Barbara Bush: Palin should stay in Alaska

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former first lady Barbara Bush doesn't appear to think much of Sarah Palin's White House aspirations, saying the former Alaska governor should stick to her home state.

In an interview with CNN's Larry King scheduled for airing Monday, Mrs. Bush says she sat next to Palin once and "thought she was beautiful."

The outspoken wife of former President George H.W. Bush says Palin, who is considering a presidential run in 2012, seems "very happy in Alaska" but then adds, "I hope she'll stay there."

In an excerpt provided by CNN, both Bushes compliment their son, former President George W. Bush, on the success of his recent memoir, "Decision Points."

The former president says his son has "done a good job selling the darn thing."

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Steve  Dosh's picture

all friday 12.02,25 3 pm .

all friday 12.02,25 3 pm
. ....Now she seems to be broke -->
Culture of entitlement ?
i.e., Mrs. . .. former Gov. Plain [sic] /s, Steve Dosh

 's picture

Bar Bush,PAlIN

I should hope there is a lot more choices to the next election besides Palin .AS for The Bushes, may be they should stay in Texas.
Don't get me wrong I have a little liken for all of them but ,I do feel they just bring the same old things to the table and that is the stuff of the last fifty years or so.
The Untied States needs to move beon the narrow window these people live in .

 's picture

Personally could care less

While I don't agree to everything Palin preaches, I don't hold Mrs. Bush opinion that high. Most likely she has been fed the same liberal garbage that everyone else reads about Palin by the liberal media. They continually bash Palin every chance they can get. They should be ashamed of themselves and Mrs. Bush should read other news sources.

 's picture


thank you Barbara Bush.


click-through link to video added

There's a short clip from this interview on You Tube now, we've added a link above.

could you provide a link to

could you provide a link to the interview I know it is short but it would give people a bit of perspective


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