Rumford woman hurt in three-vehicle collision

RUMFORD — A three-car accident sent one person to the hospital and caused thousands of dollars damage at dusk Tuesday on Lincoln Avenue.

Eileen M. Adams/Sun Journal

A wet Lincoln Avenue lit up with red-and-blue emergency lights when three vehicles collided at dusk Tuesday. One woman was taken to Rumford hospital, where she remained in stable condition Tuesday night.

Rumford officer Joseph Sage said Alma Howard, 97, of Mexico had stopped at a stop sign on Falmouth Street, then proceeded onto Lincoln Avenue when Gordon Lister, 55, of Rumford was attempting to turn onto Falmouth Street from Lincoln Avenue.

When Howard's 1999 Chrysler sedan struck Lister's 1999 Mercury sedan, the car's air bag deployed and she accelerated her vehicle, which went across Lincoln Avenue and struck a 2010 Chevrolet sedan driven by Denise Francis, 50, of Rumford.

Francis was taken to Rumford Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries by the Med-Care Ambulance Service. She was in stable condition Tuesday night, according to a hospital spokeswoman.

Howard's Chrysler sedan and Francis' Chevrolet sedan were demolished, Sage said. Lister's Mercury sedan sustained $1,000 damage.

Also assisting at the scene were Sgt. Tracey Higley and Cpl. Lawrence Winson of the Rumford Police Department, and an engine and members of the Rumford Fire Department.

Traffic was rerouted away from Lincoln Avenue for about an hour.

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 's picture

Testing is only as good as who gives it

In her latter years my mother became a very poor driver. There was a time that she had to retake her drivers test. She was allowed to take it 3 times before she was able to pass it, but was allowed to keep driving in the meantime. We were all VERY relieved when she stopped driving.

Steve Bulger's picture

More testing?

I agree that there should be more frequent testing for certain age groups. Let's begin by requiring annual testing for any driver between 16 and 20 who has been fined for ANY motor vehicle violation. Then institute annual testing for anyone 25-75 who has broken a motor vehicle law more than three times in any five-year period. Finally, require annual testing for those aged 75 and over.

 's picture

Hey, I'm Alma's BFF and we

Hey, I'm Alma's BFF and we text all the time! ;-) Seriously.... I agree....after a certain age, drivers should be tested at least every 18 months. I happened to be at the motor vehicle dept to register my vehicle the other day. This very elderly man was with an instructor to be tested again....well the very elderly man couldn't even park his car straight, nor without taking just one parking space! He was taking baby steps, which tells me his reflexes are not good.

 's picture

Ninety Seven

Any one older than 75 should be tested every 18 months to ensure the publics safety. I understand taking away peoples right to drive is difficult, however driving is a privilege and not a right. This article does not say who was at fault and I hate to assume.....but if i shall i'd say, Alma was probably texting her BF while driving and we all no that is a no no. Hope everyone was all right in this accident! Please remember to drive safe this holiday week!!


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