Live by Golden Rule

This is in response to the Rev. Stephen Carnahan's letter, printed Nov. 3, "End discrimination."

It was so very well put. There is way too much hypocrisy in Christian homes and churches. I stopped attending church for that very reason.

I would not say that all Christians are hypocrites, but there are a few, anyway.

My best friend, of more than 25 years, is gay. He did not choose to be. Why would he? I've witnessed several Christian folk telling him to just change, that God will not accept him because he is gay.

What is that?

If God created all of us, then why did he make some people gay and others not?

I believe that if you live your life by the Golden Rule, you are in good shape with God. If all of humanity treated each other the way they wish to be treated, the world would truly be heaven. No wars. No hate.

Great, but that is not going to happen in my lifetime. Sad, but true.

Cheryl Harper, Sabattus

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So tell me this

Why does one have to go to church to be considered a good christian? Why can't someone have strong spiritual beliefs and try to live everyday to the best of his ability and believe in God, but not go to church? I, for one , have not been to church in years. I visited many religions before deciding that none of them fit my beliefs. Also, sitting in church and listening about those people who are sinners and going to hell was very disturbing. The God I believe in, forgives all, and one does not need to be a "christian" to be apart of his kingdom. Do people honestly think that to go to heaven you must be saved? I really don't want to be a part of that group. I prefer to stand on my own beliefs and not follow what others think I should follow.

 's picture

as an orthodox christian, my

as an orthodox christian, my course of action is to attain a state of Theosis knowing that as a human I will fail due to the fallen nature of man. but does that mean I should just give up knowing I will fail? No, the struggle continues since man is imperfect and I will make plenty of mistakes along the way. For people to constantly deride the "hypocrisy" of christians shows a certain amount of ignorance about the state of man and certainly shows ignorance either willful or not about the Lord's teachings. We all are imperfect and to say you are better than others simply because you treat others nice and ridicule christians for their beliefs is naive and hypocritical. A church is a hospital for sinners and not a hotel for saints. Man cannot create a heaven on earth because God created it and He is perfect and man is not. See you in church, pew # 4.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Excellently stated, deimos

Excellently stated, deimos

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Why is it only Christians who

Why is it only Christians who get accused of hypocrisy? You never hear about Jews, Muslims or Buddhists being referred to as hypocrites. It's always the Christians.

RONALD RIML's picture

So did you hear the ones about the

Three Jews who.......?

Or the Buddhist and the......???

How about the two Muslims.......????

We could fill in the blanks but then Patti would have a Melt Down, along with real Christians..... ;)

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Are they hypocrites? What is

Are they hypocrites?
What is a "real" Christian?

 's picture

I am sorry to say Cheryl, but

I am sorry to say Cheryl, but your friend did choose to be gay. The born gay theory has been proven to be a fallacy long ago.

RONALD RIML's picture

Spoken like a true subject matter expert

With many years of personal experience in the field.

 's picture

The Golden Rule

We are all God's children, and in God's eyes we all are equal.
By the Grace of our all Caring, Loving, and Merciful God, we have the will to be capable of
making our own choices while we live out our days here on earth.
Through strong prayer and asking for knowledge of the truth and wisdom through Jesus
Christ, we surely will make the right choices in due time.

 's picture

Sad, but true

Cheryl, you are so right. My feeling is religion breeds hypocrisy. Why is it okay to act like a jerk all week and then go to Church on Sunday to be forgiven and then start all over again on Monday? A friend once told me that Church is like a hospital for the soul. Everyone is there for a different reason, because everyone has something to make better. It isn't a place to judge what your neighbor has wrong with them, or what you think to be wrong with them. It is a place to heal your soul, work on your own health, and be a better person. Religious groups constantly are trying to put their beliefs onto others. By just accepting each other for what they are will in turn make you a stronger group and society in the end. Unfortunately, I don't think most religions or people view it that way.

 's picture

I agree with the spirit of

I agree with the spirit of your comment, MaineJim - but I'd like to point out (and note that I am not religious) that it isn't religion that "breeds hypocrisy." Nor is it the exclusive purview of religious groups to put their beliefs onto others. That is the condition of humanity.

You see people of "values" always trying to extend their values onto others. You see it in politics when Tea Party activists want to cut public funding for welfare programs or when ultra-liberals want everyone to cut back on personal consumption to "save the world." You see it in our schools - when we try to raise our kids to co-exist in a democratic society, by bringing them up in a dictatorial regime.

This non-believer doesn't blame religion for hypocrisy. It's something we're all guilty of.


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