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Reader comments.

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Your two cents, please.

I hear from both sides, you love them or you hate them. And the subject of how newspapers moderate comments have come up often in the news — the recent temporary removal of comments from comes to mind.

As Web editor, part of my job is to make sure that discussion on is an open forum for all members of the community. As we say on our commenting policy page, its a place for you to share your reactions, feelings and ideas about what's happening in our community.  Part of the service the Sun Journal provides online is to connect you with the discussion around the news.

But sometimes, more often than we'd like, it's not friendly, honest discussion we have. Some people are mean. Some say things that I'd like to think they would never say in person. And plenty of people say things that would never pass our standards for letters printed in the paper, but are allowed online.

So below I have a little survey to ask you guys what you think. Take the survey, and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Pattie Reaves, Web Editor

Note: The link to the commenting policy in question 5 is broken -- here is the correct link:

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The link didn't work.

The link didn't work.

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