It would take some courage

The Sun Journal editorial Aug. 21, "No town halls, no problem," demeaned the citizens of Lewiston in three ways.

First, the supposition that any emotionally charged meeting will break down into a shouting match proved to be untrue on two occasions: a gay rights ordinance informational meeting held at the Lewiston Middle School, and a meeting held at the Lewiston Armory dealing with the influx of Somalis into the community. Both went off without any problems.

Second, do the people that U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe spoke with on her stealth walk up Lisbon Street during working hours truly represent a cross section of the citizens of Lewiston?

Thirdly, Snowe and our congressional delegation apparently prefer to listen to lobbyists on both sides in the comfort of Washington D.C., than return home and listen to the concerns of the people who elected them.

On Aug. 22, an Associated Press article appeared in which Snowe laments, "People are confused, and rightfully so given how many issues and how many plans are out there." That begs the question — why isn't Snowe and the rest of the congressional delegation home explaining it to the people who pay their salaries?

In closing, a quote attributed to the late John Wayne states, "Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway." I would hope that anyone reading a story extolling the courage of any of our Maine congressional members will give it its just due by depositing it into a trash can.

Robert Macdonald, Lewiston

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Regarding John Wayne, please

Regarding John Wayne, please Google "John Wayne and World War II" and read the articles. They certainly expose John Wayne for the fraudulent image of macho virility that came to be associated with him. In fact, he was far from a patriot, putting his personal career ahead of service to the Nation. The Duke certainly did not "saddle up" when the country called.

Mr. McDonald, you would have been better served by using George McGovern as a symbol of bravery. Look up his biography to see what I mean.

RONALD RIML's picture

Attribute a quote regarding

Attribute a quote regarding courage to John Wayne??

C'mon, he was a freakin' actor, without one day of military service. He didn't 'Saddle Up" - He read lines and acted scripts that others wrote.

If you want to discuss courage, there are plenty of examples of real men and women displaying true valor. Use those.

When I was a young Sailor - I drank like a Sailor, fought like a Sailor, and screwed like a Sailor. Now that I am old and wise - I have a few scars, but many fond memories.

David A. Gagnon's picture

David A. Sure Publickwerks,

David A.
Sure Publickwerks, sure. Amazing how when conservatives act like liberals in order to voice their concerns, they are demeaned and called names by the opposition.

Mark Wrenn's picture

Just curious, how many

Just curious, how many liberals demand loyalty oaths from attendees? How many liberals prescreen the attendees AND the questions? How many liberals have attendees detained or arrested or denied entrance for driving a car with a republican bumper sticker?

"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give."
Winston Churchill


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