Stop taxing smokers

I'm really confused about our taxes.

Who in the state of Maine gave who the right to keep on putting excess amounts of tax on cigarettes?

I don't remember voting on any such tax. I'm a smoker, but I know a lot of people who don't smoke and even they say it's ridiculous to tax cigarettes all the time. Where's the end?

I've smoked for 50 years and it's not fair to us who have done the same.

The answer is simple: the state has to stop spending what it doesn't have.

Freeman Lewis, South Paris

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 's picture

First chuck the unjust infavor of justly taxed.

First we have to chuck the “unjustly “taxed in favor of justly taxed. Next we have to look at is it not only bad for you that you are doing/using the product but does your doing/using unfairly endanger the health and wellbeing of those around you who have no control/innocent bystanders. Cigarette smoking everyone would agree endangers everyone who comes in contact with the smoker directly and indirectly for all the reasons Armymom pointed out and more which she also pointed out.

Habitual Driving Infractions/causing motor vehicle accidents: We already have “taxes” for these. They are called fines, license suspensions, civil judgments, and increased insurance premiums.

Obesity is a huge problem; bigger in Maine than the national average by far. Many years ago we did have tax on those no-no foods but it was abolished as unfair to the poor because it made soda, chips, candy less accessible to them. It also used to be that those things could not be purchased with Food Stamps. No argument changing both was really bad moves. Had the legislature just put a tax on all junk food and not tried to tax auto repairs and all the other stuff they might have gotten the tax to stick as well as the junk sticks to Maine waistlines.

Construction workers and others in southern states where they work outside year rounds who maintain a consistent tan have the lowest incidence of skin cancer. It isn’t the tan that gets you, it is the burn. A tan is a natural protection against the suns harmful rays. Those who maintain a tan, maintain a level of natural protection. Those most at risk of skin cancer are he “weekend warriors”. The hikers, boaters, weekend campers, sports fanatics, and sun worshipers who regularly burn. Regular tanning bed users who use appropriately maintaining a protective tan not burning actually are reducing their risk of skin cancer.

While I do not drink alcoholic beverages, I do use alcohol in my gourmet cooking, I know many people who drink socially and I disagree with you that alcohol is the gateway drug to ALL forms of getting high. I know people who have never touched a drop of alcohol and had serious addiction problems either courtesy of their doctors’ over zealousness in prescription writing or illicit drugs. I also know people who have had very serious problems with alcohol that never touched an illicit drug, have always had an aversion to so much as an aspirin when it came to over the counter stuff, and would not even consider a prescribed narcotic. My friends and I do all agree with you that alcohol should be more heavily taxed than it already is. The damage to peoples’ lives, both the abuser and those around them is beyond words when it comes to alcohol. We also, very unhappily, resolved that marijuana must be legalized so it can be sold beside alcohol and heavily taxed to cover the cost of the damage it does. We aren’t happy about it, but see no alternative.

We disagree with you on the government using taxation to control purchasing. If purchasing and using a particular product puts undue consequences on others in society those purchasing and using must be made to pay up front to make sure they pay at least part of the damages.

 's picture


if you voted in an election, you voted for someone to represent you. That's he person who may have helped increase your taxes. I don't know who that is since I don't know who your representatives in Augusta are. You'd have to do that and vote accordingly next time. Then again, if you didn't vote at all...

 's picture

You could have said this...

with a lot fewer words. As it is, they look at the length and skip it.

 's picture

To a rational nonsmoker it

To a rational nonsmoker it might have been said in fewer words; I have yet to meet a smoker who was rational about their addition however. I doubt even with this many fine points do well expressed it will make a difference to a smoker though a valiant attempt to be commended.

RONALD RIML's picture

"You're really confused about your taxes?"

Hell - you're an addict. You can't even think cogently. And you have to ask where the end is?? C'mon, for real????

All this from a guy who burns his money up in smoke..... Sheesh......

 's picture

I can clear up your confusion.

I see where you believe that high taxation infringes on your right to smoke. Your burden though is outweighed by your infringing on my rights. You see, my tax dollars, at a rate much higher than a few mere pennies per cigarette, will go to support you as your 50 year smoking habit puts you in the hospital suffering from emphysema, lung cancer etc. So if the state were to stop taxing your cigarettes, then perhaps when your time comes they will stop spending to keep you and your fellow smokers alive.


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