Crime in government

That's outrageous.

I'm talking about House Speaker-to-be Robert Nutting.

How come he hasn't been prosecuted? Isn't taking money from the government a crime anymore?

There are people serving jail sentences for doing a lot less.

I've been waiting for an uproar from the people and from his fellow legislators.

I've spoken to several people on this subject and I was amazed by their comments, like, "What do you expect. It's not our money," and, "They will never do anything to one of their own."

I guess maybe they are right.

Congressman Charles Rangel, who went on "trial" before some of his fellow lawmakers, was found guilty on 11 counts of ethics rules. I bet he will come out of it with a slap on the wrist.

That's outrageous.

For God's sake, people, wake up! All the money these people are spending is coming out of our pockets.

There is an old proverb: You get the kind of government you deserve.

As for me, I'm going to call the attorney general and try to find out why Nutting is not in jail.

Robert Poisson, Lewiston

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I'm curious if the 1 million

I'm curious if the 1 million or whatever is what he collected or was that the retail value. Perhaps that's why they didn't further pursue him after the 400,000 or so he did pay back.

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Little crook gets sued by

Little crook gets sued by BIG crooks. The amount of fraud in the medicare- medicaid (Mainecare) programs is astonishing and system wide. To point at any one "party" is silly. The Dems, right now, are mad because they will be left out of the blatant stealing. If Gov (elect till Jan) LePage does not start to clean this crap up, then we'll boot him too. In the olden days bank robbers were asked, why rob banks? "Cause that s where the money is". Nowadays, we ask "why spend millions on elective office?", "cause that's where the money is." So, (theoretically, but it happens all the time) lets start a non profit, charge Mainecare for care NOT given, pay pols for help, and retire early. That's the game. And the stealing is system wide, we need to stop it. Nutting, is a stupid choice for speaker. Not a good start, but LePage has N-O-T-H-I-N-G to with with this nomination? election? NOTHING. Or, were you not paying attention in CIVICS when you were younger?

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Good Job LePage????

You think that LePage had anything to do with Nutting's being nominated/elected to the speaker of the house position? I don't think so. I think you will find that the house votes for its speakers as required by Maine's constitution. The original letter stated that there should have been an uproar when Nutting's name was proposed for speaker. I agree. Rather than try him in the press, I'd like to believe that if he were to take the speaker's position there would be a cloud of suspicion hanging over his head forever in the public's mind. This does not get the Republicans off to a good start in Disgusta. That's why, as an unenrolled voter, I called my [Democratic] district representative and asked him if there was anything he could do to block Nutting's election.

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Not only do the Maine GOP Teahadists condone stealing millions from the poor, they actively encourage and reward it. "Daddy, I want to be speaker of the Maine house when I grow up!" "Well, son, first you need to steal millions from the state."

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He will fit right in

with the rest of the republicans and democrats. Also he is not a thief he is a republican there is a difference, he will go to communion weekly for this when he is not busy with his other immoral behaviors. Thankfully it was only 1to4 million so far, whose keeping count. Good job LePage, here's a sign of things to come! Now lets cut the elderly and disabled, in the name of welfare fraud to make up the difference as usual. Also raise taxes on cigarettes and working poor. Now that the republicans are back in charge we will find trickle down economics is working it just takes a while for
cold molasses to get to the bottom, especially when so many of them are licking the bottle before it comes out.

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Old Adage

Show me a politician and I'll show you a crook!


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