Man up, air travelers

Speaking of shared sacrifice, tens of thousands of Americans have put their lives on the line in the war on terror.

Many of them have spent days under broiling sun in deserts and nights on freezing mountain tops. They have been shot at and bombed, and several thousand have died, while many more have been injured.

And now some Americans are afraid to step in front of a whole body scanner at an airport to help thwart terrorists?

And some of those are then unwilling to endure a simple pat-down search by a member of their own sex?

Good grief.

Take a bus. Drive. Ride a train. Board a boat. Walk if you have to.

But get the hell out of the way.

What do you think of this story?

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 's picture

I for one will refuse to be "gate raped".

If the airlines are smart they'll kick the TSA out of their airports.

RONALD RIML's picture

No - you don't have it straight.

You should go to school and learn Constitutional Law.


The terrorists must be

The terrorists must be rolling over in laughter. Every time they do something new the flying public loses out as the powers that be decide to look for that item. This amounts to driving by your rear view mirror/camera. There are devices and animals out there that can sniff out explosives far faster, more conveniently, and with better results than what they are doing now. Do you think that the pat down (groping) artist will be as thorough with grandma/grandpa as with a cute young thing. Also, after a day of groping many many passengers how attentive do we think these folks are going to be. How many people will take the advice of the LSJ and quit flying? I, for one, am ready.

RONALD RIML's picture

Brought to you by the folks who brought you "Freedom Fries"


RONALD RIML's picture

God gave you two legs. Walk.

You wouldn't know a 'Police State' if it bit you in the azz.....

#1 - You sure as hell wouldn't be posting here.........

 's picture

As a veteran, this kind of

As a veteran, this kind of stuff is an intrusion on the rights that I have fought for, to protect.

The 4th amendment of the bill of rights clearly states: The right of the people to be secure in their persons,

RONALD RIML's picture

Sorry - we didn't fight for the right to fly.

That belongs to birds.

It's a privilege for us IF you can afford it. Don't want to get searched?? Don't get in line.

RONALD RIML's picture

Where were the Conservative Complainers....

When George Bush was El Presidente???

They were crying for every liberty possible to be stripped away in the name of 'National Security. So cry me a freakin' river.

Imagine the poor TSL workers who are required to do this crap for a living. I can hear 'em pizzing and moaning in the break room now: "God, I could barely face that last one - the way their 'Junk Stunk'..."

 's picture

I bet they make more then

I bet they make more then most people

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Stinky Junk????? YUKKKK, sez

Stinky Junk????? YUKKKK, sez the parrot.

 's picture

Are you serious?

Do you really believe the LSJ editorial board is a group of conservatives? It's a typical liberal tactic to suggest the Constitution can mean anything you want it to mean, and then to dare those of us who disagree to get out.

 's picture

Sorry about that.

Post in haste, regret in leisure. I skipped the JQ reference.

At least I'll acknowledge a mistake. Some, of course, never make any - if you don't believe me, just ask them.

RONALD RIML's picture

The letter "F"

The only thing that Facts and Frostproof's postings have in common.

You'll get used to that some day.

KELLY SCOTTI's picture

I would think it's ignorant

I would think it's ignorant to expect to be kept safe while traveling but then balk at the methods used to assure that safety. As someone with a family members who flies for a living as a Federal Air Marshall I applaud the TSA for taking this action. One type of machine exposes travelers to no more radiation than 2 minutes of flight; the other much less than a cell phone.
If you don't want to be physically touched then use the scanner; if you don't want to go through the scanner than don't fly. The editor is correct - you under no obligation to fly - job or no job. If you are so homophobic then ask for an employee of the opposite.
Those complaining would be the first to sue the airline in the event of an attack.

 's picture


Have you actually READ any of the accounts of air travelers who have been through this? Some of them are not searched by a member of their own sex, some of them have been have been more than "patted down". It is not my duty as an American to give up my freedoms just to cross the country to see my family. The TSA should be more educated as to how to look for potential problems instead of the "whack everyone with a big stick and eventually we'll get someone" policy that they are using now.

 's picture


And the former head of homeland security is now lobbying for the scanner producer. Think maybe that has anything to do with it?

 's picture

This is in response to the Underwear Bomber.

It took TSA only about a year to come up with this intrusive procedure. I suppose that's pretty efficient for a heavily unionized organization.

This whole approach to security is stupid because its premise is: Each one of 300 million Americans is equally likely to be a terrorist. The premise should be: Focus on those whose behavior is indicative of a terrorist. But that would be profiling!! (Cue the moaning and hand wringing.) Contact the folks at El Al for a quick lesson.

Those servicemen you speak of so righteously took an oath to support and defend the Constitution. I wonder how they feel about another branch of the federal government trashing the fourth amendment.

Anyhow, Editorial Board, get back to us after your 4 year old daughter or 80 year old grandmother gets groped at the airport.

 's picture


don't like it? don't fly! take a bus, drive or take a train.. what the heck do people want? their cake and eat it too?It's a war people ! duh... "don't frisk me or take my ex ray, but its your fault (gov) if I die."


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