No regard for neighbors

This is in response to the story "Let the lights shine," printed Nov. 16. I cut the article out and put it in my “I can’t believe this” file.

The city of Auburn went to considerable expense and energy to discuss the fact that it takes $4,000 of the taxpayers' money to direct traffic around Drs. Loggins' and Bang’s hobby, but won't require the doctors to pay for traffic control, so the show will go on.

Fact: Taxpayers don’t have the money to indulge two people’s hobby. Shame on the four councilors without common sense. I will remember them at election.

If those two families wanted to pursue their hobby, they should have purchased homes where they would not inconvenience their neighbors.

They are displaying blatant disregard for the rights of others, and then they have the audacity to suggest that the public should act responsibly.

This is not a gift; it is self-indulgence on the part of two people without regard for their neighborhood safety and enjoyment of holiday time.

June Chartier, Auburn

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armymom, take a ride down

armymom, take a ride down Vista Drive (a dead end street) when the lights are up and running. I did. With friends, and everyone in the car said that they would hate to live on that street. We all agreed, we felt sorry for the neighbors.

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But, I bet you and your

But, I bet you and your friends enjoyed the display! This is no different for those who live in the Fryeburg area or have to travel through the Fryeburg area during the fair. And that is 10,000's EVERY day, not just after dark.

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Ben said: "Come on!!!

Ben said: "Come on!!! Inconvenience coming and going from your house!!! WAAA Sob WAAA"

Come on Ben, discuss this in a mature manner. Though your answer does say one thing. You have no regard for the rights of others.

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Ben said: "The Vista drive

Ben said: "The Vista drive decorations are so good and so well done it attracts people from all over the state to see this magnificent show,"

Ben, exactly. It draws 1000's of cars from all over the state, to a dead end street. What about the rights of the people who live on that dead end street. Their right to come and go as they please. When the sun goes down, they are prisoners in their own homes.

I am all for Christmas decorations and peoples right to celebrate Christmas, but when one persons rights create a public nuisance that infringes on other peoples rights, well, see where I am going here?

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So your saying he is doing too good of a job?

So your saying if his lights weren't so good that people came to look at them it would be OK? Or that if they were only good enough that 500 people came instead of 1000 it would be OK? Your logic is really messed up. This guy is taking care of his property, obviously not letting it be an eyesore in the neighborhood and for 5 weeks a year people come and see his lights and you complain. Sad, just sad. Maybe Vista Drive can get lucky and be under construction for a year or two or three. Better yet how about the city change it from a dead end to a through street.

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What a concept!

It used to be so central to everything that you almost never heard it said out loud: My rights end when they interfere with yours - and vice versa.

Today it's become: I have my rights and if you don't like it - sue me!

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Citygirl, so the property

Citygirl, so the property owner has the right to create such a nuisance that infringes on the rights of every other property owner on that dead end street? Imagine, coming home from a hard days work and having to wait a half hour just to get down your street. This is 7 days a week for most of the month where other homeowner are virtually trapped in their homes. On top of that, Auburn taxpayers have to foot the bill for traffic control when we cannot afford to plow our streets at night. Talk about Clark Griswold.

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I see that 6 people disagree

I see that 6 people disagree with me on my above post. Care to elaborate why you disagree?

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Though June Chartier probably

Though June Chartier probably should have used a little more diplomacy in her letter, I have to agree with her. Vista Drive is a dead end street. Cars coming to see this light show, refuse to keep moving. They want to stop and watch and listen to the synced music. It must be a true nightmare for the people who live further down in the Cul-de-sac. If I was a councilor, I would have voted to end this nightmare. There is a time and place for everything, and Vista Drive is not the place for this. The councilors should have at least made the Dr. pay for traffic control.

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The neighbors need to be

The neighbors need to be creative. (example's) Should a vehicle break down at the entrance of Vista Drive just prior to the flow of traffic. Or what if somthing jammed the frequency the music is broadcast on? etc.

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"If those two families wanted

"If those two families wanted to pursue their hobby, they should have purchased homes where they would not inconvenience their neighbors."

Uh, in all probability, when they began this "hobby" the neighbors weren't inconvenienced and it wasn't intended to become the distraction that it has. My guess is that the neighborhood actually enjoy(ed) it. Too bad some old Scrooge has to come along and make so much noise about it. Why not get in the spirit of the season and organize a volunteer traffice patrol to keep costs down.

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I finally agree with you on

I finally agree with you on something Cranky.


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