Three juveniles charged with vandalizing cemetery

DURHAM — Three local boys have been charged with toppling headstones and yanking flags at the Sawyer Cemetery on Veterans Day.

Maine State Police cited the youths, ages 11, 13 and 15, with charges of aggravated criminal mischief.

Police said the boys were caught by Trooper Thomas Pappas, who was driving by the Route 136 cemetery.

Police said Pappas spotted the three jumping over a wall surrounding the cemetery and stopped to question them. Inside the cemetery, he found a pair of headstones overturned and a number of U.S. flags pulled from the graves of veterans.

The boys were questioned and charged.

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Ron Dexter's picture

On Any Other Day...

this would be disgusting. But to have them do these heinous acts on Veterans Day makes it even more despicable. I don't know what a just punishment is, but I hope it's more than just a slap on the wrist.

 's picture


Lewiston all over again . ( RIVERSIDE ) Let them work it off >

 's picture

If Rev. Doug is willing to

If Rev. Doug is willing to spend time trying to redirect juvenile delinquents, why are you complaining? I don't know anything about this Jesus party, but I do remember Doug when he was a teenager. Doug was on the wrong path, and turned his life around. I agree with your statement though, "Where were these boys parents"?

 's picture

Lesson to be learned...

They should be penalized NOT with a slap on the wrist BUT with having to do perpetual care at this cemetery until they are 18 years of age....they should have to help dig the graves for any new burials and fill them in; rake and mow and upright the stones they toppled - pay to have them repaired if necessary; and be in charge of the flags for Memorial & Veterans Day - and what ever else the sexton requires them to do.
Perhaps then they will develop some respect for the dead! and maybe even for themselves...


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