureaucracy.

GARY SAVARD's picture

This is typical ranting by a

This is typical ranting by a career liberal that has fed at the public trough for years. The party is over. Maine is broke, the country's broke, and the current system needs to be fixed. Jonathan, your grandchildren will thank us for this.

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May we assume

you know the writer personally and you have direct knowledge he is on welfare?


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