Lisbon Street pharmacy robbery sparks manhunt

LEWISTON — Police from three agencies Wednesday night were searching for a suspect accused of robbing the Rite Aid pharmacy on Lisbon Street.

Lewiston police were called to the pharmacy at about 8 p.m. when a Rite Aid employee reported a partially masked man went into the pharmacy, claiming to have a gun.

Police did not say whether the suspect demanded drugs or money or whether any was obtained.

Witnesses told police the suspect may have fled in a white SUV that was last seen heading down South Avenue, toward the river.

Local police swarmed the scene but the suspect was not found. Investigators searching for the culprit began looking for a connection between the Wednesday heist and a similar robbery at the Main Street Rite Aid on Monday.

In that robbery, police said a man walked into the pharmacy, demanded the prescription painkiller OxyContin and fled once a quantity of the drug was handed over. The suspect was describe as a white man in a winter snorkel jacket with a fur-lined hood, police said.

In the Wednesday night robbery, witnesses told police the suspect was a white man wearing a blue coat with a cap partially pulled over his face.

As they searched for the suspect Wednesday night, local police enlisted the help of Auburn Police and the Androscoggin County Sheriff's Department. By 8:30 p.m., officers from each of the agencies were heading to a location in Minot as their investigation continued.

Rite Aid has offered a $3,000 reward for the capture of the suspect who robbed the Main Street pharmacy on Monday. But later Wednesday night, no arrest had been made in either heist.

Anyone with information is asked to call the local police department.

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 's picture


What, would you have these armed security guards escort Grandma home and tuck her in also?
The blame for such crimes lies with those committing the crime.
I guess I don't understand how this is the blame of the pharmacy.
Perhaps you should encourage mail order for your Grandma if you fear for her safety.....

How about protecting the employees, too?

It's not just the customers that should be protected-there are hard working people who are employed by the drug stores whose lives are endangered by robberies. It is truly frightening to know that your life is not worth much for someone who is desperate for their fix, and will possibly do anything to get that fix.
Being at the receiving end of a robbery is not very fun at all and truly terrifying, especially when it is assumed that the robber might be armed.
Putting security in would be nice-but only the police have the ability and the legal power to use force-security people would not be allowed to do anything besides take down descriptions. They'd be just as helpless as the customers and the employees when a robbery occurs.
We're told not to stop or even interfere with someone robbing us. To be totally helpless in this kind of situation is insane but that's the way the law works. If we do anything to stop a robbery, the robber could sue us for the attempt.
Self-defense is not a an option. We have fewer rights than the perpetrator when it comes to that.
I've been in a robbery situation-and while the outcome was good (he didn't get away), I never want to be in that position again-but I might, because I still work at the same place.
It's fun knowing that you take your life in your hands every day when you report to work.


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